Thursday, July 28, 2011

WSOC CMPD Chief Monroe's Personal PR Firm?

Epic fail in broadcast journalism, is the best way to describe Erica Bryant's one on one interview with Chief Rodney Monroe. No doubt there is a huge quid pro quo in play.

But in fairness you need to see for yourself. But don't blame Cedar Posts if you spit your coffee across the kitchen this morning.

Part 1 Monroe On Community Poll Results
Part 2 Monroe On Having More Officers, Community Involvement
Part 3 Monroe On His Goals For The Future
Part 4 Monroe On The DNC And Communicating With Feds
Part 5 Monroe On Balancing His Job, Family


Anonymous said...

I watched all of these. Sound was terrible, but wish it had been worse... You will have trouble keeping in liquids and keeping down food.

Journalism is a concept most people with "media" jobs in this town don't seem to comprehend. Sad. But we can take care of that while they talk about the weather and traffic.

To me, this all-out push and preposterous report are signs that they plan to announce even-more-preposterous promotions any minute now.

Write to Curt Walton and demand that he have a chat with Monroe to be sure Charlotte won't be stacked three feet deep with EEOC lawsuits, if that's what's coming. Better hurry with those letters. Get all your friend to write, too, and ASK FOR A RESPONSE.

Anonymous said...

Balancing job and family??? I am surprised he has time for either, what with his GOLF and trips!

And that was not an INTERVIEW, it was simply a vehicle for him to get his false stats and other fabrications out there.

And is it any surprise he chose yet another African American female to conduct the "interview"? Geez!!
He supplied the questions and gave strict rules on what could and could not be asked or talked about.

Promotions? As someone said, people are referring to them as the African American Academy Awards........what a joke they have become.

They should have been announced months ago, but have been held up by the "chief" and Vicki Foster.

Vicki has a horrible recent record on lack of judgrment, and no one really respects her.

But the chief is her "friend" (D.C. Connections) and has promised the promotion to her. And his big fat ego as usual dictates his nonsensical diversity driven decisions on personnel.

His "house" is truly a house of cards, built on fabrications and favors.......a very tenuous position to be in. For him and those around him.

Anonymous said...

If, if he completely blows it and promotes Vicki, or for that matter, Sherri, the crap will hit the fan in such a way that Rodney won't know what hit him.
This WILL be his Waterloo!!
So I for one hope he does, it will be his undoing!!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the mandatory yearbook photos must be a connection with the publisher and RoMo otherwise who would care where there is smoke there is fire.

Anonymous said...

Got to be a connection there, I agree...maybe D.C.?

And no one wants to participate, they are being told to do so.

It is such a monumentally ridiculous idea

Anonymous said...

What yearbook photos? please explain.

And if it's what it sounds like, who is paying for that and who will be receiving it. How much will the publisher receive & do you have the name of pub. co.

Anonymous said...

Oh Puleez CMPD has done yearbooks several times in the past. You are a bunch of bitter clowns who are the sidelines and complaining about everything. There are only about 40 blacks in positions of Sgt and above and one Hispanic out of 1800 officers and you freak out about that.
Why don't you idiots take it to pineville PD if your so un happy. When the next Chief comes you will be whining about him too.
The fact is your SLAPS. Sorry Lazy A$$ Police.
A real cop does HIS/HER job and doesnt worry about what everyone else doesfoccen

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08
Whoaaa......nice try. I have a feeling you are one of those YesMen!

And just because it has been done a couple of times in the past does not mean it is a good idea today, now does it?
lessons learned, huh?

A "real cop"? I have a distinct feeling you wouldn't know a real cop if one bit you on the ass!

A REAL cop cares about the WHOLE department when doing his/ her job, and not just about getting promoted. The Good of the Organization should be first. And how would you have your fellow Officer's back if you just concentrated on yourself? Your statement would put Officers in unsafe situations.

Interesting stats....I imagine they are like the rest of rodney's stats.....fabricated. Where and how did you get this information? Tell us your source...and can we, the public, access it?

And interesting that you bring this up now when it wasn't part of the conversation.

Nice try, Rob,

Anonymous said...

Yes yearbooks were done in the past but never has anyone been told it is mandatory that you have your picture taken

Anonymous said...

So Rob, since you're watching, will you explain the purpose of the yearbook and the mandatory picture? Is someone desperate to show what CMPD "looks" like?

How many years ago was the last one: what were the recruitment standards then and what are they now?

Anonymous said...

The last "yearbook" was 1990......AND IT HAS ONLY BEEN DONE ONCE.......and that was in 1990.

So once again, they LIE......."several times" my ass.

Rob, get your facts right and stop manufacturing crap!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08
You have to fill slots BASED ON MERIT.

Remember the lawsuit???

You cannot have quotas, right???

Rodney promotes and fills slots based on diversity...not really legal, is it?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know about Vicki Foster already making a Deputy Chief's salary....even though she has not been promoted and approved by the Civil Service Board?

Seems it was in the paper under salaries for MC.

Can Old Rodney just do that?

I mean, no raises for anyone else but there is money for this on his "whim"?


Anonymous said...

How much tax/public money is proposed to be spent on this every-21-year necessity? Did Curt Walton approve this PR move by Monroe? Are we already in a contract, too late to be canceled?

I wish excessive yearbook printing costs were the only problem in CMPD.

People, write to Walton & Council. Monroe works for Walton. Walton runs the City. Walton serves at the pleasure of the Council. In other words, they are the ones with the power to fire him if inclined. That's our law.

This is our City; it doesn't belong to people who might choose to abuse positions of trust and power. Speak up. About everything.

Anonymous said...

Foster makes only $3,285 less than a Deputy Chief.

She is paid $9000 more than the highest paid Major.

Bonuses are sep. but can be viewed also from the Charlotte Observer site on a Bonuses database.

Anonymous said...

Why does she make so much, what is it based on, and who approved it? It does have to be approved, doesn't it? There is oversight on this, right?

Anonymous said...

Foster,Veronica D
Police Major
Lump Sum Merit Bonus received also

(Data as of Tuesday, Jun. 02, 2009, there may have been additional payments)

Salary data was as of May 2011.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how is this fair to the other Major's at CMPD?

Her RANK is MAJOR, correct?

And how about Ricky Robbins? He is listed as "temporary, part time" and he is making $40.00 an hour and driving a new CMPD issued Dodge's nice to be "in" with the "Rod".

Anonymous said...

And how long has she been a Major? Two years?

Anonymous said...

He is a complete liar, who has totally divided the entire dept.

He disgusts me ..... honestly, doesn't he remind you of an old version of "Curious George"....

NOW, to the officers and detectives doing all the grunt work and working in fear everyday (from RuttMutt and streets) out there, thank you each and everyone!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:08
Your statement is misleading, as usual, Rob.

40 African Americans at the rank of sgt. or above, how many total sgts, captains, majors, deputy chiefs, in other words, how many of total BRASS are african americans compared to others?

Then, what is the ratio of OFFICERS of color to caucasian OFFICERS.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:16 :
I guess if there's a yearbook we're paying for with mandatory pictures, we can just count to get your answers. But that seems like another stupid waste.

It will be REALLY clear, easy-to-present evidence for attorneys in any EEOC lawsuits. They won't have to spend money to produce that evidence themselves.

It may turn into more money gone that could have gone toward hiring & training excellent officers. It could go toward top of the line safety equipment to protect those who are actually working to keep us safe, not to promote themselves and cover for each other. It could go to appropriate psych screening to weed out anyone that needs to be removed from the force.

It could go toward raises for excellent work and leadership; what a concept. said...
This comment has been removed by the author. said...

Thanks for posting all the links Cedar. Tough to watch but here is my take on the matter.

(Community Involvement) I'm shocked to hear Chief Monroe state 61% of all neighborhoods in Charlotte have a crime watch program in place?! I have to disagree with Chief Monroe when he said (it is) "too late to involve yourself once you are a victim of a crime." It is NEVER too late to involve yourself in a community watch! I started my blog after becoming a crime victim by a repeat offender. I do think people should be proactive, aware of their surroundings, etc but the reality is most people do not think they will become a victim until it happens to them, friend, family, etc. I liked Monroe's comment, "citizens are taking a stand." You bet we are!

(Poll Results) CMPD did not take any DNA samples or collect any “evidence” when I had a property crime happen to me in June… all I got was an un-followed up on damage to property report. Interesting and questionable stat: In 2010, there were 39,000 crime victims in Charlotte, down 20,000.
I do not believe it.

How many damage to property victims out there had crime scene come out & take a DNA swab? Why are dangerous repeat offenders STILL being released on a daily basis… I am talking murder suspects- like Vernon Carlton Davis who was released just last week on “electronic monitoring.”

(Goals) I agree with Chief Monroe about focusing on our youth. I didn't like his 'take' on crime stats. How can a citizen be vigilant when we don't know what crimes are occurring around us? CMPD has almost eliminated the sharing of online info that ex-Chief Stephens started (911 call log, significant event log, etc.) As ‘media’, we get a public copy of a police report- which provides little info and asking the PIO’s for additional information is like pulling teeth or in my case, no response at all.

This is coming from a woman who has only good intentions to help my community and the police by providing crime information to citizens, in a different way than the news stations or police department does… for 5 1/2 years.

Do you see CMPD tweeting or on facebook posting about missing people, wanted suspects, etc? No, you will not.

However, I do like how they take the credit for the increased crime stoppers calls instead of appreciating those who do spread the news using these methods- like Cedar and myself do.

These alternative methods of disseminating information are without a doubt helping them solve crimes and inform the public of things they need to know in a timely manner.

If you google a wanted person in Charlotte from 5 years ago, the only things that will come up is my blog post on the matter since the MSM archives their stories. Great job Cedar!