Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wednesday's Check This Out!

Down Under they have a certain way with public service ads. In the states this would be met with protests as being too graphic and too long running.

The bottom line is don't drink and drive. While .08 is the limit in the Carolina's most of the world the limit is considerably less .05 and many countries have a ZERO tolerance.

If you are going to drive, leave the drinking to someone else.


ThaQueenCity said...

This video should be shown in EVERY Junior High, High School, College and University in our country! As well as ALL drivers ed courses and anytime some is caught driving drunk! THAT is one powerful video!

Anonymous said...

How many times has County Manager Harry Jones been caught drunk-driving? Is it once or twice? I know his son got nailed three or four times fairly recently, but what about Harry Senior?

ThaQueenCity said...

Now you all KNOW better than to get ME started on RuttMutt and the Joneser! roflmao!