Monday, February 7, 2011

Cairo's Protesters Target USA

Nothing continually amazes me more than politics and life in the middle east. A place so burdened with history that even crossing a street without paying homage to the past can create a heated debate.

Now that Cairo's streets are in turmoil, replacing the 3 decades long calm, there is a sudden need to blame "America" for much of which is wrong.

But within a few blocks of Al Tahrir Square to the west on the banks of the Nile you'll find the Ramses Hilton and on the 36th floor a five star restaurant named "Windows on the World", sound familiar? A few blocks north one of a dozen nearby McDonald's and in the middle of all the protesters are young men wearing Oakley sunglasses, Nikes and Polo shirts while videoing chants of "We Hate America" via their BlackBerrys and iPhones.

Cedar's message to pro Mubarak and pro Democracy protesters; instead of pummeling each other with stones and sticks how about going back to work. All this riot in the streets shit is really pretty lame and think about it do you really hate all things American? Do you seriously want to give up your iPhones and iPads? Hummm I didn't think so.

Enough already.


Anonymous said...

I think it is just disgusting that anytime a country has problems it is always America's fault. Guess the libs have had a much further reaching arm than I thought....LOL

But now there is the fact that America has sent millions to Egypt over the years may not help?

I found a fascinating article though...

Neil said...

If the US maintains an unlawful regime for 30 years for our own convenience, then we should expect that the people of Egypt will blame us for some of their problems.

Anonymous said...

Saddest thing about this article is the belief the all these material goods are American. Wrong, none of the mentioned are made in the US. All are produced in Asia.
We make very little in our once proud manufacturing base economy.

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. Google the WSJ article "The Tradition of the Pharaohs Lives On" and read how this story has played out many times over the millennium.

Anonymous said...

I'm with ya Cedar. They need to stop blaming the United States, if it wasn't for our country the west bank would extend all the way to the Nile.

We could use the 1 Billion we give Egypt each year and they wouldn't miss it for at least ten years, until the parts ran out for the F-16s.

Billy Fehr said...


The truth is that we, this fine nation is willing to kill them to take it. They, on the otherhand, the ones everyone seems so scared of are willing to kill themselves to prevent us from taking it.