Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pelican Cleaners Closed Will Not Re-Open

When people showed up to Pelican Cleaners at the Brickyard with laundry in hand, they found the business closed.

Lucas Smith was the owner of the three Pelican Cleaners in the area. He died July 20th when the light-sport aircraft he was flying crashed into the water just off of Dewees Island.

Lyerly's Cleaners, another business with locations all over, was asked by the victim's family to assist Pelican Cleaners' customers. Lyerly's posted the notice on the door of all three Pelican Cleaners locations.

"They've asked us to use our distribution system at our Lyerly's locations to help their customers get their clothes back," owner Bob Lloyd said.

The notice posted also states that Pelican Cleaners will not reopen, and that employees have lost their jobs.

Lloyd said they have their work cut out for them. Some of the items they collected from the Pelican Cleaners were already processed and just need to be returned to customers. The items that came in after July 20 and the day following Smith's death were unprocessed, Lloyd said.

On each of the notices, Lyerly's Cleaners has told customers which location they should pick up their belongings.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if there is not more to this story than the press it letting on to.

Mr. Smith must have been in some serious debt not to continue the business and at least give the employee a week or a month to find new jobs. I doubt he would have wanted things to be handled this way.

I pray for the employees who have lost so much.

Anonymous said...

That is why you buy a life insurance policy if you are a business owner. It is basic planning whether you are a single owner or a partner. It is amazing how many business owners don't have a plan in place whether they become disabled or die. Prayers for Mr. Smith.

Anonymous said...

A sad day, I understand his wife didn't want anything to do with the boat or the business.

Dumbest news I've heard in a while.

Guess he didn't have a will either?

Anonymous said...

I think anyone who knew Lucas didn't understand Helen or why he stayed married to her. Maybe some good can come out of this for the sake of lil Luke.

Lucas' son is the one who ends up getting the raw deal.

Anonymous said...

Funny Channel 2 was running that video of one store manager saying we are sad but we are open we are going to be ok.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith would never have done this to his employees. The family should be ashamed.

RIP Lucas Smith and Carly Donohue

dancilhoney said...

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