Thursday, September 8, 2011

Illegal Immigrant Students Arrested In Ploy To Obtain Legal Status

Photo: Charlotte Observer

During Tuesday's rally at Central Piedmont Community College 200 people showed up for N.C. Dream Team’s protest of policies that they say discriminate against undocumented immigrants.

At one point during the protest several people blocked traffic, at the intersection of Kings Drive and Fourth Street, while chanting “education not deportation” and “undocumented and unafraid.”

Showing just how convoluted our immigration laws have become, several students at CPCC were arrested for disorderly conduct in hopes of gaining Obama's favor, and legal status. Of the 15 people arrested ten were determined to be in the country illegally.

According to The Charlotte Observer: Tuesday’s arrests were expected to be one of the first chances to see how a new Obama administration policy on illegal immigrants is implemented. The administration announced last month that those without criminal records would be released from jail and granted work permits.

More from the Charlotte Observer here.

That plan may have backfired when ICE refused to review the students status.

Some of those arrested Tuesday are featured below. Note: Mecklenburg County Sheriff's office arrest reports did not detail alien status.

Torres-Don, Alicia

Vazguez, Manuel Alejandro

Strobino, Dante Emmanuel

Saauedra, Marco Antonio

Rodriguez, Martin

Morris, Robin Andrew

Martinez, Viridiana Bernice

Lugo-Brito, Perdo Orlando

Garcia, Peter Bryan

Castillo, Isabel

Arce-Jumenez, Raul Mauro

Abodollahi, Mohammad

Velazquillo, Bangelica Marlen

Cedar Post's Update: Interesting development, most of the student protesters have been released but it seems Marco Antonio Saauedra may have sparked the interest of ICE and Homeland Security. He is still being held by the Mecklenburg County Sheriff.

Marco Antonio Saauedra

According to the Keyon Collegian the student newspaper of Kenyon College Gambier Ohio, Saauedra he was born in Oaxaca, Mexico and crossed the border through the Sonoran Desert when he was three years old. He is a graduate of the college, and a member of the class of 2011.

More details on Saauedra via the Keyon Collegian which is here.


Anonymous said...

With a few exceptions, that's a pretty scummy looking bunch.

Anonymous said...

Morris looks like he's been at CPCC since the 60's.

If Obama's new directive says only those with criminal records should be deported, wouldn't being arrested for blocking traffic be grounds for deportation?

Anonymous said...

Deport them all even the two gringos!

Anonymous said...

Illegals have more rights than US citizens. They won't even have to face charges for causing the traffic backups. Looks like the citizens are going to have to take matter into their own hands if the gov't won't. I only hope one of these criminals stand in front of my running car in the middle of the road.

Anonymous said...

Out of 200 a dozen protesters block the road and CMPD is helpless.

It took CMPD officer nearly an hour to clear the road. They need to get better at this sort of think because next year all hell is going to rain down.