Monday, November 22, 2010

Marcus Jackson Documents Released

Well at least a few pages of Marcus Jackson's personnel records are now public.

Today Mecklenburg Superior Court Judge Robert Ervin ruled that the documents are public records and ordered their release.

Gov. Bev. Perdue earlier this year signed into law reforms making public more information on government employees, including termination letters and the dates and type of demotions, suspensions, promotions and other changes in job status.

After the law took effect Oct. 1, the "local Paper" and a number of news media requested information on Jackson as well as other officers disciplined over the last few years.

On Friday, CMPD released the names of officers who were disciplined during the last five years. A review of the documents show that most officers on the list received a two day suspension, but several were given suspensions that were a week or longer. A couple had suspensions that exceeded a month. There were also a number of officers who were repeat offenders having multiple suspensions.

It should be noted that most suspensions are for minor infractions of CMPD directives.

Released today is a copy of Marcus Jackson's termination letter that gives the reason and spells out his two prior suspensions. A copy of the letter is here.
Slowly the pieces are starting to fit together, but don't expect Chief Monroe to give up anything more that he has to. Maybe its time to look back at where we have been, back to February when the Marcus Jackson case had every one's attention. Cedar Posts commentary is here.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't say much, you would need his IA files for that.

What it does prove is that there were two suspensions....and rodney adamantly and on more than one occasion denied that there had been two suspensions while Jackson was on probationary status....remember?

Rodney will continue to deny and obfuscate on this.

And the city will continue to hand out the cash settlements.

Anonymous said...

Every single thing from your link is still very true.

Jackson got a pass because of rodney's agenda, and it bit rodney in the ass.....He lied and denied.

And his agenda has screwed up CMPD now, and not just the Marcus Jackson debacle. His personal choices will haunt CMPD for a long time to come.

But it's just business as usual at rodney's CMPD.

Directives? Don't really matter anymore.

Promotions? Whomever and whenever rodney feels like it.

Being qualified and doing a good job? Doesn't really get you anywhere.

Crime stats? Time will tell.

Homicides? You REALLY can't hide the bodies.

Ethical Leadership? Fuggidaboutit.

Anonymous said...

What you are alluding to will never be found in writing anywhere, because it has been cleansed. The cronyism, name-dropping, nepotism, race-based decisions, etc. All cleansed with no way to prove, ever.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:40
Maybe not in a court of law....but then again, maybe.

When rodney finally leaves, people will start talking. Don't kid yourself, people have been keeping detailed notes, and many have managed to keep written documents, too.

Yep, the floodgates will open once he leaves and people are no longer afraid of his wrath and retribution.

But the major damage has been done, and VF is just the latest obvious example.

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm confused, I thought if you got in trouble your until you were off of probabtion you would be terminated. You have no civil service and or no leg to stand on. If he was hired 9/08 and his first suspension was in 9/09 his probation period could not have ended. Please correct me if I am wrong but doesn't your probation period start once you are released from your FTO? Not while in the academy , or am I mistaken?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:15
Probation period starts when you are sworn in after you have graduated from the academy...a one year probation period. You have NO civil service protection during this period.

Draw your own conclusions, but many believe Jackson was kept on after TWO suspensions during his probation period because of rodney's personal agenda of diversity.

He should most definitely have been terminated.Pattern and practice.

Anonymous said...

how does a Response area commander get to testify in state court about 2 murdered officers and he cant testify in federal court for perjury. has his record been printed? its one screw up after another.