Saturday, July 23, 2011

CRVA - Everyone Gets a Turn With The Pony

My grandfather used to say that about the unions, and back office deals that ran the costs up on the shareholders during the days when labor unions were king. As long as you could tell the shareholders that sales were up and all the insiders profited then you had a good thing going, and everyone would be happy...

As long as all the everyone got a "turn with the pony".

And so it seems is the case with the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority.

One company who has had their turn with the pony is Price Waterhouse Coopers. According to this engagement letter PwC was hired to do little more than share a cup of coffee and sit in on some meetings. Cost? $25,000.00 in the form of a "retainer" plus expenses.

A well deserved hat tip to for providing the heads up and a copy of the letter.

As City News Watch points out PwC was to be paid, but “It is understood and agreed that PwC will "not" be responsible for any review and/or audit of the CRVA’s operating policies or organizational structure.”

In other words as they say in the "escort business" money exchanged is for companionship only.

Cedar Posts contacted Molly Hedrick Senior Director of Communications with the CRVA seeking comment on the content of the PwC letter, but received no reply.

We also wondered if the CRVA actually paid the $25,000.00 retainer and if maybe more was paid after the May 27th date.

You would think the members of Charlotte's City Council would be up in arms, demanding a full true audit and accept nothing less. Instead the CRVA board shuffles the deck, pushing Tim Newman to the back of the bus via this letter to Mayor Foxx and City Council then hires another consulting firm to conduct a "nation search for a new CEO".

Yes Sir Everyone Gets A Turn With The Pony!

Whose Next?


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The link is broken.

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The CRVA has had a suite at the time warner arena since it opened. You could always find Tim and many cohorts hob nobbing at most events. I wonder what they paid for the suite for all these years. said...

Great stuff Cedar & Citynews watch! I sent an email yesterday to all CC, Mayor Foxx and Walton on this one. Still no response and I'm still not surprised.

Anonymous said...

Either City officials knew this PwC "consultation" was a useless, toothless waste before it was agreed to and contracted, or they should have. Where is the oversight?

And, did any of them ask to see this Letter of Agreement--even after the fact? The money and scope are clearly stated.

Now they will approve keeping Newman at $300,000/yr tax money PLUS adding more executive staff to this organization... crazy. People need to write in.

Anonymous said...

Post-Council-Vote: unanimous approval to give them all of our money there for the taking.

Mayor and Council cared only about making a show last month, I guess.
Oh, and Curt Walton...

Hey, maybe CRVA is good at one time of marketing after all.

Anonymous said...

It seems everyone knows that the main reason the promotions have been "held up" is: Vicki the sargeant's in waiting have her, and the chief, to thank.

If Foster is promoted, it will be the last straw...

If this chief shows such a singular lack of judgement by promoting Foster it will unleash such a shitstorm......

But this is how he operates, his EGO dominates his decisions.......and rather than admit she is not qualified, because he has promised the job to her, he woud promote her and lose ALL credibility and respect that he has left, if any.

Promotions must be made with unbiased, unprejudiced,
judgements.....personal feelings and promises should absolutely not be a part of the process, nor should RACE....people should be promoted on:
Qualifications, experience, suitability, respect of peers,
variety of experience on the job, ability to lead.

And how many homicides now?

Anonymous said...

Yep, that's the big story at cmpd right now, many talking about it.....about who is going to be "promoted" and when!

I heard someone refer to the "promotions" as the African American Academy Awards....pretty funny!

If Foster gets the nod, I hear that will be the end of the line for people, and many, many lawsuits will result.

I wonder how rodney would do under oath? I wonder if they would show the video of Foster and her boyfriend filming their reality show, you know, the one where she said she wouldn't help someone in her duties as a police if they did not share her religous beliefs? And I wonder if cmpd would be compelled to produce promotion and transfer records for all jobs since he took over?

Let's see if rodney's friend Sherri will once again be promoted before her time, and hmmmm, wonder who will be promoted to Major?

Can't wait to see rodney's "interview" tonight. And I use the term "interview" wih sarcasm. He does not do one on one "interviews". He provides the questions and says what can and cannot be asked......and it is no surprise that once again it is an African American female interviewing him. More "feel good" propaganda, yawn....

Anonymous said...

OMG....The rodney dog and pony show...what a total con game that interview was.

The ONLY thing rodney is responsible for is providing disengenuous crime stats.

And he was right about one thing "he is trying to make people FEEL safe", as to actually BEING safe. With him it is always about the perception of supposed safety.

A totally false sense of security.....

He would have you believe he is totally responsible for making Charlotte "safe"........bullshit!

And how many homicides now?????? And exactly how many homicide scenes has he been to.???????

Anonymous said...

Nice NEW office, Rodney!!

Boy, she spoon fed him that interview.

And Rodney has been to almost no homicide scenes!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, WBT and WSOC do nice PR pieces for Rodney Monroe.

Now our tax money paid for a giant, improperly skewed PR report that seems designed to support the promotions of women and minority officers, whether they are qualified or not.

Murders and daily are in the news daily lately.

Crime Reporting numbers don't add up.

If improper promotions are made, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission lawsuits will be unbelievable. Hasn't Monroe's poor leadership cost this City enough?

Anonymous said...

This blitz campaign to claim Charlotte demands more visibility of police--and they need to be more women and minorities at all cost--must mean Monroe's planning to release some ridiculist of promotions.

That would also explain the stupid question on this survey "Over the past year, have you seen police patrolling in your neighborhood?" (New in 2011). Is there anyone who hasn't seen a police car in their neighborhood in a year? Excellent pandering, Rodney.

How much EXTRA did we pay for this question to be added?

We must be in for an even more frightening list of commanders in charge. I feel awful for the good officers and the good citizens of charlotte.

But we all need to write to the City Manager and the rest of them about this dangerous stupidity. Tell them how expensive it is. Maybe that will matter to them.