Thursday, March 17, 2011

CMPD Chief Monroe Lied to Charlotte City Council About Security Breech

According to a story in this morning's "Local Paper" Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe and City Manager Curt Walton both lied when they told Charlotte City Council members that an investigative report into how a 16-year-old apparently breached security at Charlotte/Douglas International had "been classified, or sealed, by the United States government. It wasn't.

When the "Local Paper" questioned the claim of classified Chief Monroe fired off a letter to the TSA seeking to cover his claim that the document was classified.

In a letter to the TSA Wednesday, Monroe said the city's investigation contained "security sensitive information" from the federal government, and therefore the city declined to release it. But a TSA statement to the "Local Paper" indicated that the TSA has not even reviewed the report.

In short Chief Monroe has lied again to Charlotte City Council and the public.

You can read the full story here.

This revelation comes as CMPD reports that over the weekend there were two additional breeches of the airport security fence.

But the truth is the security fence is not a deterrent to thieves, teenagers or terrorists. The main reason the airport is fenced to to keep wildlife and wayward spectators off the runway.

In fact years ago in high school Cedar Posts and friends found it quiet a rush to stand in front of the runway threshold lights at night facing the incoming airliners. The fencing wasn't installed at CDIA back in the day, not until a couple of near fatal accidents with deer were reported.

So what was so damming that Chief Monroe again lied to Charlotte City Council? What is it that make Chief Monroe and his boss Curt "the clown" Walton so fearful of the truth?


Anonymous said...

That Monroe has lied again should not come as a surprise to anyone.
Once again, he started his job here with a huge lie and has continued the practice, with his sidekick Curt the Clown!
Wake up people!
Just wait until he officially makes Foster a Deputy Chief.....
and the infamous video of her "reality" show comes out... Where she says she wouldn't give "non christians" the same level of protection as " believers". She has been keeping a very low profile lately, but the video AND her direct involvement in the "security" company she owns with her boyfriend disqualify her even if she were competent.
But she has been "promised" she will be taken care of, so I am told.
Just one more example of poor leadership and favoritism.
The list just keeps on growing!

Anonymous said...

Just one question: Exactly what does the "gold package" on his sleeves stand for?
Years of service at CMPD?
Years of service anywhere?
Five ring General?
Grand Poobah?
Head of Hogwarts?
Or just 'cause he wanted them?

Anonymous said...

No one should be surprised by this, Chief Monroe lies all the time.

Cedar as you pointed out in your prior story that you thought the entire report was a "white wash" and that if it was top secret you would be surprised.

Thank You for eing smart enough to know a duck when you see one.

Anonymous said...

The gold stripes on the arms of Admiral Monroe stand for years of service. I too was extremely confused a year or so ago at a CMPD function when all of the command staff were wearing their new coats. I'm not against the purchasing of the coats. CMPD does not have a full 'Class A' uniform like a lot of departments, but rightfully so since it would cost thousands to make that transition, but the command staff does need a more professional dress uniform.

But...they got it completely wrong. Those should be rank stripes, not years of service. I thought they were rank stripes at first when I saw Admiral Monroe with five stripes and another captain with two...that seemed correct. Then I started seeing other captains, some with two, three, and four. I was all confused until I started multiplying them each by five and realized that it must be years of service.

Could no one have done even a 'little' bit of research into how to put these uniforms together???

Anonymous said...

It kills me that no one calls these clowns out. Monroe, Walton and Orr blatantly lie to city council. No questions asked.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Monroe is one of those people who get away with it, and get away with it, and get away with it. But often those people end up in prison for several years later in life, like Jon Burge in Chicago and Bernard Kerik in New York. God isn't through with Rodney Monroe yet.