Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow Forecast for Charlotte Christmas Morning?

Could be, according to the National Weather Service office in Greenville computer models are cranking out numbers that are calling for 3 or more inches during the Friday Midnight to Sunday Morning period. How much and when the snow starts to fall is still a guess but Cedar Posts will go all in and say you'll wake to a white Christmas the morning of the 25th.

According to the National Weather Service a "White Christmas" would assume at least a inch accumulation on Christmas Day either on the ground or falling by midnight on the 25th of December. If the forecast hold true it would be the first time since 1947 that Charlotte has a "White Christmas".

Normally its a question of rain vs snow, but temps have been well below the freezing mark and another push of cold air will cover the area in advance of the weather system on Thursday.

Having said this, wouldn't it be better if it was all a surprise?


Anonymous said...

Would love to have a white Christmas- never have had one to enjoy! If the forecast holds true- I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya there Cedar. Seems like the surprise snow falls are the best. The ones I remember are January 1980, April 1983, February 2004.

Anonymous said...

Snow! #snOMG would be awesome!

weather said...

weather forecast from GFS, with snow maps

snow rain maps