Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Charlotte Subway Employee Shoots Would Be Robbers Kills One Only Wounds Other

There is nothing more satisfying than the taste of a five dollar foot long sub, except maybe giving couple of bad guys a big ole' taste of instant justice.

According to several media sources, an employee at an east Charlotte Subway restaurant shot two men who were trying to rob the store, killing one of them.

The attempted robbery took place in a strip shopping center in the 600 block of Sugar Creek Road around 7 PM Monday night.

According to witnesses two black males entered the restaurant waving handguns.

"An altercation ensued when the employee did not comply with the suspects' demands; the employee fired his weapon, striking both suspects," read a police statement.

UPDATE: According to the police report, "the employee gave the suspects an undisclosed amount of cash. As they were leaving, the employee fired his own weapon striking McKenith and Thomas".

Both men ran from the store, but one didn't get far collapsing in the parking lot, the other later showed up at CMC Main.

Additionally two other suspects were being questioned by CMPD late Monday night.

UPDATE: CMPD has identified Jamal Steven McKenith, 20, as the dead gunman and Demetrius Nathaniel Thomas, 19, as the gunman wounded. Police also charged Deonna Brown, 19.

For those who feel bad for the punk who took two in the chest or maybe the back and died, I submit the following video of a Subway robber in action. Warning not for the timid.


Anonymous said...

so much for peace and harmony on MLK day!

Anonymous said...

No Justice No Peace!

That brother has his peace now.

Too bad the Subway guy wasn't a better shot.

Anonymous said...

I hope the PofS thug is burning in hell! Too bad BOTH are not dead!

to ANON: 3:18pm where he went there is no peace!

Anonymous said...

I suggest they give this guy the employee of the month award.

For some reason the dumb ass crooks think robbing a Subway is an easy target. This is almost a weekly thing at Subways across the US.

So its about time.

Anonymous said...

CC Course 101 aim shoot, there is no please put the gun down.

Anonymous said...

The last sound this POS heard was BOOM! That is how is should be.

Anonymous said...

Animals. Filthy animals.

Anonymous said...

Cedar, looks like the employee is in the clear checking the Subway handbook for a couple of operations here in NC there doesn't seem to be a gun rule of any sort.

So punks beware Subway doesn't prohibit employees from carrying a glock. Best just order a club all the way.

Anonymous said...

Gee, imagine that. The thug who was killed is a convicted felon. I especially like the ADWITKISI-Gun (Nov 08), then the Possession of Firearm by Felon a mere 14 months later. And the other guy got robbery arrests in October AND December 2010.

Anonymous said...

How a bout a fair trial followed with a fair hanging. Throw a rope over a tree.

Damn Piece of Crap.

He doesn't need to sit in hospital.

Lets do this thing.