Thursday, February 3, 2011

CFD 2 Alarm Fire Springfield Drive

Photo Credit Derrick Rose WBTV News

From Charlotte Fire radio traffic: 911 caller reports smoke and fire at 6200 Springfield Drive in East Charlotte. Engine 3 arrived on scene within minutes, crew reporting heavy smoke from windows and family members in the street.

Update 5:48: CFD Rescue teams searched the two story home. Located a young male age unknown. Two adults and two children taken to CMC Main. Several pets located in the house have perished. CFD crews working the fire at this time.

Update 6:01: Residential structure fully involved 2nd alarm called in.

Update 6:32 AM: Sources reporting a 11(13?) year old boy is seriously injured. CFD firefighters rescued the boy from the burning structure. Reports state he is in critical condition. Other victims reported as having less serious injuries. Fire under control. Best count nine CFD units on scene at least 40 firefighters. radio traffic has slowed down.

Update 7:26 AM: Firefighters departing the scene relief units taking over operations.

Photo Credit Derrick Rose WBTV News

Update 8:54 AM: ATF Agents now on the scene, they will assist with determining the cause of the fire.

Photo Credit Derrick Rose WBTV News

Additional Coverage from WBTV is here.

Undated Photo: Courtesy Meck County Tax Office

Update 10:04 AM: Charlotte fire Capt. Rob Brisley still on the scene assisting with family and nearby school concerns.

Captain Bisley told the "Local Paper" that firefighters charged into the smoke-filled house to rescue the 11-year-old, who was found in a hallway. The other members of the family a mother, father, and 17-year-old male escaped.

A spokesman for Medic said the 11-year-old was taken to Carolinas Medical Center with life-threatening injuries. The other family members also were taken by Medic to CMC, but their injuries are considered less serious, authorities say.

Nearly 50 firefighters battled the blaze, bringing it under control by 6:30 a.m.

The family had several pets, and firefighters were able to save at least one, a small cat.

Cedar Posts follow-up If reports are correct CFD rescued the youngest boy from the burning structure. Aided by the non stop barking of the family dog they were able to locate the boy age 11 in a hallway. The dog unfortunately perished in the fire.


Anonymous said...

had to be a really big fire because i could see it from independence blvd on my way to work early this mroning

Anonymous said...

ATF is a part of the Charlotte Fire Investigation Task Force.

Cedar said...

7:14 Thanks for pointing that out.

I assume that is SOP and nothing unusual or cause for concern?

Anonymous said...

Charlotte works worked for years as the Charlotte Fire Investigation Task Force; Fire Investigator, CMPD Arson Invest, NC SBI Agent, and ATF Agent all working under one roof- Old Station #-2 on South Blvd. the young boy is "fighting for his life"

Anonymous said...

Cedar: The Charlotte Fire Investigation Task Force includes a Chief Fire Investigator from the Charlotte Fire Department along with about six or seven CFD Fire Investigators with one or two being on duty at any given time with each of CFD's three shifts. It also includes a CMPD Arson Sergeant and four Arson Detectives, one ATF Special Agent Arson Investigator, and one NC State Bureau of Investigation Special Agent Arson Investigator (though I think there might be two).

CFD sends its on duty fire investigators to every working structure fire or any other fire requested by CFD units on scene. Any two-alarm or greater will call out the on-duty CMPD Arson Detective. If a fatality occurs or a situation that could potentially result in a fatality, the on-duty CMPD detective and Arson Sergeant will respond. The ATF and SBI special agents will sometimes go out in these situations and offer their assistance. Normally, they are there just for moral support and expertise. Only in certain circumstances, such as church fires or anything that could become a federal offense, will the ATF or SBI take the lead on the situation.

I think here they were there just to help out.