Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Is CMPD Command Catatonic?

A few days ago Cedar Posts pointed out the WCNC story from November 5th that told of CMPD animal control staff abusing a couple of cats and interestingly enough the story got some traction over the weekend.

Cedar Posts is one of those people who lives with 3 dogs and a cat as well as a number of transit critters from time to time, so you can imagine people who torture fury animals tick me off.

Besides being in poor taste and perhaps criminal the entire episode points up the chain of command. CMPD's web site states the Mark Balestra in the division leader and a name we are all familiar with Major John Diggs is listed as Balestra's boss and is responsible for Community Service which is over Animal Control and Care. Both are apparently asleep on the job or in a coma.

The photos while disturbing are I'd suspect just the tip of the iceberg, imagine Abu Ghraib prison for cats.

In an e-mail to city leaders, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Chief Rodney Monroe said his department had been investigating the “inappropriate” pictures since August.

Monroe said a review board was formed last week to determine what will happen to the employees.

Cedar's Take: No surprise that the Rodney Monroe spin machine is in full force, blame shift, stone walling and denial. But 3 months really?

I think about 3 days would be long enough for the 3 idiots at Animal Control to clean out their lockers. I'd give the head of the unit 30 days to find another job and Diggs would have a formal letter of reprimand and a mandate to get his act together, start supervising or retire.

The original story by WCNC Tony Burbeck is here and the blog Yes Biscuit that contacted CMPD about the photos is here. You can sign the petition calling for changes at CMPD Animal Control here.

Update: CMPD Animal Control says charges are "blown out of proportion", say what happened was no worse than dressing up your dog or cat in clothes. Video of Susan Boyer defending her sicko buddies at Animal Control is here. Reportedly one of those involved has already been fired. Monroe is still dodging and weaving but Charlotte City Council need to call for a complete house cleaning including the termination of Ms. Boyer.


Anonymous said...

Monroe probably thinks Vick got railroaded if the truth be known...we know he could care less about the citizens that has already been proven so why should he care more about helpless animals?

Anonymous said...

Abu Ghraib, selling cats to cults, acts of beastality who knows how far this crap went.

I hear RoMo likes German Shepards?

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be shocked? This is typical Rodney its is never hios fault.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You all just be rasis. Chef Rotnay ain't got nam to do wift that and your know it.

Anonymous said...

I found Monroe's partner in crime Cedar!


Think he took lessons from Rottnay?

Cedar Posts said...

1:06 Excellent call! That guy looks more like a TSA screener than a doctor. Come to think of it I'd swear he was working the "C" concourse last weeek.

Anonymous said...

No one should be surprised. We can thank idiots like Peacock and Dulin for Rutt Mutt's continued regin of terror.