Saturday, February 19, 2011

Did CMPD's Vicki Foster Speak Too Soon?

Just 48 hours after CMPD's Major Vicki Foster tells WBTV the lack of homicides is due to department changes, Charlotte adds another name to the homicide victim list.

According to the "Local Paper" Two men were shot, one fatally, in east Charlotte this morning in what appeared to be a domestic dispute.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are investigating the shooting, which happened at around 11 a.m. at 2843 Longspur Drive.

Police arrived at the scene in response to a domestic assault call to find one man lying in the street with fatal injuries.

Preliminary reports indicate the deceased had arrived at the home and gotten into an altercation with a second man inside the house. The second man was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Tax records show the home is owned by Sahib Shingh Sweety, Rajwant Kuar, and Khushwant Singh and all three are listed as fractional owners in the home.

Sources tell Cedar Posts that all 3 may have lived at the home.

Update 7:32 CMPD has ruled the death a suicide, and Charlotte's homicide rate goes back to "1". Vicki Foster to hold presser Monday morning to claiming dramatic changes have cut the homicide rate in half.


Anonymous said...

were they terrorist who just couldnt take Charlotte decided to off themselves???

Anonymous said...

The reason for the crime drop? Its not the 3rd shift patrol officer prowling the city at 3am. It’s not the CSS tech trudging through the blood and the muck of a crime scene. It’s not the FMT targeting the latest car break in suspect. It’s not the dispatcher frantically running tags and checking up on the latest traffic stop. It’s not the detective working through dinner chasing down leads on the latest robbery/shooting/general mayhem. It’s not the lonely property control clerk logging in evidence. It’s not VCAT surrounding the most violent of offender before 6 am.

Who is it then? Who is single handedly dropping crime numbers like turkeys from the Brookshire Freeway? Who has bowed out their chest and stands like Zeus on Mt. Olympus at the entrance to this fair city?

Why it’s the Apostle Rodney Monroe (peace and blessings be upon him)!! Fair citizens, praise him, praise him!!