Thursday, January 6, 2011

April Five Steps Up To Help CMPD Officer

As you have read here and in other media reports CMPD officer Keith Trietley sustained several serious injuries last week when his Police Cruiser was deliberately hit head on by a fleeing felon.

This afternoon Heidi Crater with April Five sent the following "Press Release" to Cedar Posts.


Contact: Heidi Crater
Tel. 704.236.6648

Today marks the 11th year of service with CMPD for Officer Keith Trietley, who was injured in the line of duty on December 30, 2010. Officer Trietley is currently being cared for at CMC, where he has undergone multiple surgeries to repair his two broken arms, shattered knee cap and broken right femur. Due to the extent of his injuries, Officer Trietley will not be able to return to duty for an undetermined length of time and will be undergoing extensive physical therapy.

Officer Trietley, and his wife Angel, would like to thank the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, Charlotte Fire Department and Medic and NC Highway Patrol for their efforts and support. They are also grateful to the staff of CMC for their care during this difficult time.

While out of work and recovering from his injuries, Officer Trietley will be receiving reduced pay (66 2/3%) under the workers compensation system. He will also not be able to work his off-duty jobs which supplemented his income. Officer Trietley's wife, Angel, will need to take time away from her job to care for her husband during his recovery.

The April Five Organization is raising funds to assist this family and show appreciation for a local hero.

All donations are tax deductible. If you specify your gift is for Officer Trietley, he will receive 100% of the donation.

Donations can be sent to the:

April Five Organization
10612-D Providence Road
Charlotte, NC 28277

The April Five Organization was founded in 2008 as a result of the struggles faced by Officer Kayvan Hazrati who was shot in the line of duty on April 5, 2006. Its mission is to serve and assist sworn officers of the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department as they recover from injuries sustained in the line of duty.

April Five's web site is here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Cedar!

Anonymous said...

I would give my money to CMPD directly, from what I understand, even though good thought, Heidi is the only one still within the organization that she created, I donated when they first started up, got no receipt, nothing

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Cedar.

Before giving a donation to either April 5 or CMPD's Blue Lights, it would be nice to know who's on the official board of both organizations...

Anonymous said...

There were 2 officers involved in this incident, Rick Conn & Keith Trietley.
Even though Keith's road to recovery will be longer, Rick also suffered injuries
& will also have issues occuring from this incident. Let's take care of both of
them - not just one!!!

It is my understanding that Heidi is the only person still active in April 5
organization. Even though the website shows board members, all people
previously involved have resigned from the board.

The organization CMPD Hope who is affiliated with The Burnette Nobles Annual
Memorial Golf Tournament & they help Law Enforecement Officers & CMPD Employees
who are in need.

If I was going to donate money for these officers, I would start with an
organization that has accountability & one that I can trust.

Anonymous said...

The second officer was Grubbs, not Conn.

Anonymous said...

I think you all miss the bigger point. An Officer got hurt and he is taking a pay cut.

(Let's all say it together) Thanks Curt; for cutting the city's supplement for workman's compensation.

Anonymous said...

Curt had to cut worker comp, have to pay those outside attorneys who fight accepted worker comp claims!
I hope both the officers make a speedy healthy recovery and my donation will be made to CMPD Hope for BOTH of the officers

Anonymous said...

Before you hand your money over to CMPD Hope just be aware, Maj Foster decides who gets the money from the account.

So your contribution might end up helping to pay someone's mortgage payment but more than likley not Trietley.

My thinking is Heidi has a better track record the Maj Foster.

Don't forget Andy's family pulled out of the Golf Tournament because CMPD Hope wasn't living up to its pledge.

Just saying.

Anonymous said...

PPFFT a better track record, apparently you are not aware,
Lets not loose focus, this is for the injured officers, give directly to the district they work in then

Anonymous said...

Misinformation, The Nobles have not pulled out of the golf tournament, None of the families, Burnette, Norket, or Nobles. All the families were there at the last golf tournament. All non profit organizations has a committee and when funds are designated specifically for an officer, they get the donation. What is in question is the validity of April 5, since Heidi is her own board (the website shows the original board and they all have resigned), no accountability. Make your own decision of how u want to help the officers, you don't have to go through any non profit, I agree, take it to the district where they work, that way you know it will get to the families with a check made out to the family.

Cedar Posts said...

I figured I'd weigh into this mess I created.

First I've asked Heidi to address the concerns.

Nothing could be more disturbing than giving a check to help someone only to find out they never saw a dime or only a small percentage.

The Giving Tree mess from last year has made a lot of people think twice.

Maybe it would be better if someone approached BofA to open an account for both officers? Maybe get WBT Radio behind it?

If Heidi and April Five doesn't respond I'll let everyone know.

Cedar Out!

Anonymous said...

My name is Tara Stottlemyer, It shows me listed as the chair of April Five, I stepped down from that position long ago, since the battle the City has chosen to wage with me was becoming very "political". All the other board members other than Johnathan Thomas, resigned from their position before I did, I do not know his status. I don't know why I am still listed since I had asked to be taken off the site. I never had access nor signature to the bank account of April Five. I can not update you on if the board positions have been refilled or not. I make this statement so my phone will quit ringing, but thanks to those who did care enough to call and email me. Thank you

Anonymous said...

This is Heidi...the Director of April Five. After what I've seen officers go through and what I have personally experienced, we are committed to helping those in need. 100% of any donation specified for a particular officer goes to them. The check is made out to April Five so it will be tax deductible to the donor. Other money that is donated is used for officers in their time of need after a board vote. The board has been re-elected for 2011, with a few positions yet to fill. The website has not been updated in too once it was done pro-bono and now we do not have that luxury. I have put off spending the money in hopes of help for free so the money can go to our injured officers. I understand now how important it is to update and have current information and will work on getting that done asap. I do not care where or how help gets to these officers. As long as people are aware of the need and do what they can to support them. We have checked in with Officer Grubb's family and are here to assist if the need arises.

The board had a two year service limit on them and those that left before their service time was up did so due to other commitments and personal reasons.

We do one annual fundraiser a year, the Thin Blue Line Ride, which provides money for immediate officer needs and to supplement donations. All other fundraisers are done as needed and for specific officers so they receive 100% of those proceeds.

It is not the current policy of April Five to send receipts for every donation because man hours are limited since we are only run by volunteers (no paid staff). However, all donations made to us are 100% tax deductible and your cancelled check serves as a receipt. That being said, we will gladly generate a receipt and/or provide our tax id number to all donors who request it.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you need additional information or have any further questions.

Anonymous said...

Heidi said, "The board has been re-elected for 2011, with a few positions yet to fill..."

So, the obvious question is, who are they?

Anonymous said...

Personally I could care less if my donations are tax deductible or not, I care more about the officers getting their bills paid and medical needs met.

I also would NEVER give money to any organization in which Vickie Foster is over, we all know her ethics. And yes Ms. Foster you can take that for exactly how it came out!

So with being said, Cedar I like your suggestion best. Anyone willing to do it?

Anonymous said...

take care of officers? What ties does she have now to the police family being she created her own family behind our brothers back?

Anonymous said...

april 5 blessed me during my accident and recovery....It is a great organization to help those in LE who truly need it...

ThaQueenCity said...

OK I know this has nothing to do with this but I am going to say it anyways:

Did anyone watch The First 48 last night? Charlotte was "premiered" again. Not sure how I feel about that, but I have to say one thing (and yes this will shock many) Rodney Monroe FINALLY got something right!

He put the RIGHT people in homicide! Burkhardt and McKee where they both should be! Both are TOP notch and do not play games about doing their job!

Kudo's to Rodney Monroe for that move! (OK, you can all close your mouths now...LOL) But when I see something right I need to say it just as I do when I see something wrong!

Anonymous said...

Like Tara, I resigned as Sec. of the April 5 organizaion shorty after it was started. However, my name is still listed in that position! ??? In other words I resigned in 2008 -- why is my name still there???
The reason I resigned this position is simple, I did not want to support a one person organization. Hiedi is a one person show!
I think everyone who signed up for April 5 did it because they wanted to help -- not to be in the limelight. I suggest you send money directly to the injured officer.

Anonymous said...

The first 48 is a TV show. Do you really think the CMPD officers would not do a brilliant job due to that little fact.? Do you think a dumb A$^$^$ would have been assigned a case that was going to air on TV.? That isnt going to happen..Those officers appear to be very qualified to be there. If they werent they would end up like dumb a%% fant sooner or later!!
Romo gets Kudos for doing nothing in this case. I wouldnt give him any , in any case..your comment is utterly ridiculous Queen!!

Anonymous said...

And you cheapen the topic and comments on this blog about a very serious matter by bringing Romo into the picture...STOP IT!!

Anonymous said...

Heidi, we applaud your desire to serve officers and families in need. However, we've asked twice and you haven't responded...and now we're getting skeptical.

WHO are the new board members you told us were elected to the new 2011 board? Earlier comments here suggested that yours is a one-woman show.

Put that to rest by naming the honest upright men and women who help maintain the integrity of April 5, please.