Monday, November 1, 2010

Missing Charlotte Grocery Store Owner Found Dead

In an odd turn of events, CMPD Homicide detectives found the body of Joseph Marett Jr., 35, upstairs in a storage area over his Sav/Way grocery store in East Charlotte Monday afternoon.

Friends and family planned to hold a candlelight vigil Monday night for the missing grocer, but the event was canceled Monday afternoon. Family and friends had also offered a $32,000 reward for information about his disappearance, but Marett's body was only feet away.

Joseph Marett

The discovery of the body caused Chief Monroe to make an appearance but he refused to answer questions.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police spokesman Officer Robert Fey said Marett died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound and had "gone to great lengths" to hide himself.

But questions remain as to why CMPD failed to clear the building and why it took more than 72 hours to review no more than a hours worth of video tape.

Most grocery stores have easy access to over head areas of the store, areas often used for storage of items ranging from paper goods to seasonal decorations.

News media video of Marett's fiancee, shows her unmoved by the events noticeably unemotional and without any signs of grief. She claimed she was "numb at this point".

Video surveillance from the store shows Marett entering the store but not leaving and at no time while Marett is seen on video does he appear upset or concerned. The image is that of someone going about the purposeful business of reading a grocery store for opening. Then there are the reports of conflicting statements from family members and employees.

Expect that there is more to this story than a man unhappy with his life behind the meat counter.

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Anonymous said...

I have to say the girlfriends reaction is one of pure numbness.... that is not unusual at all! Some people do look as though they are in a daze, and I think that fits when it really hits she will be a basket case.....

I also think someone knew this man was depressed and just figured he would come out of those folks, HE chose his destiny not you. The guilt of those left is enormous, I hope they will seek help as well!

Condolences to all.......

And to CMPD, yeah, good job there rookies! But these days in the CMPD hiring process race is more important then training or actual skills! Thanks Monroe YOU are truly a PofS and the worse thing that has ever happened to CMPD!