Monday, September 5, 2011

Another North Carolina Waterfall Death

Zachary Joseph Jones, 23, of Charleston died Saturday after falling 80 feet while hiking with his friends in an area known as Sky Falls in the far western part of North Carolina.

Sky Falls Photo By: South Carolina Jack

The accident happened Saturday at the remote Transylvania County waterfall near the North Carolina-South Carolina state line.

According to news reports Jones died after hitting the rocks higher up and landing at the base of the falls. It was the third death this summer at Western North Carolina waterfall.

Cedar's Take: Sky Falls is not an easy place to get to unless someone has taken you there or showed you the way in via some private property. In North Carolina's western most mountains its not wise to trespass. The falls are located on Rock Creek which feeds into the Toxaway River and Lake Jocassee.

The falls are amazing but since the place is surrounded by private property you either get permission, risk being shot or take the long way in which would be via the Foothills Trail nearly a ten mile hike.

More photos of Sky Falls by SC Jack are here about 1/2 way down the page.


Anonymous said...

Charles Darwin just put a check-mark beside another name ....

In this modern era of information overload, *EVERYONE* hears about so many idiots dying from going over waterfalls. Note: I refuse to use the word "accident". None of these deaths are "accidental". Unintentional, perhaps ... but NOT "accidental" ... No way!

It's another entirely new category of SUPER-idiots that tries to repeat the same, deadly experiment over-and-over ...

I've stopped feeling sad for these people. I'll start feeling sad again when these fools who think they can cheat death stop being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

Oh great since this is the 3rd death this year the nanny state govco people will want to put you signs and guardrails to protect idiots from themselves.

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous posters above me, and to anyone who feels that way: I knew Zach Jones. He was an amazing guy and it's absolutely horrible to speak of him that way. You weren't there, how could you possibly know what happens? Sure, maybe he could had web more careful. But don't you dare assume he was being stupid and reckless. Maybe it really was a freak accident. Regardless, he paid the ultimate price. Isn't that enough? You can keep your heartless ignorant comments to yourself. No one wants to read that a they grieve over their friend and loved one.

Thomas said...

Wow, who ever left that comment is a complete coward. I am the friend who saw how he passed away. He really did slip. I saw the worst thing you would ever want to see happen to your friend. Your a complete cunt for saying "accidental"... No way! Zach Jones was one of the greatest people you could ever meet in your life. Keep on being an arrogant prick. Your the "SUPER-idiot" for talking shit about a good mans death.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they will put up guard rails as these jerks were on private property.

This is the level of smarts with the under 30 crowd these days.

Calling Zack an idiot is being nice, as you can tell by the comments most of his friends take his death as "oh well he fell".

The kids of helicopter parents have no ability to think for themselves so its no surprise to me.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

You can see the his fall was broken by rocks on the way down then the final smack at the end. I hope he didn't suffer too much.

When will people learn it is stupid to wander around the top of waterfalls.

When did hiking to the top of and get as close to the edge of waterfalls become a cool thing to do?

Since that isn't enough excitement get yourself all drunk and act like a jackass until someone falls.

Everyone is sober all of a sudden and next weekend they we will get stupid again and it will repeat itself over and over again.

CennaL said...

Im am disgusted by the complete lack of respect and humanity that the "anonymous" contributors have shown here. If I were that insensitive to a family's loss I would be ashamed to leave my name too.

I did not know Zach but I know his sister and when looking for information regarding his funeral service I came upon this blog.

So he may have hiked onto private property and perhaps he took some risks but is that any reason to call him "stupid, an idiot, a jerk, a drunk jack ass" or imply in anyway that A HORRIBLE ACCIDENT was somehow his fault. I would address you directly as mentioned before you are too cowardly to leave your name and clearly trawl the internet looking for opportunities to say outrageous things that you would never have the balls to say in person.

If your loved one died would you want someone to describe the way it would sound as though they're watching some crap Tarantino film. Oh wow, gratuitous violence is sooo edgy. Dick! And as for the moron that implied that the "helicopter parents" (that they have never met and know nothing about) produced a son that couldnt think for himself... well Im pretty sure that spending the afternoon hiking (be it on public land via the foothills trail or private WITH or without permission) seems like much more independent thinking than sitting at home getting stupid and watching tv because you're too afraid to go outside.

I had a friend die walking along a beach in New Zealand when some rocks fell from a cliff above and struck her in the head. Terrible things happen to cautious wonderful people and to make light of it is not only pathetic but just sad. Sad that a wonderful life is no longer here, sad his family and friends are suffering, and sad that some of the people that we're left to share this world with are vicious and heartless and unfortunately alive and blogging.

Anonymous said...

I live just above Sky Falls and want to correct the record. We don't shoot people who are here with permission like these young men were. We only shoot environmentalists, hippies, government snoops, reporters, and Obama supporters.

Y'all be careful now, y'heah?

Anonymous said...

Cedar: the post by
Anonymous 5:39 a.m. should be removed. I have never read anything so disgusting in my life. Shame on that person and anyone else who makes fun of the death of another person. Bet your mamas are proud of you.

Isabel said...

My comment is also the third anonymous down. And I certainly didn't imply that my attitude was "oh well he fell". I don't understand why us defending him is causing others to speak so harshly. Zach didn't deserve to leave so tragically, and his name doesnt deserve to be soiled here for others to stumble upon (which is why I posted in the first place- not to feed a fire). I wanted people to know he was the farthest thing from the drunken idiot these nameless morons were portraying him as. He is greatly missed and I'm honored to have known him.

Cedar Posts said...

I don't like removing comments. So for now the less than tasteful comments will stay.

There is no hard and fast rule for what crosses the line and what doesn't.

I think 1:45 AM is an example of thoughtless and heartless, but if I delete 1:45 and the first "Charles Darwin" comment then nothing else makes sense.

Zach I'm sure was a good guy and I think we might just take a moment to tell his family we really wish this had not happened.

A young life cut short is a raw deal for all who knew Zach and while the memories might help they will never heal the hurt.

Show some love people, please.

Jonathan said...

Since Cedar Posts is, apparently, struggling with "what crosses the line, and what doesn't" let me suggest that he/she consider how he/she would react to these vicious, vile posts if Zach was his/her son. I'll bet it would be an easy call (to remove them - there's plenty of context in what would remain).

Anonymous said...

Dumbass redneck stoners final words "hey y'all watch thisssssssss....."

Anonymous said...

I personally know the mother of Zach and would hate for to read any of these comments. I acknowledge that people have a right to their opinions, but I beg you to please remove these comments from your blog so no family members come across them.

Anonymous said...

I believe in free speech, but it's not necessary to allow someone who is obviously mentally ill to write something so disturbed about the loss of life.
There are several disturbing comments here, but please Cedar remove 5:39. Sick sick sick.
Like you said, show a little love, please.

Cedar Posts said...

At the request of the family I have removed the comment posted at 5:39 AM.

It was over the top and was written with the intent to be dark and funny. But it was just cruel.

Cedar Peace Out!

Cedar Posts said...

Zachary Joseph (Zach) Jones, 23, of Charleston, SC, passed away tragically while hiking with friends on September 3, 2011.

Zach was born in Pittsburgh, PA on December 16, 1987, the beloved son of Robin (Eyles) and Joseph Anthony Jones.

Zach was a devoted and loving son, brother, uncle, partner, and friend.

He was a talented musician and everyone's favorite comedian. He brought genuine joy and laughter to everyone who knew him. He helped serious people find the fun in life, and made funny people even funnier by just being around them.

He brought smiles to strangers, life to a party, and love to his family and friends. No matter where he was, Zach was always the light in the room.

He is survived by his parents, Robin E. Jones and Jospeh A. Jones; three sisters, Lindsey Jones and her husband Thom Rowell, Olivia Jones and Meghan Jones; two nieces, Lucy and Stella and the love of his life, Juliana Smith, all of Charleston.

The relatives and friends of Zach J. Jones are invited to attend his Funeral Service at 11:00 AM on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at the James A. McAlister Chapel, 1620 Savannah Hwy. Charleston.

The family will receive friends from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM and again from 7:00 PM until 9:00 PM on Wednesday, September 7, 2011 at the James A. McAlister Funeral Home.

The burial will be held privately.

In lieu of flowers please make memorial contributions to Goodwill Industries International, 15810 Indianola Drive Rockville, MD. 20855

Zach's guest book may be signed online at eaths

Thom said...

"I beg you to please remove these comments from your blog so no family members come across them. "

The comments are of no value--they contain misinformation (they were not trespassing for instace), which is unsurprising since these people were not there. The only purpose they serve is to torment all of us.

I am politely requesting on behalf of our family that you remove these posts comments completely and lock out additional comments before his parents are subjected to this.

Pan's Dad said...
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Anonymous said...

Zach's Dad.

Sorry about your loss, I'm sure Zach was a good guy. You on the other hand not so smart.

Not sure it your calling out the comments made or calling out Cedar Posts. Either way that was dumb, unless you were just looking for a fight.

Seriously putting your name and addy out there is major stupid.

Some of these people that post have bad tempers so I woundn't ever want to put my name out there ever.

But like they say the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

Anonymous said...

The last comment says a lot about the wonderful people of NC It is so easy to hide may God not judge you for your compassion.

jmj1116 said...

WOW. To stumble upon this and read these ignorant heartless comments is appalling. Its clear that the back woods, redneck trash that posted such ridiculous and cruel comments are lonely and miserable. So do us all a favor and throw yourselves off of a cliff. I went to school with Zachs sister and did not even know him, but to read something like this sickens me. Tread lightly my friends, your turn could be tomorrow and such comments about your death on a public page would suck, just as they do now.

Jess said...

I worked with Zach and was fortunate enought to be able to know him. He was an amazingly kind, good hearted funny person. His family and friends do not deserve to read the hateful words that have been posted on this blog. He does not deserve to be defamed in this manner. NO ONE DOES. It's disgusting and pathetic that someone has so little joy and purpose in their own lives that they need to use their time to write hateful messages about a stranger. How sad. If Zach were here to be able to defend himself I don't think he would have been angry or wanted revenge against the comments. I believe he would have seen them and taken them for what they are, nonsense hate filled ramblings, the product of someone who is not worth the time arguing with to justify their actions. Regardless of the circumstances surrounding his tragic and untimely death a loss of life has occured. What does it matter if he was using good judgement or behaving recklessly. He is still gone. His family is still in pain. This is permanent and this is forever. Berating the dead for making a mistake will not change things. I lost my sister three years ago in a tragic manner. My family chose not to have an obituary published and for the first time I am thankful at the lack of public knowledge surrounding her death. The untimely death/loss of a loved one is difficult enough. It is something I would not wish on anyone, including the ignorant angry ramblers on this blog. But to lose someone and then have the story of that loss compounded with hatred and verbal bile is more painful than I can imagine. This world that we live in becomes more ridiculous and empty every day. I often find myself feeling like the movie "Idiocracy" is actually coming true. This feeling is heightened when I find myself faced with this plethora of free speech turned immature verbal diarrhea thanks to the internet. The world has lost one more beautiful kind soul. We will miss you Zach.

LISA said...

First of all...BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES...all of you who have posted negative things regarding a death of a human being. Don't you realize his family and friends can see this ???

Your parents should have taught you that if you don't have something nice to say about anyone...DON'T SAY IT AT ALL.

What if someone was talking this way about your son, your brother, your Father or your friend ???

BE RESPECTFUL....and if you are man or woman enough, I would come back and apologize to everyone for your very cruel posts.

Zack Jones is gone...what good is going to come out of your very mean posts, but to hurt those he left behind and I feel they're already hurting enough.

From a Mother or two young adults...who would be mortified if someone commented about my own children this way. Please go to sleep tonight and ask God for forgiveness for being so insensitive.

Anonymous said...

I teach at the high school that Zach attended. Never taught him, but he was a presence in the halls, quick with a smile, and from what I've heard after his passing, a great guy. So. I'm appalled at some of these comments. See you in hell, haters. You probably wouldn't be so quick with the bullshit commentary if it were your loved one. Not to wish misfortune, but really, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Also, to add to my comment, before some idiot has to make make a comment about how I can't be profane because I'm a teacher, all I have to say is that idiocy responds to stupidity. Kind of making a point here. I have two children, who I adore, and if someone had some ignorant, hateful thing to say about about my tragic loss, I would find you and put your head on a stick. Watch it, fools.