Monday, August 29, 2011

Idiot Tweet of the Week!

@BlackPoliticalB: "Only 22 Lives Lost Versus 1,500+ Lives Lost Under G. W. Bush's Administration When Hurricane Katrina Hit. Excellent Work President Obama!"


Anonymous said...

What a fucking moron, thank god they are on the liberal side of things!

Anonymous said...

That is really shocking that she would tweet that. BP Buzz is normally pretty level headed.

But if you drink the Obama coolaid is will eat away your mind.

Anonymous said...

Cedar you are right that is the idiot tweet of the week.

And the strange thing is on CNN they are comparing FEMA's response to Katrina as if the storms were even close to being the same.

Anonymous said...

Does the 'B' stand for 'bitch'?

Anonymous said...

less lives lost because the people involved in this storm listened to the advice of the government and left when the evac orders were given. were evac orders given in New Orleans? Yes. Did anyone leave? well, the results speak for themselves. Dont get on Bush because the people of New Orleans were too ignorant to listen. Apples and oranges in comparison.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Cedar Posts For Making Me Famous!

I See That You Have Nothing Better To Do Than To Read My Tweets.

How Nice!

Also Much Thanks For Showing The World How RACIST Many Charlotteans Really Are!

You Should All Be So Proud Of Yourselves :-)

God Bless!

Anonymous said...

Another black single mother with a twitter account.

Have you followed her rants via twitter? Priceless.

Talk about being racist every other tweet she posts is racist.

It's all about color with these people and that is whats wrong with the nation. A bunch of cry babies carrying on about how white folks won't hire them because they are black.

We'll I'm here to tell you it is not about color it is about how people act. Black people act like idiots and that tweet proved the point.

Only a freaking low life moron would think that crap up.

By the way you're not famous you are infamous.