Sunday, August 21, 2011

CMPD Chief Monroe Looking to "Upgrade" Law Enforcement Center

During Monday's City Council meeting CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe will ask Charlotte City Council to sign off on a little fall remodeling.

Nothing like hiring an interior designer and contractor to brighten up the place and give it that ready for the holidays or policical convention look.

Monroe's need to spend apparently can't be fixed with a quick trip to Home Depot or the local IKEA store. Word is he'll spend just shy of $600,000 to give the old place a little face lift.


Anonymous said...

They just redid all the "offices" last year and relocated them.

Pray tell what will they do now?

Must be some expensive throw pillows!

citynewswatch said...

Saw a report about this over the weekend. Also received & posted an e-mail forward with quote from CMPD Atty Mark Newbold promising to release financial info. next week. Still nothing about intimidating citizens. But interesting they're trying to delay past this Council meeting.

They are holding on as long as they can.

Where will Monroe say money is available for a facelift after just denying raises to most (but NOT ALL) of the force?

Anonymous said...

What a fucking joke, time to take curt walton out in the street and get the tar and feathers ready. Monroe puts money everywhere except to the officers doing the work. Guys and gals its time for a strike...not a work stoppage but no tickets and no bullshit arrests. Answer your calls and take care of each other, sounds like its time for sick days and next september is an even better time. The FOP will not do a damn thing and can't do a damn thing...time we speak for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Ok, citynewswatch, EXACTLY who got actual, real raises?? What members of command staff?

Anonymous said...

See Cedar's story for details on Brass Raises and note that Vicki Foster now has a title "Major", as opposed to one that wasn't in the directives anywhere at all:

Also my site has responses from Curt Walton and others when asked about raises, hiring, questions about the finances, and more. It's laid out to see, but not the final word. Promise.

citynewswatch said...

11:41 comment was from me, but forgot to include URL to make it easy to read the reference about Curt Walton... here's second try

Anonymous said...

Just like the Director of DSS, black hire by the black County Manager, black has no experience whatsoever, anf said black reburbishes her office, funneling over $20,000.00 to "who knows where" for the privlege. Payback is hell white boys!

Anonymous said...

Did he ask for and get the money?

citynewswatch said...

kind of a mixed-bag answer:

he didn't show up

he did get the money

Barnes said he pulled the item, but then put it back in because his concerns were satisfied

there was no discussion about any dollar amounts, about the project, about the concerns, or about the "resolution" to the concerns

you really need to see it and write in. Public outcry is the most effective way to change it.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't ask for them to take care of injured officers, just lets the City still toy with them, waste money that could be used in other ways, but no different than ANY other Leader of ANY Department in the City, NO Leader has the "guts" to take care of their own, because making stuff look good on the Outside is better than taking care of the stuff on the Inside, care to Know more, leave a comment since I don't have a goggle account

citynewswatch said...

you don't need a google account to write TO a google account. you can write from any email type (except, as Cedar says, not from work if you are a City employee).

Reach site by just clicking on the blue name or send an e-mail direct to
Cedar has his e-mail posted on the front page

The more people that get involved, the better. thanks.

Anonymous said...

This money is from the DNC fund, not city funds. Work "slowdown" only hurts good citizens...grow up!

Anonymous said...

9:17 the money IS from city funds with the hope of being repaid from the DNC. But there is nothing formal or firm about the DNC or Secert Service reimbursing the City of Charlotte for the expense. NONE!

citynewswatch said...

It's true that the money is City funds with the hope of being repaid from a federal grant Foxx asked for, but did not get yet.
And 9:47 is correct, there's no formal agreement in place about reimbursement.

Who do you think is paying for federal grants, a magic invisible fairy? Benefactor from foreign land? The fact that China loaned us so much money that we are now more INDEBTED to the People's Republic of China is not the same as a nonexistent third party paying for every Whim Monroe comes up with, from redecorating to Officer of the Month cars to his Sgt. Pepper look-a-like uniforms, which were totally unnecessary, just because he thinks "he can get funding" local or federal.

"Identifying a grant source" is not the same as "we found free gold under the stationhouse."