Monday, November 1, 2010

Quick Work By CMPD 2 Georgia Counterfeiters Cuffed and Stuffed

A CMPD officer reacted quickly to information provided by a Bed, Bath & Beyond employee, and the result was a man and woman from Georgia are now in jail.

The pair had been passing counterfeit 100 dollar bills in the Arboretum Shopping in South Charlotte last week, when a Bed, Bath and Beyond employee flagged down the CMPD officer.

According to the Charlotte Observer: Taneisha Reynolds, 21, and Dennis Moore, 24, were charged with uttering a forged instrument, and were being held in Mecklenburg County Jail Monday under $50,000 bond each.

The officer found 54 fake $100 bills under the car's passenger seat, one still with a mark from the store's anti-counterfeiting pen still visible.

When Secret Service agents arrived, they found more than $5,100 in genuine currency hidden in Moore's underwear.

Agents say Moore was arrested in August and September and charged with forgery in Georgia.

Agents ran a search on one of the counterfeit $100 bill's serial numbers and found copies of it have been passed at least 26 times in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina during recent weeks. The pair were still behind bars as of 8PM Monday.


Anonymous said...

Too bad CMPD didn't find the store owner as quickly as they found these two....but we all know how great CMPD is these days.....

Anonymous said...

Annon 9:03 you are right about CMPD, those Keystone Cops are pretty dumb not looking upstairs for the missing Safe Way owner.

I mean really they didn't seach the building? Amazing that they didn't look upstairs.

Anyone whose been in a back of grocery store knows there is an easy walk up flight of stairs to the area over the store. An area used for storage etc.

Did anyone catch the WSOC interview with the girlfriend? She wasn't really too surprised or upset.

Wonder if he really killed himself or if RoMo just wasn't to go down in the report that way. I noticed he was one scene today as well.

Anonymous said...

There ae some eyebrow raising concerns to this story, Cedar. The officer responded quickly and apprehended these two subjects..Good!! He found counterfeit bills under the car seat..Good!
Did they give him permission to search his car if they were not under arrest? Or were they under arrest and in the back seat of the patrol car?
If they were under arrest already or just in the back seat of his car did he search the suspects thoroughly or just stick them in the car?..Why did secret service find the bills in suspects underwear??
Why didnt the officer find the money in his underwear??
This could have been a weapon if it happened this way and we could have had another dead officer from CMPD.