Thursday, December 23, 2010

Forest Ridge Murder Suspect Taken Down By CMPD VCAT Unit

WSOC is reporting that Charlotte Mecklenburg Police have charged Tre Barber with the murder of Chaufa Johnson.

He was taken into custody shortly before 4 p.m. this afternoon by CMPD's Violent Criminal Apprehension Team (VCAT).

Officers tracked down Barber in a car, driven by a friend of his and VCAT officers initiated a traffic stop. The car was subsequently involved in a crash. No other vehicles were involved, police said.

Barber and the woman who was driving the car were taken to Carolinas Medical Center-University City for observation.

According to police Barber and Johnson knew each other and when they encountered each other in the parking lot on Wednesday, Barber pulled a handgun out and shot her.


JAT said...

Barber was given 24 months probation in Sept. on two felony convictions.

Merry Xmas.

Anonymous said...

Jat you are correct, he was on juvenile probation until 18 and adult for his current felonies...The two systems need to start communicating instead of hiding these felons as little thugs in the juvenile system. Unseal the records and mouths of the juvenile counselors so they can communicate with adult probation. Not saying this would have prevented what is already done but at least adult probation would have been aware of this thug was preforming or not performing on juvenile, instead the juvenile probation can only tell adult probation that he has a juvenile record...thanks ole Bev Joker Purdue for her chest thumping press conference that adult probation now has juvenile records...political bs adult probation only knows they have a juvenile record...thanks again Bev continue the good work can't wait for this governor to move on to a felony record herself