Thursday, September 8, 2011

CMPD Trip to Puerto Rico To Recruit Police Officers Misguided?

You might recall CMPD Chief Monroe recently sending a team to Puerto Rico to recruit Spanish speaking officers to work for the Charlotte Police Department. Apparently CMPD came back empty handed returning with little fan fair or formal announcement.

But according to the US Justice Department CMPD efforts couldn't have been more misguided.

In a blistering condemnation of the second-largest police force in the United States, the Justice Department is accusing the Puerto Rico Police Department of a “profound” and “longstanding” pattern of civil rights violations and other illegal practices that have left it “broken in a number of critical and fundamental respects.”

In a 116-page report that officials made public Thursday, the civil rights division of the Justice Department accused the Puerto Rico Police Department of systematically “using force, including deadly force, when no force or lesser force was called for,” unnecessarily injuring hundreds of people and killing “numerous others.”

A copy of the report is here.

You can read the full story from the New York Times here. The entire Justice Department memo is here.

Seems either CMPD officials where completely uninformed and unaware of the investigation that began in 2008, or the trip really was nothing more than a "Plus 1" business trip to enjoy some fun in the sun.

Cedar's Take: Call me crazy but it doesn't seem like a very good idea to recruit police officers from the nation's most corrupt police department just because Charlotte is low on Spanish speaking officers.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the local news does not care how money is wasted here or even what the word accountability. Thanks for pulling back the curtain, again.

Anonymous said...

And did they actually "recruit", (hire) anyone??

And how many people went on this "recruiting" trip? Where did they stay? What was their per diem? How about their expense reports? Flight cost? Total cost of entire trip for all that went? You know, all that pesky "accountability" stuff!

Anonymous said...

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke.

Anonymous said...

Its was a "reward" for a select group of RoMo's followers. Everyone in the department knows that was the deal.

After all it wasn't that much four days and nights, at $499 per night including breakfast, plus airfare which runs about $1,350, transfers, and dinners.

All total just under $5,000 per couple.

You'd be amazed how many people would sell their soul to the devil for that kind of trip with the spouse.

So really Cedar what's the issue, ain't no big thing when compared to sending a whole baseball team to NYC
or re-decorating your office for the DNC/2012.

Anonymous said...

How many couples went? Did the cmpd pay for the spouses to go?

I am told he hands out these "rewards" to his buddies like giving candy to a kid. He pays for their silence and "loyalty"!

No, not a big deal when compared to his other boondoggles and "special projects".

But it all adds up, and up, and up.....and is just another example of rodney spending dept. money like it is his to spend....with impunity!!

Where are the "good men" to speak up?

Anonymous said...

I just heard that rodney sent out a lust of some "approved" promotions.

He is doing this bit by bit....

Looks like for the first time in anyone's memory, he USED THE RULE OF FIVE FOR PROMOTING CAPTAINS.....seems he skipped over the number one on the list and two others, to pick his favs. Seems he was listening and picked some white boys, ass kissers!! I am telling you, if I were any of those skipped over, I would be challenging the legitimacy of "the rule of five" in court!

Also, Bruce Bellamy, his African American GOLF BUDDY was promoted to Major over MANY MORE QUALIFIED Captains who have been Captains much longer. I am told he is FAR from the sharpest knife in the drawer.....

Looks like he is going to slip in DEPUTY CHIEF promotions at the last possible moment......

Whoa is he totally screwing up cmpd for a long time to come......what a loser he is.

He is going to so totally piss someone off that they spill all the beans.

He will be lucky to last until the convention!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he has totally screwed over many people who have worked really hard and contributed so much to cmpd...

To promote Bellamy?? Really?

And it is well known that the rule of freaking five is only used in dire circumstances, and that the NUMBER ONE ON THE LIST IS NEVER PASSED OVER....NEVER!!!!!!

What a crock of crap!!!

Just wait until he promotes Foster to DP.....that will just be the icing on the cake to totally F&$K up cmpd.

I can only imagine what this has done to morale.

Anonymous said...

On behalf of Chief Monroe, I would like to announce the following promotions which were approved by Civil Service on September 6, 2011:

To Sergeant
Officer Amy Stukey
Officer Lucas Veith

To Captain
Sgt. Chris Dozier
Sgt. Michael Harris
Sgt. Harold (Chuck) Henson
Sgt. Dominick (Nick) Pellicone

To Major
Capt. Bruce Bellamy

Promotional ceremony details and assignments are being finalized and will be announced when completed. Please congratulate those being promoted on this accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

As usual, screwed up!

Will they be having the "ceremonies tbd" when they have the ceremony for the already assigned new sgts.?

And how come no Deputy Chief announcements?

Well, it doesn't matter anyhow, Vicki Foster is ALREADY GETTING DEPUTY CHIEF PAY, even though "technically" she is only a Major!

What a self centered egomaniac he DESTROY a police department to promote his own personal agendas!!!

Maybe when Medlock returns from yet ANOTHER vacation, they can decide on Deputy Chiefs. Looks like he and the Chief and Zinkann have the same generous vacay "package".

Yet they rage when their subordinates want to have ANY time away from CMPD....go figure!

Anonymous said...

Honestly, WTF, I just cannot imagine how those people that worked their asses off and were PASSED OVER must feel......especially the NUMBER ONE guy, and passed over, WHY? Because rodney suddenly decided, once again, to do whatever the F he wanted to and to hell with doing what is right, to hell with morale.
ONCE AGAIN, he just does whatever the hell he wants...and damn the consequences and what effect it has on the department!
As someone else said, what a freaking egomaniac on a super duper sized power trip.
His ego and hubris will be his downfall......others can cover up for his huge errors in judgment only so much.
His posse will not be able to protect him from himself forever!