Monday, August 1, 2011

Mandatory CMPD Yearbook Photos Create Uproar in Rank and File

The Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department yearbook has been a fixture of "team building" over the years. However the yearbook's favor has waned as have those in high schools and colleges across the country.

The College of Charleston printed it's last yearbook in 2008 and University of South Carolin bid adieu to theirs in 2007. Apparently this same lack of interest has prompted CMPD Chief Monroe to make having your photo taken mandatory.

The intent being if your photo is in the book then you would be more inclined to purchase the book.

But being required to participant in something that is not relevant to your job performance, rubs more than a few people the wrong way, prompting FOP Lodge #9 to get involved.

Mark R. Michalec, Lodge 9 Vice President emailed this statement to members on Saturday:

"There have been a number of complaints brought forward to FOP Lodge #9 regarding the mandatory participation for the CMPD yearbook. We are obtaining information on this issue and plan on discussing it with the appropriate personnel within CMPD."

Some officers have suggested the Chief Monroe has some financial interest in promoting the yearbook, that may cost as much as 95 dollars a copy.

Acclaim Press produces police department year books for many departments including DC Metro and Ft. Lauderdale.

Cedar's Take:

This year's project comes on the heels of a book depicting the department's history published last year that includes some pretty interesting photos. A preview is here and the book is a good souce on historical insight that Chief Monroe might want to read up on.


Anonymous said...

"...the book is a good souce on historical insight that Chief Monroe might want to read up on."

RoMo can read? Oh no way!

Anonymous said...

There has only been ONE prior yearbook at CMPD, ONE!!!

And that was 20years ago.

This "issue" plus Major Foster making $9,000 a year more than any other Major has people talking and more than a little upset.

Both serious errors in judgement......not unusual.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the farm RoMo has some connection to the yearbook company and there is some kick back.

Man that guy is about as big a snake as I've ever seen and still Charlotte City Council is deaf, dumb and blind. Amazing

Anonymous said...

There was 2 made in the 70's and one in the 80s
Just because the only one you have seen is the one made in the 90's doesnt make it the only one....
They are in the Public information office if you want to go see.

Anonymous said...

easy on the comma splicing, Cedar!!!

Cedar Posts said...

You are so right! I was in a comma coma while using my iPhone to post that little gem.

Anonymous said...

Really? He is going to promote a yearbook, but not promote the officers and non sworn employees by getting them the pay raise they Need, Is he working With the FOP- Is he following up on the consultant the FOP hired showing hidden money to City Council and them not being able to account for it? Does he help his injured employees? Does he not realize a yearbook would be a safety issue to the officers? Does he? No, I didn't think so unless someone can provide answers otherwise

Anonymous said...

Yes, tell me, will undercover officers have their own special page? What about gang units--will you index them so they can be specially targeted?

I'd say what a joke if there were anything funny about putting your officers' lives in danger and taking money away from other things where it is desperatedly needed in order to do it, all for your own self-promotion.

Maybe they covered this issue at VCU while Rodney was getting most of his degree online--everything except six credit hours--NOT in Criminal Justice at VCU as he falsely stated on his resume.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:11
There WERE, not WAS...

And how many years ago were they done???

Geez.....if you are going back to the 70's and 80's to make a case, that should tell you something about their " popularity".

Such a stupid thing......who really cares?

Anonymous said...

Boy , they are popular, maybe 4 in 30 some years?

Can it, it is useless and no one wants it... a waste of money for everyone.

Anonymous said...

OK Boys and Girls some simple facts, first RoMo doesn't do anything unless it benefits him.

Second, don't think for a second that this is some idea of his.

Third, you know the drill you sit for a few flashe photos and a couple weeks later you get a bunch of proof photos to look over along with a heavy sales pitch to purchase the Grande Large photo and canvas and 24 wallet sized and the free Christmas card inserts.

All for the amazingly low price of $139.95

An epic waste of time and money.

No telling what RoMo gets for letting the carpet baggers in the door.

I suggest wearing a 4/20 tie pin for your required photo.

Anonymous said...

Cops will wine about anything-- just to hear themselves-- pass the cheese and crackers-- and go have your picture taken- if you are vice and that area you already had a pass on the photos-

Anonymous said...

I disagree, and I for one plan on being out sick on my photo day.

Anonymous said...

No worries, the chief has taken back the mandatory mandate and now just wants everyone to get along. said...

1:04 pm: I could not have said this any better myself.

"Really. He is going to promote a yearbook, but not promote the officers and non sworn employees by getting them the pay raise they Need."