Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Coyotes In South Charlotte?

A couple of Coyotes were spotted this morning along the Piper Glen Golf Course near Rea Road in South Charlotte. An email alert sent out this afternoon stated the Coyotes were spotted along the 9th Fairway near the TPC Club House and that the Coyotes had killed a small deer.

Not surprising since the TPC at Piper Glen course runs along the Four Mile Creek Greenway. The Greenway provides the perfect habitat for the carnivores. The area has shelter, water and an abundant food source from nearby homes as well as rabbits, mice and other small animals.

Early morning and later evening users of the Greenway should beware of coyotes.

According to the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission:

The coyote is named from the Aztec word, coyotl, which means “barking dog,” and is a familiar figure as “the trickster” in many Native American stories. The coyote is native only in North America and, of all wild canine species, the coyote has the widest range in this country. This predator is arguably the hardiest and most adaptable species on this continent.

Coyotes in North Carolina look similar to red wolves, but coyotes are smaller, have pointed and erect ears, and long slender snouts. The tail is long, bushy and black-tipped and is usually carried pointing down. Color is typically dark gray but can range from blonde, red, and even black. Size is also variable, but averages about 2' tall at the shoulder and 4' in length.

The Coyote should not be confused with Fox which are abundant in Mecklenburg County. Fox are normally shy and solitary, we as Coyote are curious and usually are seen in pairs as they mate for life.

Coyotes have been known to target small dogs and cats. Effectively "casing" a property many times before moving in for the kill.

Cedar's Take:

If you have a small dog like Mrs. Cedar's 4 pound Yorkie you need to "walk the dog" not just turn it out to do it's business, even if you have a fenced in yard. Many a small dog has disappeared in South Charlotte and Coyotes are the usual suspects.

Keep in mind that your presence might scare off a Coyote but your dog's flight instinct while off leash will be his/her undoing. Don't expect your fluff ball to run to you when it see a Coyote. Coyotes like the cartoon character Wile E. Coyote are relentless pursuers. So Muffy and Mittens are toast!


Anonymous said...

Cedar, are you suggesting Vicki Foster is resposible for clearing the Coyotes out of South Charlotte to earn an extra $9,000 per year?

Anonymous said...

I saw one last week darting into the woods along Elm Lane. I kept telling myself it was only a dog.

I guess not.

Anonymous said...

.17 HMR will take care of the problem nicely........

Anonymous said...

Is there any word on whether these are Eastern Coyotes, which are a whole different ballgame?

Cedar Posts said...

Just the standard NC trouble maker not the roided up version.