Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame Shooters Arrested

5 errrr make that 6 men have been arrested for their part in a shooting that involved an Atlanta rap artist on Wednesday afternoon in Charlotte.

The "drive by" style shooting appeared to be random, but now the word from CMPD sources is that the entire thing may have a bizarre robbery attempt.

Those arrested face charges that include discharging a firearm into occupied property, robbery with a dangerous weapon, conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

CMPD sources have identified those arrested as David Bellamy, Berry Lawrence, Xavier Hoover, Antonia Stukes, Andre Sellers and Antonie Washington.

Antonio Stukes was shot in the shoulder during the gunfire, treated at a local hospital and released.

Stukes spoke exclusively with Eyewitness News when he left police headquarters on Wednesday night and said that he was an innocent bystander.

"I'm no friend of Flocka. I'm a friend of Jesus," Stukes told channel 9.

Adam Seifer, Stukes' attorney, told WSOC News on Friday that his client is frustrated that no one's been charged with a crime, although police have questioned several people.

Seifer said Stukes heard that Waka Flocka, whose real name is Juaquin Malphurs, was signing autographs outside his tour bus, and Stukes drove with a friend to meet the rap star and give him a demo tape.

"My client is simply an aspiring rapper. He's an up-and-coming guy who simply wanted to get noticed," Seifer said. "He was up there simply to give a CD to the rapper."

Seifer said that moments after Stukes arrived, another car pulled up and immediately opened fire.

Stukes who was shot in shoulder during the attack continues to maintain that he is nothing more than an innocent victim who just happened to be in the area, but CMPD officers say otherwise.

Berry Steven Lawrence

Xavier Tariono Hoover

Antonia Stukes aka Antonio Stakes

Antonie Washington

Andre Lamar Sellers

David Bellamy

All are being held at the Mecklenburg County Jail under $175,000.00 to $250,000.00 bond.

A review of police records show multiple prior arrests for each of the men including drug, weapons, armed robbery, auto theft, sexual assault and probation charges.

All told the suspects have been arrested more than 43 times on more than 140 charges not including juvenile arrests. Washington had been arrested by CMPD officers early on the morning of the 16th and was released just hours before the shooting.


Anonymous said...

Another fine expample of sucess at CMS!

Anonymous said...

I guess Stukes is no longer frustrated since someone has been arrested.

Hey dude be careful what you wish for.

Anonymous said...

Yo Stukes you stupid Mofo, next time tell your homies that when they run from the cops it would be better if they didn't lead the cops to your street and dump the car in front of your house.

Just saying....

Anonymous said...

Thats great this is what Charlotte is known for and what it has to offer...Charlotte is becoming a smaller version of Atlanta ...what a shame.Atlanta is a dirty,dangerous city that people just won't go to...not only do we have their criminals hanging out in Charlotte...we also have managed to get their drugs and their dealers too...congrats to all teh people who run teh city/county you should all be proud of your accomplishments...

Anonymous said...

Poor misunderstood rappers.

Anonymous said...

Fine up standing young men, just dumb as hell and apparently can't shoot....don't whether to say thank God or shit!

Anonymous said...

Bellamy looks a little pissed...GOOD

Anonymous said...

Don't worry boyz y'all will be out in time for the CIAA Basketball Tournament next month.

Anonymous said...

i think all these comments are lame! people shouldnt be so judgemental and believe the first thing they hear. I believe that Stukes may be innocent! and oh yea the motive was to steal the rappers jewelry?! come on people!

Anonymous said...

Washington seems out of place what is up with that?

Waka Waka is in this some how, I'm sure these hommies are not too bright but gun fight in the middle of the afternoon? I'm not buying it.

I know you're not Cedar. So tell us what do you really know about this mess?

Anonymous said...

Stukes is supposed to be in NC prison -- right now he should be in DOC serving a sentence that he received her in Meck Co a couple of years ago -- NC Dept. of Correction, not anyone associated with the court system -- let him out early on "post-release supervision"

that isn't going so well; time to ship him back to prison for the remainder of his sentence

Anonymous said...

I don't believe Antwoine had anything to do with tglhis crine.When attempting to commit a major robbery it has to be planned and thought out.....Antwoine had just been released from jail???Maybe it's guilt by association who knows.

Anonymous said...

Anon 939...

Hopefully I missed the sarcasm!!!
Planned and thought out??? Hahaha
What a plan!!!

Anonymous said...

Lol smh.So you think the guys just got bored,seen Waka and decided to do this???Wow.Interesting -_-