Thursday, August 18, 2011

Who Said Watermelon

In 1914 when this photo was taken it was considered so humorous that it was made into a postcard, with the caption "WHO SAID WATERMELON"

Last week nearly 100 years later the scene repeated itself outside of Vicksburg Mississippi.

Before you get on your politically correct soapbox and start with the "you're a racist" comments take a deep breath.

Is it a funny photo? I don't know, I think in 1914 is was considered cute. Nothing more than kids enjoying the summer. I think its interesting that the more things change the more they stay the same, as clearly southern rural life hasn't changed much in 100 years.

In fact not only do kids still love watermelon on a summer day, but some photographer known only to Cedar Posts thought it was a cute photo opportunity.

So once again two nameless young boys have a brief moment of their lives captured by a photographer with sharp eye. Their lives frozen in time for all eternity, a perpetual summer's day with anticipation of enjoying their find once they get home the only thing on their young minds.

Oh and yes, that's his real hair.


Interesting comments. Some people feel there is still a racial stigma associated with watermelons. In fact as one commenter pointed out there is an entire web site devoted to documenting stereotype images of African Americans.

The site also has images of Jews, Irish Americans, and Arab though those sections are incomplete. The site even notes that some African Americans to this day will not eat watermelon. Frankly I think they are missing out.

The truth is there are images that even today some of us shy away from because of what they represent. I can't fly a confederate flag even though my Great Great Grandfather fought for the South at Gettysburg. I wouldn't dare put on a t-shirt decorated with a rainbow for fear that someone would assume I'm gay.

And so it goes, I guess stereotypes are as prevalent today as they were 100 years ago. But I suggest that its up to us to rise above those stereotypes and accept the fact that this Southerner really likes watermelon.


Anonymous said...

Yes, you are a racist.

No, it's not funny.

And by giving it ANY play, you are perpetuating stereotypes.

And most likely the photographer was taking advantage of naive youth.

I mean, really, why TF would you post this?

Anonymous said...

I differ with 10:26 and I wonder what is the stereotype?

If you look at the photo and see two kids with a watermelon on a summer day I would say your not a racist.

However if you see two black kids you might be a racist.

If you see two back kids with a stolen watermelon, you are more than likely a racist.

If you see two fatherless black kids, who both have mothers on crack, with a stolen watermelon, and think this is a police photo, then chances are 9-10 you are a racist.

But if you see the simple posting of two photos as nothing more than the work of a racist then you are 100% a racist because it takes one to know one.

I see two kids with a watermelon.

Anonymous said...

There is no way that kid has real hair like that. Someone maybe Cedar Posts put the wig on the kid.

Hey did you notice the kid in the old photo is double jointed?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:51
I refuse to believe you are that clueless.

Nice try, but your bizarre rationalization doesn't cut it.

And if you are so ignorant you don't know a stereotype when you see one, don't know the origins of these stereotypes, don't know how harmful it is to keep perpetuating these stereotypes, then you are dangerous.

The facts are, there are two African American kids, and if you don't acknowledge that, you are the worst kind of racist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:26, i have a choice then, pictures of two black rural kids picking up a watermelon or pictures of gangs of black kids beating down whites at the Wisconsin State Fair. Which one conveys a more positive image? I'll take the ones of the rural kids and the hope it conveys of a peaceful existence and happy childhood.

Anonymous said...

What is next photos of men shinning shoes at the airport or black teens lined up out in front of Prices Chicken Coop?

How about porters with luggage at the airport.

You are one sick racist!

Anonymous said...

I think the photo is just a photo of two kids holding a watermelon. So what if they happen to be black. Would you get all bent out of shape if they were two white kids? Or Hispanic kids? or Asian kids? Nope, you'd say "look at the picture of the two kids and the watermelon."

Finding racist leanings in a non-racist photo, makes you racist.

Anonymous said...

CedarPosts makes a good point the photos are racist only if you think they are.

Years of silly protests over the smallest perceived slight has made most everyone numb to the cry of "Racist".

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:59

You are trying so hard to rationalize your racism, you are an idiot.

No, it would not be as upsetting if it were an asian or white child....why ???? let me state the obvious for you, because it seems drawing you a picture doesn't work.....BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT ASSOCIATED WITH THE STEREOTYPE OF BLACKS AND WATERMELONS!!!!

Anonymous said...

I happen to like watermelon and have a watermelon themed picnic basket complete with watermelon slice shaped salt and pepper shakers.

I guess I am racist.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:09
only if you have little African American slave boys in it....

Really, do you have a Mamie collection of salt and pepper shakers to go with it?

Let me spell it out........watermelons: not offensive
Watermelons and african americans posed together: offensive

Becase of the stereotypical history and well known derogatory connections.

And yes, I refuse to believe YOU are that dense.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 8:09 - so why is taking pictures of actual events "racist". Someone else (maybe you) also ask "what's next pictures of people shining shoes or lined up outside Price's Chicken Coop"? Well if African Americans (or anyone else) DO THIS then why is it racist? If you are THAT hung up on appearing to ANYTHING that fits a stereotype then DON'T DO IT! However, it isn't racist if I see a black person with a watermelon or eating fried chicken. God you people have SUCH thin skin. If you didn't worry so much about "racism" and actually try to integrate yourselves into society (including working instead of looking for handouts) you may see that racism isn't that big an issue.

Oh yeah, there are stereotypes of asians, italians, jews,etc but it is only blacks that get so offended. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

sorry last post was meant for anonymous 11:17. Saw their reference to "8:09". apologize for any confusion.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:30
I am whiter than white, Bubba.

"you people", "working instead of looking for handouts", "integrate into society". (You could as easily direct this to your white trash relatives). Hmmmmmmmmm

Really, are you kidding me???? And you don't think you are a racist??

Using this photo to prove some kind of point is ignorance
at it's worse. What is the object lesson here? Why would you feel the need to post these photos, what is the freaking POINT? Other than provocation?

It's a simple matter of respect, really.....stop perpetuating stereotypes, period.

Anonymous said...

Oddly enough I'm sitting here eating a little watermelon myself. But don't worry Anon 11:17, there's no black people in the room with me right now, so it's perfectly PC. Dumb ass.

Anonymous said...

Millions of pictures that could be on the website, but Cedar chooses two black kids with a watermelon, then says "nothing to see here."

I guess we have not come as far along as I had thought.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:08
Let me phrase this in a way you maybe will understand:
You are incapable of any kind of intellectual abstract thought.
Hardwired for ignorance, you are.
The only point you "get" is the one on your little head.
I guess you know what you can do with your waternelon, huh?

And no, we have not evolved much at all, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Only a racist would see the pic as racist.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:56
Do you really think if you repeat that ignorant mantra enough it will somehow be true?

It won't, and is so transparently racist it is actually laughable.

Open your mind and heart, Bubba....I feel sorry for you, living in your own little, tiny biased world.

Anonymous said...

A couple years ago I was at a party at a well known IOP resident's home. The couple were gracious in every way, the home an amazing ocean front blend or low country and Cape Cod, had just undergone a major renovation.

The party was an amazing success until hootie nd the Blowfish front man Darius Rucker went into the newly decorated guest bathroom.

Mr. Rucker was not amused that the homeowner had elected to frame several very colorful 1930's produce labels as bathroom art.

Rucker made a scene and stormed out of the house leaving a trail of F bombs in his wake.

I am a blackman a lawyer and the father of 3 married for 26 years proud of all four facts.

That night I was embarrassed for Mr. Rucker because he is obviously not comfortable in his own skin.

This is not any more offensive than a photo of a NBA star or some rap artist.

Check it out:

Yes its dumb but its from 70 years ago Rucker ans the rest of you need to as Cedar Posts says take deep breath.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:30
I'm with Darius, if any of this is true, which I doubt.

If this doesn't offend you on some level, you have integrated a little too much, if you get my drift.

And maybe Darius understands how harmful obnoxious stereotypes can be.

If it had been a black man hanging from a tree with a bunch of KKK standing around laughing, would that offend you??

Or maybe a photo of some " happy" slaves dancin' for

Or maybe Al Jolson in blackface?

Anonymous said...

As a working woman I am offended by the stereotype of Rosie the Riveter as well as how women are protrayed in the movies like 9-5 and television shows like The Office and Ugly Betty.

Marge Simpson is offensive if you think about it.

But I don't really think about any of it. I guess you can be offened over just about anything if your that kind of person.

To me life is too short to get worked up over a couple of watermelon photos.

Anonymous said...

amen anon 4:10 - it is people that see racism in every aspect of life that will never get beyond it, not the rest of us. Oh and for the "whiter than white" poster - you have a REAL issue if you feel it is necessary to fight other's battles for them.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:10
jesus Chrust, Rosie the Riveter was one of the first portrayals of a STRONG working woman, so why would you be offended?

And Anon 4:25
" fighting other peoples battes" is a problem? That is such a stupd comment I wouldn't really know where to begin.
But who are these" other people" you refer to? I thought you did not see color or differences in people?

And staring down bias and prejudice, whereever it is, is something we all should be doing.....for future generations.

Anonymous said...

Rosie the stereotypical working woman was paid only 59% of her male counterparts and that is offensive!

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:12
You miss the point was a visual portrayal of a capable woman doing a man's job.....not offensive.
(And was a beginning of a move FORWARD, not backwards).

And women still do not receive equal pay in many positions.

And it has taken MANY people fighting others (women) battles to achieve what many women have achieved today.

Anonymous said...

both pictures are funny as hell shows just how far African Americans have progressed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:36

And there you go........

This is the mentality these stereotypes play to...right there.

Sick and ignorant.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures of two kids having fun in the summer time. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Cedar that is so crazy that you have photos like that. Maybe some idiot thinks it is racist or in poor taste but, the photos are epic!

So I'm wondering to the two boys know about the 1914 photo, have they seen it?

I also wonder what the boys parents think? Do you know their names?

It you get past the haters it really is kinda cute.

Anonymous said...

The labeling of someone as racist lost its sting a loooong time ago. "Racist" is probably the most overused word in the english language. It holds no credibility anymore and the sooner people learn to ignore it the sooner it will go away. Usually the people that use it the most are the ones with the problem. They see themselves as perpetual victims. People are so worried about being called racist they are scared to just be truthful. Call me racist, i don't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:21
You could not be more wrong.

And if the term has lost its sting, which it has not, that just means it has become acceptable to be a racist.

So only in your mind has it lost its " sting".

Racsm is still very much alive and well, I see examples of it often, way too often.

Ignore the word all you want, being in denial does not make it go away.

And people that use every kind of rationalization to make it okay, they see themselves as "victims" .

Done and done.

Anonymous said...

This is crazy. There is one pompous ass who is saying that the photos are racist, yet every other comment says the photo are just of kids.

Seriously if you thing these photos are racist you really need to get that chip off your shoulder.

Years ago in the days of Jim Crow there was a lot of racist bull shit going on.

As those people died off so did a racist society. Sure you can find some old goat who wants to tell of the days of Mississippi Wind Chimes and keeping law and order the old way.

The ones keeping the old racist stereotypes alive are those who benefit from that divide, such as the NAACP.

Is the NAACP still relevant? I don't think so, in fact I don't think they have be relevant for years, their last gasp was the Confederate Battle Flag.

Today know one cares.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:24

What rock are you living under?

A racist society is gone?

One "pompous ass" ....i see many who think you are full of shit.

Google Obama and racist comments/photos and see the overwhelming racist propaganda out there.

Or check out all the racist comments on the Charlotte Observer when they post ANY story about anything remotely racial.

Or just check out the racist comments on here.

A racist society is alive and well......I personally see examples of it frequently.

And a big example is Cedar posting those photos to begin with.

What was his purpose?

Other than being insensitive, disrespectful....."oh, look at he cute little photos"..... Bullshit, he knew exactly how offensive they are....his very passive/aggressive way of displaying them.

But to people like you, everyone just needs to get over themselves, man, we live in racial Utopia.

Yeah, right.

Anonymous said...

2 things I know for sure. I am in the service industry OBTW.

1) Black folk don't tip and

2) They have grooming issues as most of them stink. a) a they know they stink and choose to do nothing about it or b) they buy some perfume at the sto, as they buy their Newports, Malt Lickher, and Lottery tixs ( The three food groups for black folks). And they over do the perfume. Pew wee. N Please

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:38
You prove the point, racism is alive and well.

Cedar,Whoa, it would be a fate worse than death for someone to think you were gay ( regarding your comment on updates). Omg, if you are so insecure in your sexuality that it would freak you out to wear a rainbow, that is just pathetic.

You are really just like Rush Limbaugh....and that is not a full of fear and hate.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Cedar and Fagots and Queers hijacked the Rainbow and turned it into a butt jammer rump ranger icon.

Oh my God a double rainbow (crying) its so wonderful, what could it mean?

I'll tell you what it means all fagots are going to go to hell.

Stereotypes? Fags and dykes are the best at being stereotyped.

I wouldn't be caught in even rainbow flops, thanks fags. Thanks for turning nature gay, so I guess I know how the black man feels took his watermelon and fried chicken into an insult just like the 8:03 mornon turned Cedar's honesty into an insult.

That's ok 8:03 you go ahead keep calling people racist, one day you'll get a real taste of racisim right up the chute, I'm sure you'll love every inch of it.


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:28
So much anger, where is your right wing, evangelical christian good will?

Your nasty, vulgar comments reflect your mentality, vulgar and nasty.....redneck yahoo....

If you weren't so vile, your hate filled ignorance would make me laugh.

As it is, I just feel pity for you, it must be miserable living
In such a biased, small minded, fear based world.

I will say a little prayer for you.......

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of this blog, but wow, seeing this post really makes me wonder about your motivations.
It makes a lot of your other posts about various african-americans seem more racially motivated and diminishes some of the more pointed criticisms of Rodney Monroe that I've enjoyed reading up until now.

If it's not racist, or supposedly funny because it's racially charged, then why post it?

If it's funny, then it would be just as funny if those were two white kids holding the watermelon. But to you, it's not. It's only noteworthy because they're black and holding a watermelon.


Anonymous said...

Anon 10:29

Well said.

I have said before that Cedar's obvious bias diminishes the Blog and diminishes his credibility.

And does call into question if his bias is the reason for his questioning Monroe.

Which is a real shame, because there are REAL reasons for questioning Monroe, legitimate, tangible reasons that have nothing to do with race.

And it kind of pisses me off that Cedar would let his obvious bias become so very prevalent on the Blog.

Cedar Posts said...

Anonymous 10:29

I understand your disappointment.

But this post is designed to provoke and thereby open the door to greater discourse.

As you can see the range of comments are all over the place. Which is what I hoped for, while one person has repeated the same theme over and over again. The other comments vary widely.

You also might notice that from time to time I touch on Gays and the LGBT community at large.

Beyond Gina Cook there is a need for great discourse in this regard as well. Unpleasant? Of course, therefore I let the comment from 2 am stand.

There are people out there just like that.

Later today I'm blogging about Tyler Clementi and later the gay marriage amendment proposed for NC House later this year.

Stay tuned.

Anonymous said...


But please do not cloak your prejudice in "trying to have open discourse". Doesn't float.

One would have to be an idiot to believe that.

Own honest about it. You only post about one side....always.

And you are dead wrong about only one theme being repeated over and over......and others all over the them again. The "all over the place" are one theme said differently. You can't hide prejudice.

You are becoming too much like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.....throwing craziness out there and hoping people will buy it.

An honest discussion is one thing, provoking with obvious bias is another thing altogether.

Stay tuned? Not so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon 11:57 and any others that disagree with this article - there is a VERY simple solution, just don't read the blog any more. That simple. I'm sure there are plenty of liberal Obama ass kissing bloggers you can read instead. That's the great thing about this country - Cedar can post ANYTHING he wants and you can either read it or not at your discretion. Now move on (and I don't mean the ultra-liberal out of step organization run by the delusional George Soros).

Anonymous said...

Cedar, WTF? Why are there 43 comments to this picture of 2 boys with a waermelon, which they are certainly delighted about, and there are only 9 comments posted to the murder article where a 4 yr old was stabbed to death?? Are you people really that dam ignorant and self centered to be more concerned about a photo than a triple murder. Where are your priorities? Wake the hell up!!!!!!!This is why this country is so upside down and so far left. Pathetic, Everyone of you !!!!!!