Friday, February 4, 2011

Charlotte, North Carolina is now The Main Distribution Center for Mexican Heroin

Early this week "The Examiner" not to be confused with the newspaper from San Francisco of the same name posted the above headline. In the copy that follows Dave Gibson, whose bio is pretty vague, culls facts and statements from a massive report by the Woodrow Wilson Center on the growning problem of Mexican drug trafficking in the Queen City.

Gleaning the sensational parts of the report Gibson gives a disjointed commentary as if it were his own work. Nevertheless, it does point out some of the more interesting the facts in the full report which is here.

As a prior Cedar Posts story "The Dark House at the End of the Street" pointed out, the Mexican drug surge in Charlotte has been swept the under the proverbial rug by local officials, and politicians.

In North Carolina, local, state and federal agencies have been concentrating on "meth" and for the most part have discounted Black Tar Heroin, but that has now started to change. The Wilson report might just be the eye opener that has been needed.

The Dark House at the End of the Street Part One is here and Part Two is here.

A word of caution about, the site is loaded with pop-ups and overwhelmed my blackberry. More about "" can also be found on wikipedia here.


Anonymous said...

Cedar is sounds like you're a little PO'd that this Gibson guy stole your thunder.

I don't think you have anything to worry about, Gibson obviously cut and pasted the whole thing.

While you used the report you at least included the sources and tied the whole thing together with the Hamilton and Chavez murders.

So ease up, have a beer or two on me. Your's was good work, and a easy read Gibson isn't worth the stress.

Anonymous said...

Good Point Cedar! That H stuff makes ppl do crazy stuff that Harvey guy wasn't thinking right or he'd not be in the world of trouble he's in ditto for the two POS Fitz and Holmes.

Being a junkie no big deal its the crap being a junkie makes you do that will get you a death sentence.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are dead on the guy just did a cut and paste on your source.