Monday, January 31, 2011

Courtney Brown Makes Small Town Life in Salisbury Interesting

Cedar Posts is not sure just what is going on, but from the outside looking in things are pretty interesting at the Salisbury Fire Department.

Rumors have been spreading faster than a 4 alarm fire, but Salisbury City personel staff didn't help things by lying to WBTV reporters on Thursday.

According to the Charlotte television station Salisbury changed their story after saying that no firefighters had been terminated as a result of an investigation into misconduct, by releasing an email late Friday that admitted that firefighters Courtney Brown was fired on January 16 and Captain Baxter "Buddy" Miller was fired on January 25 and another firefighter, Castleman “Chet” Hedrick, has been suspended without pay for misconduct.

Courtney Brown

Salisbury was the first of two fire departments to dismiss Brown this month. Cory Orbison, chief of the South Salisbury Volunteer Fire Department, said he investigated a single individual in his department for “conduct issues.” He said he removed Brown Jan. 20.

“We let her go,” Orbison said. “She is no longer with us.”

Now this is where things get a little twisted, a Emily Ford reporter for the Salisbury Post tried to speak with 20 year old Courtney Brown at her home. But her mother Teresa Brown answered questions instead.

Courtney Brown

Teresa Brown said her daughter, who lives with her, is considering suing the city for character defamation. She also told Ford that her daughter was "accused of inappropriate behavior in letters that circulated within the fire department".

According to Ford's report in the Salisbury Post, the mother said Courtney, felt she had been sexually harassed since she started her job with the Salisbury Fire Department two years ago.

“Right now, we are handling this one day at a time,” she said. “That was her career, and she’s never been through anything like this.”

According to reporter Ford, when entered into, Courtney Brown’s home address is listed as the address for the Salisbury Escort Service and Mooresville Escort Service.

Teresa Brown said she has never heard of either business and said the residence has been in her family for years. The link to an escort service is an error with the search engine, she said.

Cedar's Take Away: Never let you mother do your talking and don't run an escort service out of your home and work at the fire department at the same time.


Anonymous said...

I'd hit it!

Anonymous said...

A friend of mine is fond to say that Salisbury is a qwerky little cross between Mayberry and Twin Peaks. I think this is scandal, and the attempts by city leaders to cover it up, are good examples of where he is spot-on!

Anonymous said...

Interesting so she was doing a little side work as an escort and someone on the department found out, and asked her for a date. She of course refused and the dude got pissy about it and started spreading the word.

Guess that just about sums it up.

As for Anonymous 6:33 you need to get new glasses that girls yellow ass teeth and boney butt scream STD factory!

Anonymous said...

Its sad ...I'm not sure if it's all them or her, If you're in a job that predominatley male you have to fit the part ...that means no sleeping with a subordinate or supervisor...don't even flirt or you will be labled a slut's unfortunate however thats how the departments works...and it's not just small town USA it's everywhere...there are codes of conduct that must be followed , however there are also rules for the opposite sex that must be followed as well..and just because she wont sleep with you it DOES NOT give you the right to label her a whore...Salisbury better be on their game, there are numerous Attorneys out there chomping at the bit ..discrimination and sexual harrassment are biggies now days...Volunteer or paid you both can be held libel...

Anonymous said...

I know Courtney from High School and none of this makes any cents. She's not someone who is into drugs and shit. She had a boy in high school and was not one to party with a crowd.

I say this is total BS.

Anonymous said...

I am affiliated with one of these fire departments, therefore I have known CB since she joined...she has tried to get with several of the members and when turned down, she tried to start rumors about the certain individuals and it only backfaired...I think was LONG COMING!!! Her mother is NO better!! ALWAYS a different a vehicle in their there you have it...My take on this is that she tried to get with some of these guys, they turned her down, so now she's crying wolf!!! Salisbury will have this in the bag if they call any witnesses...Sorry to say, but I'll be standing in line!!!

Anonymous said...

attention- February 1, 2011 6:42 PM

Thats Funny..trying to get with them guys and they turned her down...I don't even know this chic but I have seen what Salisbury has to have got to be joking!!! Go back to your small little world stick your head in teh sand and grow up little one...your an idiot

Not from Salisbury

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Anonymous said...

I know Baxter Miller is a scum bag that cheats on his wife.
It's no surprise that he is involved in this.