Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CMPD Major Vicki Foster Goes to the Head of the Class and Cashes In

There has been a steady flow of questions regarding the lack of promotion announcements and pay raises at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department.

While CMPD officers struggle to meet their personal expenses, a few of the command staff are pulling in big bucks.

Data complied by the Charlotte Observer shows an amazing disparity in salaries among CMPD Majors with Veronica Foster's base nearly 10% higher than all CMPD Majors, many who have stronger backgrounds and considerably more years of service.

Foster, Veronica D $109,500
Anselmo, Diego O $100,619
Danchess, T J $100,619
Diggs, John D $100,619
Greene, Dale A $100,619
Williams, R F $100,619
Selvey, Cameron R $100,619
Gallant, Douglas E $98,642
Leonard, George A $98,642
Pearsall, Sherie E $98,642
Neimeyer, Glen A $98,642
Zinkann III, Paul J $98,642
Levins, Paul E $97,844

The above numbers do not reflect bonuses, or perks such as take home cars or secondary employment income.

Deputy Chief salaries are more uniform with Kerr Putney receiving a little more than 5% over his counterparts.

Putney, Kerr Y $118,036
Medlock, Harold E $112,785
Story, Ruth A $112,785
Graue, Katrina T $112,785

While no one wants to micro manage Charlotte's Police Department payroll there are questions that never seem to get a straight answer. Such as, what are the criteria for merit pay raises, for bonuses, and for promotions. Where are the promotion announcements that normally would have been made a month ago.

CMPD's rank and file are being asked to absorb a massive health insurance increases this year with family coverage soaring to more the $600.00 per month. Don't you think our officers have a right to expect some fairness in how promotions and pay raises are handed out?

Cedar Posts emailed Rob Trufano seeking explanation regarding Major Foster's exceptional pay and as expected nothing but crickets.

CMPD's Command Staff salary, perks, benefits and retirement costs come in at more than 5 million a year. That would sure put a lot on boots on the street or better yet reduce the financial stress many officers feel at the end of every month.


Anonymous said...

No surprise here Cedar. CMPD is a house of cards it won't take muc hlonger this mess is going to come crashing down.

When it all comes out it will make Marcus Jackson look like a choir boy.

Wait for it.

Anonymous said...

I can't think of any reason that Foster would be paid that much more than some if not all of the Majors.

Could this be an error in reporting?

I'm sure RoMo is used to doing whatever he wants with regard to pay raises and bonuses. But this is way out of line.

Anonymous said...

Bias based on color plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

I think most everyone agrees with Cedar the command staff to eat first and the rest of us get the scraps.

If the chief went to city council and asked to pay the officers more rather than his "royal" projects we might not be looking at $15 til payday.

The amount of money spent of Rodney ideas is massive.

Our pay has not kept pace with inflation and now our secondary hours are being cut back on.

Yet the chief gets a new car?

Anonymous said...

No error in reporting.....the facts and numbers are correct!

And there is really no good reason or explanation for this huge disparity between foster's salary and that of the other Major's.....so it is no surprise that Tufano The Tagalong has not responded. (And speaking of Tufano, he has really screwed himself as far as any real career in journalism, hasn't he? I mean, he has no credibility).

I am afraid this salary disparity is just a prime example of the bias and "favoritism" that permeates and drives rodney's philosophy of diversity at any cost

The title of "XO" is just that, a title that rodney made up so he could bring his civilan buddy ray/ray here from Richmond to be his bag man.

When ray left, rodney gave foster the bogus title with the real money.

This is not a RANK or approved title, it has not been approved by anyone and has no civil service approval.
It is simply a title rodney made up......as an excuse to give this money. foster does not do any more (and by everyones comments, she does less) than any other MAJOR.

The FACT is, she is a MAJOR with cmpd and is only entitled to a paycheck that reflects that Legitimate Rank.
Are they saying that an XO is more "qualified" to be what amounts to a secretary to the chief, than a MAJOR is?
That a MAJOR really needs or deserves this kind of salary bump to follow the chief around and do his bidding?

Any way they try to spin this will not end well....
foster and monroe should resign.

Anonymous said...

Don't get me started on rodney's 'special" projects....

One prime example being his new Offices......

If you added up the costs of all his unnecessary and self indulgent "projects"......you could probably give everyone a much deserved pay raise!

And it is a mistake to lump all of Command Staff together when talking about "eating first"........some of them DO earn their salary.

Who eats first is directly connected to rodney and his entourage....they are not missing ANY meals!

Anonymous said...

What is rodney's salary, his base salary, not including his many perks and bonuses?

Cedar Posts said...


The Chief is paid $190,550.00

Frankly the base salary for that job is low.

We can debate the merits of his ability and the real value of his employment.

But the base for a CEO of a like sized private company would be more than double.

Not includling stock options, retirement, bonus and other incentives.

Just being honest here.

Chief Monroe is somewhat underpaid.

I know, I know. It pains me to say that as well.

Anonymous said...

Come on......you must add in all the perks for him as well...

Paid "police business" trips (vacations), access to any and all sports events, gratis.....new cars...etc., etc.

Does thisvinclude HIS Bonus?????

He just wants his five years so he gets yet another retirement.

And don't forget, he really should have a legitimate college degree to have this job in the first place, AS WELL as a Masters degree requirement which was apparently waived so he could get the job.

Take off points for those things!

Cedar Posts said...

So true.

I think the city deserves better than Rodney Monroe. His $190k is in line with most other police departments. ie DC Metro's Chief earns $225k Chicago's $230k Phoenix $185k

Again base pay not accounting for perks and retirement benfits.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Cedar...the citizens of Charlotte certainly deserve better than monroe.

It has been said over and over and over but he has so screwed up cmpd that it is going to take years and a lot of hard work to recover from.

The ill qualified people he has promoted will still be here after he is long gone....a screwed up legacy for sure.

Hopefully the next Chief will be someone with real character, honesty, and ethics that can right this sinking ship! And soon!

Anonymous said...

Micro manage?

How about ANY kind of oversight???

CrimeInCharlotte.com said...

I couldn't have said this better myself Cedar! Great stuff once again!

"CMPD's Command Staff salary, perks, benefits and retirement costs come in at more than 5 million a year. That would sure put a lot on boots on the street or better yet reduce the financial stress many officers feel at the end of every month."

Anonymous said...

It will soon be getting better as they (cmpd aka romo) will be adding yet another rank, the Lieutenant for no reason that anyone can explain other than the response area commander fiasco and from what I hear it will be a doozie of a process as the king will get to decide who gets to get a promotion.

Cedar Posts said...

Here is the smoking gun. Emails where Walton cites CMPD directives. Of course the directives don't allow for a XO or LT but Walton states Chief Monroe follows all the directives.


Bonus Foster's XO title is MIA as of late last night

Anonymous said...

It is so sad that this kind of activity is being allowed to take place. Is it any wonder we cannot get the public behind our raises? This chief has made a mockery of our department and the values it stands for. Where is the outrage over the over-spending or the waste of taxpayer dollars? Where is the news media or print media reporting these allegations? We live in a city that is so afraid to ask questions because of the race issue. Get a damn backbone City Of Charlotte and go to the issues at hand. We have a leader in the police department that is spending YOUR money on whatever his heart desires and throwing money at whomever he wants. YOUR officers are taking the hit and it is affecting our jobs. The city leaders are filling their pockets and you are just sitting letting it happen. We as a country and a city have been screaming about the banks and big corporations handing out big paydays and bonuses to themselves and yet you are letting YOUR public officials DO THE EXACT SAME THING. The money paid out is PUBLIC RECORD...ask the questions and DEMAND change!

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here CP. Pay disparity dates way back, even farther than when Deputy Chief Boger was at the helm of CMPD Administration.

Anonymous said...

OMG, Cedar, can't anyone answer a direct question, especially Curt Walton?

HOW CAN RODNEY JUSTIFY THE $9,000 pay raise to
Foster if in fact the "title" of XO is not in the directives as a legitimate title or rank? I mean, it is a weak, weak argument even with the XO title for Foster to be given that kind of pay increase over the other Majors......

I smell a real good lawsuit here, not just over the pay raise, but over the upcoming " promotions".

Monroe changes 'directives" more than he changes his underwear. Directives have become a joke at cmpd, even clueless Walton should know that.

Bottom line is Walton has positioned himself to go down with Monroe. Seems he will continue to cover his ass and Monroe's ass until under oath, and maybe even then.

And good for citynewswatch!!!!! Great, great exchange with Curt the Clown!!

Wait for the "promotions".....and the downfall of rodney!!!! The house of cards is getting ready to tumble!!