Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wednesday's Wild, Weird and Wonderful

Wild – Maybe CMS is closing the wrong high School. According to the “Local Paper” Ten students were arrested Tuesday after another brawl broke out at Garinger High School.

This is the fourth fight on school grounds in the past 30 days, including a fracas in the stands that forced the early end of a varsity football game on Oct. 22.

This week's fight, like at least one other brawl, started when students were arriving for classes.

Four of those arrested are considered juveniles the other lovely children arrested are:

Dondrake Blackmoore Wendy Cabrera

Mark Jones Estefani Mendoza

Tekonia Raiford Alegre Whitaker

Weird – Dancing with the Stars goes strange when Brandy is sent packing on Tuesday night’s elimination much to the shock of judges. Brandy, who must be one of the most fragile women on the planet, looked stunned and on the edge of a total breakdown.

Jennifer Grey who might as well be declared the winner, gave one of those you have got to be kidding looks as well.

Those who follow DWTS and those who only catch an occasional glimpse, like CP wonder why in the world Bristol Palin is still on the show. The show is “Dancing with the “Stars” right?

Bristol Palin

The explanation might just be the counter intuitive site has been promoting Palin since the start of this season’s DWTS and has a pretty good track record pushing votes for other improbable contestants including Sanjaya Malakar from the American Idol 2009 season.

Wonderful – Medal of Honor recipient Salvatore Giunta, who is not yet able to reconcile the loss of his comrades, with becoming an American hero, is also pretty darn humble about the whole process.

Salvatore Giunta

When 60 Minutes Lara Logan asked what kind of soldier he is, Giunta said, "I'm average. I'm mediocre."

"This is only one moment," he continued. "I don't think I did anything that anyone else I was with wouldn't have done. I was in a position to do it. That was what needed to be done. So that's what I did."

"This is the single greatest honor that the military can bestow on its own. And it comes right from the president of the United States himself. That's pretty good for a mediocre soldier," Logan remarked.

Giunta's reply? "Think how good the great soldiers are."

Update: As requested Giunta's story at CBS is here.


Anonymous said...

Hay Cedar, I really like your work. How about a link to the write up on what he did. Those are always interesting. Very deserving young man.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that a tea bagger racist bigot like Cedar Posts would even give the time of day to a dude with a latin surname.

Cedar are you sure he is in your country with the proper papers?

JAT said...

Classic ITG there 9:36.

Sounds like Cedar has IDed one or two of your honeypots in past few months.

Anonymous said...

Sure are a lot of ppl calling each other racist and hate mongers these days. I thought we moved past all that years ago.

Anonymous said...

Nice pic of Bristol Palin. Cedar where to you get this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Even better pictures of the filthy scum arrested at Garinger. How soon before that trash winds up on the welfare roles? Anybody want to venture a guess? Come to think of it, responsible tax payers have probably been supporting that dirty vermin all of their lives.

Anonymous said...

You are absoutly right. They should close Garinger. They are fighting all around the school, just off of school grounds.

It is the worst place I have ever set foot in. You know it will not change with those that hold their hand out demanding payment from the government.

It is...What it is...Spend a few hours there and it proves stereotypes true.