Friday, January 7, 2011

The Original Pancake House Listed in the January Issue of Our State

The Original Pancake House SouthPark has been listed as one of 32 places for a great North Carolina breakfast.

Kudos to Wayne and his staff!

You can find the list of North Carolina's great breakfast joints here. The list includes Joey’s Pancake House in Maggie Valley with a story by Charlotte's Tommy Tomlinson.

Cedar's Take: There is nothing like finding a great place to eat breakfast away from home. Sure McDonald's Egg McMuffin is ok road trip food, but let's face it compared to a real fresh made breakfast an Egg McMuffin is crap and the McD's coffee isn't much better.

Thankfully Our State has put together a one page printable "Breakfast Check List" with all 32 Breakfast spots and it is


Anonymous said...

The Original makes this list? Scheeze, my Second Grader makes better pancakes than what's served at that dump. Just goes to prove Charlotte has no taste.

Anonymous said...

The Original Pancake House is the breakfast place to be during the week to meet up with Charlotte's business who's who.

Then Saturday rolls around and it is a different crowd of early risers.

How Anonymous 7:57 can put pancakes made by a second grader above them is beyond me, I don't know maybe the kid is an iron chef, but I've never had anything but a perfect breakfast at the SouthPark location.

Nice staff and fast service, and I feel bad for the people at the McDonld's drive thru next door.

Michael said...

First off, they consider Gastonia "Mountains?"

And I'm disappointed to see neither The Egg or Toast in Davidson made the list. Get off the beaten path, people!


Anonymous said...

DJ's in Indian Trail made the list! Woot!

Anonymous said...

The Original Pancake House is nothing but perfection. Service might be a bit off from time to time, but this place rocks! You can't find too many places now days that will throw in ham and cheese with your scrambled eggs, and it's difficult to even attempt to describe how awesome their omeletes are...without exaggeration, they are as big as a hubcap. Love that place!