Thursday, August 4, 2011

CMPD Brass Blink

CMPD Members,
I am pleased to inform you that your hard work has not gone unrecognized.  In this Friday’s payroll (Aug. 5), you will receive a 1 % lump sum compensation adjustment based on your annual compensation.  I along with the City Manager wish there was more to be given. However, there is one thing that cannot be denied, and that is your commitment to serving the citizens of our city/county. Although tough times remain on the horizon, every effort will be made to identify ways to fairly compensate your dedicated and hard work.
The adjustment is a portion of budget cost savings that are being shared with you.    I encourage you to read the attached memo from City Manager Curt Walton for further details.  I also want to echo Manager Walton by saying we appreciate all you do for CMPD and the City of Charlotte.   Great job!
Rodney Monroe
Chief of Police
Police Department
"Without a sense of urgency, desire loses it's value." -Jim Rohn


Anonymous said...

Dear Lord, a 1% raise??? And that is supposed to placate the troops?

How about this, let them divide Foster's pay raise for the last few years and spread the wealth that way??!!!

This is really so obvious and really insulting.....throw the troops a bone, that will keep them quiet for a while, so .transparent

Anonymous said...

The timing is really odd.Like a kid who makes his bed and takes out the trash without the usual begging and pleading.

I smell a rat.

Anonymous said...


Maybe trying to soften the blow when he makes the "promotion" announcements, and trying to take the attention away from that and Foster's enormous pay raise!!!

Just sayin'.

But yes, why now???? Really suspect....

Anonymous said...

Really, is that a quote attached to rodney's email?

Let's hope people don't fall for this offering of table scraps and aren't bought offf so cheaply.

Just curious, is Curt getting a Bonus this year, is Monroe?

And will Foster be giving back her "raise"?

The whole place is so screwed up, and this token of their
"appreciation" is insulting, but just a symptom of their extreme arrogance......and their feeling that they are above the law and rule with impunity, Curt included.

Curt has way too much "perceived" power and virtually NO OVERSIGHT. City Council rubberstamps everything he "decrees" as they are just all about keeping their elected positions.


Anonymous said...

Where is the attached letter from Walton?

Anonymous said...

Quit squawking! You got a lump sum 1% of your base which is more than you had 24 hours ago.

Anonymous said...


Right, thanks be to Rodney for small favors!

Dear rodney, your largesse is so very appreciated....I am sure you worked so very hard for this "afterthought"......I bow to you and thank you so very much, you and your co benefactor Curty!!!

So yeah people, be ever so grateful, drink your koolade and sit down and be good little boys and girls.


Anonymous said...

This is not a Rodney Monroe thing, so despite his (latest) attempt to take credit for it, he can't. It is a citywide program to share overall budget savings with employees. Check it out, others in the city probably got the same. Of course, it's hard to believe CMPD had any budget savings so it is more likely that the savings were generated in other parts of the city organization.

Anonymous said...

Really, much cheaper for the city than a real pay raise, a one time payment.
And after taxes, won't be a lot left.

Two or three percent would have been better!

But thank you so very much Rodney, maybe next time you can earmark a little less for your little projects and more for your dedicated troops, huh?!

Anonymous said...

The squeeze was on and RoMo saw the handwriting on the bathroom stall.

RoMo had to throw the troops a bone.

But wait til you see the promotions.

Anonymous said...

I for one can't wait to see the African American Academy Awards.

Then let the games begin....

I knew his ego would get him in the end, narcicissm is a tricky thing to control.

Anonymous said...

No need to wonder why Monroe sent out this self serving memo. Just accept it as his MO.

100% BS!

Anonymous said...

It's funny that this "lump sum compensation adjustment" went out to all city employees, but Webster decided to send out an email making it sound like he and Curt the Clown are doing something special just for CMPD officers.

It's nice to see that Webster's arrogance precedes him even when it comes to emails.

I feel so much safer knowing he is in charge at CMPD. A domesticated squirrel with a little training would probably be able to do a better job.

Anonymous said...

No, I think the special letter is to let everyone know that they changed their minds. We asked our chain of command about this 1% last week and they said the chief had decided not to pay it out even though it was authorized in the pay announcement. It looks like after a "few" made a stink about the whole yearbook b.s. that he is making a peace offering.

Anonymous said...

A whole 1% huh? Yet they (we) can afford to give Foster that huge 9K a year? WHY is there so much open discrimination being allowed in CMPD?

If you ask me, FOP needs to be looking at a lawsuit for their peeps....

Anonymous said...

Why does it not surprise me that he has a Jim Rohn quote in his sig line?

And really, should a Chief of Police bow to stupid gimmicks and do this?

Must be solidarity wirh Foster!

Unprofessional and rather childish.

Rather than canned quotes, show your character by actually being an ethical leader.

Anonymous said...

The 1% actually turns out to be more than the incentive.

This is not the Chief's doing it is all city depts.

Anonymous said...

About the quote... if it really is in Monroe's email that way, it is further evidence of his lack of a real education--"it's" should be "its" -- possessive, not a contraction of "it is". Come on, if you're going to put something in your signature and quote somebody else, at least make sure you get it right! Jeez...

Anonymous said...

When everything is a priority, nothing is.

Anonymous said...

Hey CMPD line officers, stop complaining about your 1% raise. Few others in the real world (esp gov't employees) are receiving any raise at all, and many are either unemployed or woefully underemployed. Do your job, be a professional, and be thankful you have work.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:28

Be quiet, Rob.

This was ray/ rays favorite line..."You are lucky you have a job".

It's rather difficult when you see how Monroe wastes good money.....and then of course, there is Foster's hugely inflated salary....and on and on.....waste on his "projects".

Anonymous said...

It's not a raise. It's presented in a way that was a one-time payment, which probably means it was taxed at an extremely high rate. Can an officer who received this largesse from RoMo confirm or correct?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:18

That is true.restu