Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Marcus Jackson and the CMPD

The title might as well be "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" for all the strange and odd things going on at CMPD.

Today the "Local Paper" is reporting that an attorney for Marcus Jackson (who is still locked up) is seeking a protective order to prevent release of his CMPD personnel file.

This is just a little odd in that if as suspected his file is filled, glossed over suspension, and discipline issues it would clearly support the notion that CMPD failed to supervise the rookie officer which might somewhat mitigate the circumstances surrounding his arrest. So what is there to protect?

The motion for a protective order, filed Monday by Jackson's lawyer, Susan Weigand, says "the release of Jackson's files while the charges are still pending would thwart the administration of justice, deny the defendant his right to a fair trial and would be a denial of due process of law."

A judge is set to hear the motion on Monday. City Attorney McCarley said the city will neither oppose nor support the motion and will comply with any final order from the court.

The "Local Paper" has also asked the city to release information about all CMPD officers disciplined in the past five years, including termination letters.

This would of course commence a major snowball effect on CMPD and you can almost smell the smoke from the fires and hear the paper shredder working overtime.

Cedar Posts has always suspected that Jackson was pushed for acceptance into the CMPD training class based on his race and that his application was sanitized before being presented to the Civil Service Board. The minutes of that board meeting show a pattern that is somewhat consistent with this thinking.

Further to add to the cover up suspicion, the Civil Service Board minutes are no longer posted to the Char-Meck web site. Gone as well is the annual report of the CMPD Internal Affairs Division, CMPD budget, Significant Event Log and 911 Calls for Service.

Things that Chief Monroe has considered a thorn in his backside, but from the public side of the law makes CMPD seem more like a Black-Ops operation rather than a municipal police department.

CMPD has long defended keeping the Jackson files sealed. Now suddenly they offer no opinion while they let Jackson's attorney do the dirty work.

All of this leads many to suggest that Jackson's files have long since been sanitized.

Or as Willy Wonka would say: "I'm sorry, but all questions "must" be submitted in writing. And so, in the greatest of secrecy...."


Anonymous said...

I think everyone feels sure about the cover up in the Marcus Jackson case.

But in reality, as I understand it, Jackson's Personnel file would reveal little, and has most probably been "cleaned up".

What would reveal what happened would be his IA case file, and I don't know how this new ruling affects that.

It is clear that rodney lied about his knowledge of and discipline of Jackson....he did so on tape to a reporter.

And it is equally clear that Jackson got a "pass" because of being African American, much to the detriment of rodney when it became clear what Jackson had been up to.

Rodney will continue to obfuscate and use semantics to avoid telling the truth in this matter.

Everyone knows the truth, but whether or not it will become public knowledge and the real facts will ever be revealed is the real question here.

The Officers of CMPD deserve better, much better.

Anonymous said...

I don't know why you people even bother to read this crap. This is nothing but some lies from a former disgruntaled and fired CMPD officer who couldn't hack the job when the Chief said get to work.

Nothing on this blog has ever been true and it is nothing but a personal attack on Chief Monroe and his staff.

Get a life!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:03
Nice try....there is no "former disgruntled employee" behind any of this. It's more like disgusted, disenchanted, disenfranchised present employees who are desperately hoping for rodney to go and take vicki and the rest of his lackeys with him.

And why are you here, reading this "crap"? I'm betting it's because you are one of the "inner" circle trying to put spin on this.

There is NO spin you can put on this to make it more "palatable", the facts speak for themselves.

And if you will go back over the Blog as it relates to CMPD, any idiot can see for themselves that 99.9% of what Cedar has reported has come to be true.

"Get a life".....that's what people are TRYING to do at's made almost impossible by the chief and his crazy, idiotic decisions.


Have you seen the updated CMPD sight - RoMo again has a bachelors degree - One that he didnt earn- hahaha- pretty funny material if you read it- contradicts everything everyone else says about him and his leader ship skills- what an idiot..Romo you do know people talk and we all have friends else where - so you and your secerts are coming out - you better prepare- Your a fraud

Anonymous said...

TO Rodney, I mean ANON November 18, 2010 11:03 AM

Actually most are ACTIVE CMPD! I can't wait for Rodney to get caught with his pants down...literally! hahaha

Anonymous said...

Wait for Monday after the judge decides and then the cover up or grandstanding will begin full force. If you have nothing to hide especially now that a ruling has been handed down allowing the viewing of the records, then as the saying goes, the truth shall set you free. Guess they want to remail locked up. What a joke.