Thursday, May 5, 2011

Is Osama bin Laden Really Dead?

Over the past five years there has been little evidence that Osama bin Laden was even alive, much less a threat to US security.

If he, the world's most wanted man so much as poked his head out of a cave you would have expected "we" the USA would have known. Yet is seems that he was not even hiding, rather living in plain sight.

While we can express our gratitude to Navy Seal Team VI, the CIA and Obama administration for avenging the death of so many Americans it really doesn't do a lot to change the world order or reduce the threat of terror attacks here in the United States or overseas.

Simply stated even with the "head of the snake" removed, terrorism will continue to be a threat to US and NATO interests.

Conspiracy Theory?

Forget Elvis, if Oswald acted alone, that the gold in Fort Knox may be non-existent, or if Area 51 has an alien spacecraft.

The action on Sunday night plays so well into conspiracy theory that it had to be expected.

Could it be that Obama staffers have embraced the crazies to help create the smoke screen? Create an issue to distract the world from the real issue?

Wag the Dog - Conrad 'Connie' Brean: "What difference does it make if it's true? If it's a story and it breaks, they're gonna run with it. "

Where is the evidence?

In the case of Sadamm Hussien we saw photos of his nearly decapitated body and a short while after his bungled hanging, a leaked cell phone video of his execution leaving little doubt of his death. The bodies of his sons were put on display as were many other "al qaeda" members over the years.

So why was Osama bin Laden's head not paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue on a pole?

The White House says it is concerned that releasing the photos of a dead Bin Laden would cause outrage and perhaps more attacks on the United States.

Understand this, there will be more attacks, and if we were so concerned about outrage we wouldn't have given a kill order on Bin Laden or a dozen other terrorists.

The body of well known bin laden number two Abu Musab al-Zarqawi was shown to the press and photos of his corpse published around the world, with little concern for repercussions.

The White House has explained that the photos were too grisly and horrific. Yet the beheading of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl was played over and over again. (Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh was convicted of Pearl's beheading and sentenced to death is 2002 but is still alive living in you guessed it, Pakistan)

I'll guess those famous Iraq prison photos were just an oversight, yet it was the democrats demanded the Abu Ghraib photos be released.

More Contradictions

During the Seal Team raid the bodies of at least three men were left behind, again conflicting with White House statements that two were killed.

According to Pakistan officials no weapons were found with the 3 bodies above, though it is conceivable that the SEAL Team took the weapons.

The White House reported that Bin Laden used one of his wives as a human shield and she was killed. A fact later denied.

During Sunday night's address President Barack Obama heaped praise on Pakistan. “Our counter-terrorism cooperation with Pakistan helped lead us to bin Laden.”

But less than 12 hours later Leon Panetta admitted that the United States had deliberately not told Pakistan of the impending raid. That “could jeopardize the mission,” because Pakistan “might alert the targets.”

Cooperation or interference? Which is it?

The White House stated that Bin Laden engaged in firefight and was shot in the head twice, later changed to he was unarmed but resisted and was shot once in the chest and once in the head.

The White House explained that one helo suffered a mechanical failure and had to be blown up without being more forth coming that the helo in question was a "stealth" variant of MH-60 More about that from Army Times here. The White House also failed to disclose that the malfunction was the tail boom hitting the wall.

Obama said "two Blackhawk helicopters entered the compound" and that one developed a mechanical failure and the entire team departed in the one remaining Blackhawk with bin Laden's body.

The fact is that a Blackhawk can barley handle a squad with full gear, anyone whose tried it knows what I mean. Someone always ends up as a seat. So how do you put nearly 2 squads, that is 25 Navy Seals and a dead guy into one Blackhawk? A. It's not really a Blackhawk or B. There were more than "2". Again Contradictions.

Rush to Dispose of Osama bin Laden

Osama bin Laden's burial at sea made for the convenient disposal of his body. But what was the rush? The White House says it was so that no Islamic traditions were broken. The 24 hours window given in Koranic verses is widely understood to be a guide not an absolute. The NAVY splashed the corpse less than 12 hours after the hit was carried out.

Why before Bin Laden's body was dumped into the sea was not one independent source brought to view the body to at least say I saw the body and it was Bin Laden?

As far as the actual methods used, The White House insisted Monday that the burial was performed with respect to Islamic custom and that the administration had consulted with Islamic experts and decided beforehand how to handle bin Laden’s body. (Cedar's Take: So POTUS expected that Osama bin Laden would be killed? Again Contradiction) Answers to "Seven Questions" about the burial of bin Laden's body here.

Why a Kill Order?

The fact is that Osama bin Laden was worth more alive than dead. Alive he would serve as a testament to the fact that no one escapes justice from the United States of America. Dead he will simply go down in history at least for some, as a martyr. Knowing this fact why was he killed for simply resisting?

By the way there is no "fog of war" for NAVY Seals, they do precisely what the orders say. And understand this if the order was to take him alive he would be still breathing.

Obama Staffers Unprepared Short Sighted

As was displayed during the run up to Sunday's "show" White House staff was under pressure to produce a made for TV moment. Poorly prepared and one directional, Obama's address provided little except for displaying an incredible amount of hubris and political grandstanding.

Did anyone think through the use of the name Geronimo? The Apache leader as a code name for Osama bin Laden has appalled many Native Americans. The legendary warrior was known for his ability to walk without leaving footprints, allowing him to evade thousands of Mexican and U.S. soldiers, much like bin Laden evaded capture for nearly a decade.

But for Native Americans, there’s an important difference: Geronimo was a hero — not a terrorist. (Cedar's Take: Wouldn't the name "scumbag" worked just as well?)

In Washington, we expect the brightest stars are at work, people who have but one job to do and that is to think. Was anyone thinking? Why create controversy?

In the Obama administration's rush to claim credit and spin the story they clearly forgot the follow through and over looked much of the basics.

Celebration Carried A Little Too Far

Today Obama will make an appearance at Ground Zero, for another political photo op. Keep in mind that he'll have to do the same thing all over again in less than four months on the 1oth anniversary of 9/11. Again the message is I need the votes, and it really turns my stomach.

Bottom Line

Osama bin Laden is most assuredly dead. Yet, we are no safer today than we were a week ago. Islamic extremists will continue to fight against the alleged oppression of the occupying forces of the USA and because of a poorly conducted follow through the death of the world's most sought after fugitive will bring little closure or palatable satisfaction.

The US Navy Seals did their job, I would expect the commander in chief could at least show a little professionalism and stop trying to wag the dog.


Anonymous said...

OMG, with this rant you have surely gone off the deep end.

Your right wing conspiracy "theory" crap shows your true colors.

If Dubya had carried out this exact same operation in the exact same way you would be singing his praises. (And how about Dubyas "performance" at Ground Zero in the aftermath, and his shameless Mission Accomplished, Wanted DeadOr Alive to name but just a few?)

I truly did not think you could turn this positive accomplishment into such a cluster$&$$ of ludicrous statements.

Do you really believe all the men of SealTeamSix are

For the love of sanity, let it go.

Put your foil hat back on and don't forget your meds!

Anonymous said...

Cedar I think your right. Osama is dead but the entire affair should have been handled with a greater amount of insight.

But these are political hacks. Losers who could never make it in the corporate world. So I guess we'll give them a break.

Anonymous said...

Anoymous 8:38 I wouldn't call this a rant. Cedar offers some pretty good points.

I wonder if you have the ability to read the entire post. Cedar says that the Seals did the job and OBL is dead. His post doesn't say anything about the Seal Team lying.

Maybe you are drinking the coolaid and will just accept that a photo of Osama's head blown clean off if too much for you to view.

Obama counts on your type of citizen. Just one of the heard that does what he's told.

Man you need to look around, open your eyes. Just because Obama says its true doesn't mean that it is.

Anonymous said...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

I'm just saying.

Anonymous said...

anon 9:19
I read the whole post...I am not one of the "heard"..spell much?
My inference was that if he doesn't believe President Obama, then he is also questioning the veracity of the Seal Team.

Anonymous said...

I think the whole thing is a hoax. Osama has been dead for years. Obama needed something to distance himself from the birther deal, spike in gas prices and general BS we are all faced with so why not kill Osama.

I have really enjoyed watching and hearing the media call Obama Osama and Osama Obama.

Just something else POTUS didn't think though.

As for the ST6 they do what they are told. In this case kill some Osama look alike and dump his ass in the sea, along with Sponge Bob.

Anonymous said...

If you are a mindless Obamaite I wouldn't want to wreck your fun so let's just say the Navy Seals killed Osama bin Laden.

Which adminstration let Osama go the first time? Clinton, whose adminstration followed the trail and discovered it was Osama's idea to crash airliners into the WTC? That would be Bush.

Obama is just going along for the ride and come Novemeber of 2012 he's out of here.

Anonymous said... are right..... this is a vast left wing conspiracy!!

If you think Obama is such a nitwit, as you think, how in the world could he possibly pull this off?

When the mind is idle, ignorance flourishes!

It constantly amazes me the level of downright stupidity and ignorance, immaturity and racism on here.

Grow up!!

Anonymous said...

Osama Bin Laden's daughter has claimed he was captured alive in his Pakistani hideout and then executed by U.S. special forces.

Arabic news network Al-Arabiya quoted 'senior Pakistani security officials' who said the 12-year-old saw her father executed and his body dragged to a helicopter.

This news backs up Cedar's claim as to why The White House keeps changing their story.

I don't think Bush would have done it any other way, but I think they would have had their act together.

Obama is just shady.

Anonymous said...

And Pakistan has ALWAYS been so truthful and you really hear what you said?

Obama is shady? Do you realize how many back room wheelings and dealings took place in the Bush administration? Too many to name!!!

Weak arguments....weak paranoid arguments!

Anonymous said...

Interest points by all. The White House has to play to all sides.

Being PC means giving the guy a chance to give-up, being nice in this case was giving him the easy way out.

Osama, thank you for surrendering, it made it easier to kill you. Nice clean head shot that you knew was coming. Just doesn't seem right to me. I think they should have gutted him and left him for dead.

Anonymous said...

I wonder why the White House didn't just say it was a hit? An assassination is what it was, and there's not a thing wrong with that at all.

Osama bin Laden needed killing, and that's good enough for me.

But all the lies, half truths, and clarifications? Come on Osama, oooh I mean Obama man up tell the truth and show us the photos.

Like a kid on a play ground, I'd show you my picture of me and MJ but I'm not going to because you would think its fake.

Who gives a rats butt what people think quit hiding the truth.

Like with the birth issue there are still people out there who think Obama was born somewhere outside the US. But since a full copy has been released there are millions of people who now accept it as fact.

Me I think there is something he's trying to cover up. Not sure what it is or why.

Anonymous said...

Amazing the White House is now on their fifth revised statement as to what happened to Osama bin Laden.