Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Brilliance From Charlotte's Jerry Orr

The embattled director of the Charlotte's airport has recommended a taxi cab company run by convicted felons be awarded a lucrative contract with the city.

Aviation Director Jerry Orr tells the "Local Paper" he didn't know about the felony records of Javed and Naheed Kashmary when a selection committee picked their proposal in November.

The pair own a two-thirds interest in Kashmary Enterprises, the operator of King Cab and Royal Cab in Charlotte.

The brothers were convicted in Federal Court of participating in a scheme to obtain fake drivers licenses.

But Orr says the records do not change his recommendation that the company receive one of three contracts to operate taxicabs at Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

King/Royal is one of 12 cab companies that are currently operating at the airport. Orr wants to reduce the number of taxi cab companies operating out of the airport to three, a move that would improve customer service, according to Orr.

The airport did not run criminal background checks as part of the cab companies' request for proposals. That job went to Charlotte's Passenger Vehicle for Hire manager, Burhan Al-Shaikh. The Passenger Vehicle for Hire office is part of Charlotte-Mecklenburg police.

When the "Local Paper" first asked about the Kashmary brothers, Al-Shaikh said they did not have felony records.

However, an attorney for the Passenger Vehicle for Hire Board, Mujeeb Shah-Khan, said the Kashmary brothers disclosed their criminal history on their application for city taxicab permits.

After WCNC-TV raised questions about the Kashmarys' criminal record, Shah-Khan said Javed and Haheed had surrendered their taxi driver's permits, but the Kashmarys retained their permits to operate a cab company.

Whoa! What the hell is going on here? Javed Kashmarys, Mujeeb Shah-Khan, Naheed Kashmary, Burhan Al-Shaikh? Oh come on, you have got to be kidding?

And it gets worse from here. You want to read the rest fine, it's here at the local paper.

Cedar's Take: Do we need any more reason's to fire Jerry Orr? Security breeches, convicted felons, de-icing fiasco, removal of the Queen Charlotte statue, and did I mention Orr's grand plan to have the largest renovation project in the history of the airport underway during the Democratic National Convention?


Anonymous said...

Any chance do Javed and Naheed Kashmary have connections to score any cheap de-icing liquid?

Anonymous said...

Cedar even you can't be so narrow minded as to think that just because all of these people have muslim sounding names that they are all terrorists?

Anonymous said...

I don't care if they are Muslim or not, they have served their time and can drive cabs all over Charlotte for all I care.

But to give exclusive access to the airport is insane. Jerry Orr please retire you are a sad example of why old people are just stupid, and you are making the rest of us who have our minds look bad.

I'd expect that the Fed's like Meck County DA's office cut these to felons a deal. So what did they really do?

What did they intend to do with the fake ids? Enroll in flight school? Take demolition courses at CPCC?

Anonymous said...

I watched the whole story on the news last night, excellent reporting, by the way. Can't wait to see the second part about bidding on the jobs.

But honest to God, could Jerry Orr be more stupid or more incompetent???

And this has NOTHING to do with these two degenerates having Muslim sounding names.

They are CONVICTED FELONS, one of whom is still on probation, WTF?

And trying to purchase fake id's is no laughing matter. Who knows what the heck they intended to do with them? Ever heard of Sleeper Cells?

Why do we continue to allow incompetents like Orr, Jones, Monroe to operate?

But I will have to say, Orr takes the proverbial cake.

If it looks like an idiot, sounds like an idiot, and operates like an idiot, IT IS PROBABLY AN IDIOT!!
And Orr fits them all.

Please have the balls to fire this guy.

And Rodney has proven over and over that he cannot do competent background checks.

Can you just imagine what a mess he will make of the DNC????? It boggles the mind!!

Anonymous said...

How can anyone think limiting taxi cab service to just 3 companies is a good idea? It will put the other 9 cab compaines out of business.

No one rides taxi cabs in Charlotte unless it is to or from the airport.

No is buying off Jerry Orr? Who is he getting a kick back from?

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I believe Orr is indeed "supplementing" his income from MANY "sources"!!
What does he have on people?
It must be good!

What an incompetent rube...and so freaking arrogant!


Geez please get rid of him!

Do you really want him to be the "face" of Charlotte/The Airport for the DNC?

Anonymous said...

Think of Jerry Orr as Charlotte's version of Adm. Rickover. Jimmy Carter was apparently afraid to make him retire. I beleve they finally were able to encourage Rickover to retire after some relatively minor kick-backs and gifts were discovered.

Their personalities and management style at times seem similar.

Anonymous said...

Minorities always trump legit non-criminal and/or white owners .....what's new, right?

Wonder how legal their citizenship is?