Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Don't Tase Me Bro! How Chief Monroe is Shocking Taxpayers

Last week Charlotte Police Chief Rodney Monroe released the following statement regarding the department's use of TASERS:

On July 21, 2011, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department began immediately inspecting all of our Electronic Control Devices (TASERS) to ensure they were in proper working order. To accomplish that goal, all ECDs were collected from our officers and personally tested and inspected. This inspection identified a small number ECD’s had minor defects such as batteries and date reset displays; they will be replaced or repaired.

CMPD has also completed an internal review of the department’s policy on the use of ECD’s as well as the training that officers receive on their use. The CMPD continues to believe that TASERS are a valuable tool for police officers and that they ultimately enhance the safety of our citizens by giving officers a viable option to minimize injuries to themselves and others.

However, it is critical that both our officers and the public have confidence not only in the devices themselves but also in the policies and training related to their use. To that end, I have asked the Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) to conduct a review of the department’s policies and procedures regarding TASER deployment along with our training program. PERF specializes in identifying best practices related to law enforcement issues and is familiar with TASER deployment policies and training throughout the country. PERF’s review will give us an objective outside look at our policies and training and will help us identify any needed modifications.

I anticipate that the PERF Review will take 45 to 50 days to complete. While that will take us past our initial target of September 7 to complete the review, I believe that the extra time spent on that outside review will result in enhanced confidence in our use of TASERS, both for our officers and the public. We will keep you informed on the progress of the review.

We are also in discussions with TASER International regarding the possible replacement of our current TASERS with a newer model that has some additional safety features. I will keep you updated on the progress of those discussions.

Chief Rodney D. Monroe
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department

Here is the inside scoop:

After 100s of man hours those within CMPD who were asked to conduct the review gave their presentation to Chief Monroe on Tuesday. Their findings were straight forward; first the TASERS and the department's training proved more than adequate. Second should the chief have any question regarding the safety of the weapons the most logical solution would be to move up the date which the department had already agreed to acquire the new TASERS from TASER International.

In other words the entire memo seems to be nothing more than a white wash of the facts.

Why have a department review if you are simply going to toss it in the circular file and and spend another 20 thousand to have someone else repeat the process and reach the same conclusion?

The answer, smoke and mirrors. Monroe simply wanted things done his way and having PERF say the new TASERS are better than the old TASERS is the perfect solution. Can PERF find fault in CMPD Policies and training? Consultants like PERF are happy to provide the answer you want to show up on the report. This is how "outside" consultants and experts work.

But why hire the Washington DC based Police Executive Research Forum (PERF) in the first place? Do they have a special weapons testing facility? Answer: Not really, but it turns out PERF has assisted the City of Charlotte in the past.

What did they assist the City of Charlotte with? Answer, would you believe locating a new police chief? The Washington based organization has an Executive Search division that has, according to their web site "assisted with more than 75 executive searches, providing our clients with a highly qualified and diverse national candidate pool from which to select a new police leader. PERF has assisted jurisdictions such as Charlotte North Carolina..."

That's right PERF is also an Executive Search firm that helped the City Manager of Charlotte select the chief of police.

Read it for yourself right here.

Shocking isn't it? Meanwhile for the next two months CMPD officers on the street are going without one of the most effective tools on their utility belt. A weapon that keeps them safe and protects the public as well. Why?

You tell me.


Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see what fires you have started and how they will be extinguished.

Anonymous said...

That you Cedar Posts for connecting the dots.

Washington DC connection that also happens to be the same outfit that helped RoMo get the CMPD job in the first place.


And no one on city council even blinks are they zombies or what?

I wonder how much kickback RoMo is getting of this deal?

Anonymous said...

so this is who we have to thank

Anonymous said...

perf stands for police executives rewarding friends its a good ole boy network. they "review", they submit findings, they collect fees, they leave. you don't even get kissed. its legal prostitution

Anonymous said...

Cedar please keep digging this is not the first time RoMo has presented a cash gift to PERF.

Its a classic "quid pro quo" of epic proportions.

Meanwhile because of the chief's BS we are back to using other tactics which I like to call knocking it out of the ball park, if you get my drift.

Anonymous said...

OMG you are such a racist!

Anonymous said...

You have got to be kidding? Are you saying the Rodney Monroe became CMPD Chief via PERF and now he's doing business with the same business?

In this case spending thousands on a do-over work that CMPD staff have already completed?

Really? I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Anonymous said...

That's Rodney's world, all for him and nothing for the officers.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bullcrap. CMPD has worked with PERFs for years. Nowicki and Stephens were both executives with PERFs at one time.
Every Major Dept in the US deals with PERFs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob nice of you to make a showing.

Bull shit really? So are we to think that Stevens and Nowicki were hired via PERF's head hunters?

Maybe we should trust RoMo that the TASER's are not safe unless PERF says they are?

Sure that would explain why PERF got what 50? 80? oh what maybe 100 thousand of Charlotte Taxpayer Dollars every year since Chief Monroe showed up.

Come on Rob you spinless pile of horse shit. Tell the truth.

What is the real reason the RoMo is stalling on the TASER?

Anonymous said...

Just more lack of judgement on RoMos part if what Cedar Posts says is ture.

If Chief Monroe had CMPD staff conduct all these tests and found that the weapons and the directives were up to speed then the Chief is an idiot for bringing in an outside source.

But only if Cedar is right. I think maybe Cedar is wrong and the CMPD team said the TASERS were to blame.

I can't imagine why RoMo wouldn't have asked PERF to look into the TASER rules and training at the same time otherwise.

Cedar you need to check your facts.

Anonymous said...

Actually, PERF did NOT conduct the search for the current chief, it was an outfit out of Texas. We wanted PERF to do it but they were tied up with other searches. So, while would can criticize PERF lots of things if you like, saddling Charlotte with the current sorry excuse for a chief isn't one of them.

Anonymous said...

Monroe said the team agreed the the TASERS and TASER TRAINING and TASER DIRECTIVES were all adequate. I have a hard time taking his statements at face value, too. If he is saying there's a need for an outside consultant, then he must not be telling the truth in his letter about the internal review OR he is choosing to waste more money on PERF, for whatever reason.

We still haven't seen a report on what happened with the last TASER death. Is this a CYA move on his part?

Is Rodney so spineless that he won't stand behind his own staffs' conclusions? Sounds like a leadership and supervision problem.

Or is there some other financial reason for this?

Show us the report. Either the internal report was done properly and TASER duties/directives are acceptable, or not. We don't need to throw away another $20,000 because Rodney can't manage it.

Anonymous said...

Blah Blah, No disrespect to you Cedar, you post and inform, that's your job, but NO ONE does anything about what is going on EXCEPT comment. Understand a blog is for people to comment, but WHO is going to step up AND do something now and about previous information. There are many with one voice, but NO ONE came to the call to join the one voice. So you quarterbacks, put the call out and rally, and bring Positive Change for not only the tax payers, not only the brothers and sisters in Blue and their civilian life lines, Bring it for ALL those that work for the City who are stepped on and keep getting stepped on. I did try and fell on Deaf Ears, but doesn't mean you can't

Ghoul said...

So CMPD is more than willing to bring in an outside source to investigate something, unless that something is a CMPD officer shooting an innocent civilian. Then CMPD will exclusively investigate itself.

Anonymous said...

exactly. no talk or investigating if they are sure someone on staff did something wrong. consultants are only brought in to spend our money to make reports to that cover something up or justify something. just open the recordsand let us see what the hell you're doing. we are entitled. do you think putting it off makes you look more or less guilty when the truth comes out?

Anonymous said...

Listen, everyone knows this is all about CYA....plain and simple, CYA. This way, the Dept. (rodney) has what? plausible deniability!!!!! Rodney NEVER takes personal responsibility for ANY decisions.....that is, IF he ever makes a decision to begin with.

NO One respects him, and how can you be an effective leader if you have not earned the respect of the people you are supposedly leading?

He is a joke, as is Medlock. Once again, people do not respect them. Fear them for their irrationality and vindictiveness? Sure! Play the "game" and fawn all over them and kiss ass? Sure! Respect them? NO!

When was the last time rodney was at a homocide scene?
He shouldn't have made that promise to be at every scene!
If he's not on yet another "vacation"', he's playing golf with his department "buddies".....or thinking up wasteful ways to spend all the DNC money that will be pouring in. He has got it made in Charlotte, with CC and Walton enabling him every step of the way!!

Why does passing the buck on this surprise anyone??

There are very few true leaders at cmpd.....and if rodney keeps promoting his " friends" there will be even fewer!

Anonymous said...

Speaking of his endless vacations... I think he's gone for a week this time. How can you expect the man to make decisions when he has all of these vacations he has to take??

Anonymous said...

CityNewsWatch has another excellent story on rodney stonewalling on the funding of the baseball team!

There is definitely something really fishy going on there.....lies and more lies.

No one will come forward with truthful FACTS about financial records or lack thereof of ANY records at cmpd....there is NO ONE willing to accept fiscal transparency at cmpd.

Seems rodney has complete access to any and all funds coming in to cmpd and no accountibility as to what or how those funds are used. His own personal money tree!

He does not have to show any records of any funds and how they are spent.....just vague generalizations.

Wow, what a stupid, stupid way to run the finances of cmpd, and dangerous!

And rodney is always on vacation......all officers at cmpd would love to have the "rodney monroe vacation package" at cmpd!!

Loosers, rodney and all of his various "partners in crime"!!!

Anonymous said...

I am told that certain members of command staff are "messin'" with their underlings trying to cause stress and trouble for them.....because of vindictiveness for a perceived "slight".

It's High School all over again, folks!

Once again, they may be messin' with the wrong person.....I can see sit down interviews with the tv stations explaining exactly what has been going on at cmpd...and naming names.

Poke a bull, and you might get the horns.

They might be better off

Anonymous said...

Cedar did you notice this?

Also, if you want to join Charlotte's crime fighting team, you or your company can make a donation to Charlotte Crimestoppers by PayPal. Follow this link http://www.charlottecrimestoppers.com/donation__membership

Looks like Crimestoppers is running out of money so they have their hand out. I'd guess RuttMutt has sucked the bank dry with all his special projects.