Friday, February 18, 2011

Harry Jones Throws Down the Gauntlet

Cedar's Take: Rumors must have been buzzing around fast and crazy for Harry Jones to take to youtube.

He tries to hide his anger but his defiance oozes like slim from every pore as he thumbs his nose at taxpayers and the Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners. If anything this video presented to county employees on Thursday shows his contempt for anyone who questions his methods. Sadly this arrogance transcends the entire Mecklenburg County system.

Rather than apologize for being a distraction and asking that all employees to pull together, Jones tells every employee he alone is above being fired.

If Harry Jones, thinks this an example of good leadership, he really does need to be removed. It didn't work for Hosni Mubarak in Egypt and its not going to work for Harry Jones in Mecklenburg County.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the New America....the one where accountability is not a consideration, but where creating more victims and entitled is a must!

Only the leaders have a vote the taxpayers are to bow down....

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the great orator Penn Jillette:


Anonymous said...

The Mecklenburg Board of County Commissioners have no backbone and do not care about the citizens that they are supposed to represent.

Hey boardmemebers; Grow a pair! (JR may already have them)

Anonymous said...

Famous quotes from great leaders:

"I have not and will not consider resigning" -- Harry Jones

"I am not a crook". -- Richard Nixon

"I have never had sex with that woman." -- Bill Clinton

Anonymous said...

Cedar Dirty Harry is pissed and what I hear is that during the MBOCC closed door meeting the republicans wanted a resolution asking that he step down but it failed by only one vote.

But of course we will never know for sure, hut what an idiot Dirty Harry is, I've emailed the entire board demanding he be fired.

Won't happen but I did my part.

Anonymous said...

Dirty Harry says "he just wants to put this behind us".

Isn't that what he ALWAYS says when he screws up royally as he continuously does over and over and over again!!!

When is someone going to fire his arrogant, spiteful, vindictive, egocentric ass? Really??!!!

Our City/County government is seriously like a skit on Saturday Night Live... And that's not a good thing!