Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Butler Basketbrawl Player Dyshay Aliyah Kilpatrick and Mother Finally Arrested

Five days after Dyshay Aliyah "The Beast" Kilpatrick, and her mother, Tanja Lejun Kilpatrick, were video taped bitch slapping a Charlotte Mecklenburg School Resource officer during a basketball game at Charlotte's East Meck High School, they both were arrested.

Each has been charged with assault of a government official and disorderly conduct.

The ball (no pun intended) in now in the hands of Andrew Murray's office, where as far as Cedar Posts is concerned everyone goes to jail. Let's call it a "cooling off" period. After that The Beast Kilpatick needs to sit on the bench for the year while wearing a Meck County Inmate Jumpsuit with waist and ankle chains. That will send a message.


Anonymous said...

Looks like Tanja has toned down the "Buckwheat" style 'fro she was sporting at the game. Word to your Mother!

Anonymous said...

Misdemeanor Punishment in NC:


Anonymous said...

Nice to see our what our tax dollars support. Suggest we cancel the balance of Butlers games. Collective punishment is normally as good as a public hanging to keep the troops in line.

Just saying...

Anonymous said...

Hey does anyone know what the deal was with that fourth guy -- the white dude -- who joined the affray? Just a police-hater or was he a friend of the family or something?

Cedar Posts said...

I didn't even see the guy until I got a look at the tape frame by frame. He comes in about +8 seconds of the tape.

Then he pushes one officer back then grabs another officer's arms as if to pull the officer back as he's being pulled down.

Then as Tanja Kilpatrick makes another charge at one of the officers he shoves her back as well.

Hard to say if he was trying to help just breaking up the fight or was part of the attacking pack of dogs.

I did see where he took a swing or punched any officers. So I'd call it a wash.

Anonymous said...

Another perfect example of tribal attitude in modern day times...yes, these two need to go back to a real tribe and learn some respect! Seriously, current day African Tribes have more civility than these two!

Anonymous said...

This guy? Mr Cuddley?