Saturday, November 6, 2010

In Search of the Facts Ma'am Just the Facts

A big thank you to everyone who spoke up about CMPD’s Chaplain resignations, including Fox News Charlotte’s Morgan Fogarty who ran down the facts and provided the encourgement to keep digging.

In uncovering the facts, Cedar Posts contacted CMPD Major John Diggs (who you might recall from a post back in April which is here), Rev. Foretta Watkins, former Chaplain Fogarty, CMPD’s public affairs office and others prior to posting the “teaser” on Tuesday. The teaser brought forth a cascade of information and emails, while the official CMPD sources chose not to respond.

While much of the information has now been confirmed by CMPD the spin out of the department is somewhat diametrically opposed to the facts as we know them.

We are concerned that CMPD’s lack of transparency extends far from the expected law enforcement roles. We have noted the "spin" given the Police Reserve Unit, Marcus Jackson, the Fuel Pizza sex scandal, Valerie Hamilton case, firing of certain officers, the Chief’s law enforcement tests and now the Chaplain Unit.

This extreme lack of transparency leaves much of the fact finding to “crowd sourcing” via this blog and others. Crowd sourcing means, there are times when Cedar Posts gets it wrong, but the majority of the time Cedar Posts is dead on.

It’s a thankless job for the most part, blogging away about things that should be reported and exposed gets little respect, or kudos. You’ll notice that of the main stream media Fox News, The Charlotte Observer, WBT Radio, WBTV news, only Fox names the source as Cedar Posts. But the real sources are the men and women who are concerned enough about their police department to speak up.

Providing information to Cedar Posts is not without risks. Recently individuals who have posted comments on the Cedar Posts blog were sent letters by an attorney representing CMPD Major Vicki Foster and her long time fiancee Melvin Key. At issue was information and a youtube video posted on this blog about a business that Foster and Keys are involved with, a business that many feel violates CMPD and State of North Carolina law enforcement directives.

You can expect that the threats directed at posters and commentators on the Cedar Posts blog will continue, because some people fear the truth.

To those who embrace the truth - thank you!

There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world.
- Thomas Jefferson


Anonymous said...

For those who post from CMPD computers, they are watching.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, I would think you would welcome a letter by Foster's "attorney".

If she threatened to sue you, or any posters, then the infamous video would be made VERY public, which would be a good thing.

She is vengeful like rodney, always looking for ways to "get back" at people she has perceived to have "wronged" her.

I am not surprised that she threatened legal action against you, you are a burr in her side, because you do expose corruption and tell the truth on here. Deposing her, and her "fiancee" would probably be your pleasure, and one would love to get them in front of a jury to give SWORN testimony.

As you say, sometimes you may get it wrong, but that is a small price to pay for getting the information out there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40,
I am sure they are, and just as sure they have hacked into Cedar's Blog, it would fit their modus operandi.

But when you are telling the TRUTH, what can they do?

I would love to get a look at her computer.

Anonymous said...

Good work Cedar! But you need to dig deeper there is more to this. Its a rats nest of shady dealings kick backs and back stabbing.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:40.... Yes they are. It's why I only post from home. When this blog first started reporting, I opened it up at work. Started reading and immediately shut it down once I realized the content because there is no way they aren't tracking it.

We'll get the department wide emails about something that is only on this blog so we all know they are reading it.

Anonymous said...

Its RoMo was or the highway! And you can bet if she wasn't black this would have nevere been an issue. Rodney want a chocolate CMPD.

Anonymous said...

Cedar I think you miss the big point RoMo is using Diggs and the second RoMo gets heat under the bus goes Diggs

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:48

Very true.

Anonymous said...

You are just another homophobic moron I hope CMPD shuts down this garbarge once and for all.