Friday, September 16, 2011

CMPD's Security Fail Records Missing

CMPD Training Academy has apparently lost hundreds of records and personnel information. The missing files and data apparently came to light during a recent State of North Carolina internal audit.

The missing information may include finger print cards, applicant credit and job history as well as social security numbers. It is not understood if the missing data belongs to just applicants or if includes current officers and civilian employees.

No official word as to what is missing or if the SBI has offered to help locate the missing information, but long faces abound and no one at CMPD is willing to talk about the situation.

Cedar Posts Update: A well respected local news reporter contacted CMPD's Rob Tufano regarding the missng documents. Mr Tufano played dumb with his trademark "this all sounds wrong" and offered to get back to the reporter, adding that he ignores the Cedar Posts blog.

The report of missing documents and finger print cards may be all talk and wild speculation as the SBI says there is no investigation, and the FBI will neither confirm or deny. But one thing is certian if someone had this information it could be a real headache for DNC security.


Anonymous said...

Is the lawsuit with the families in the Marcus jackson case over? It may not be an accident.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when you promote incompetence and self promoting arrogance over experience, introspection and qualifications.....and maybe just a tiny bit of humbleness.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice a pattern since the new change.....?

Anonymous said...

how long have the files been missing?

Anonymous said...

Why were they being audited? Is it a yearly thing, every five years, what?

Was there a specific reason or suspicion for an audit?

Why were they on the radar for an audit?

When was the last audit? Were they there then? Are they a normal part of any audit?

How often are these records checked internally? Are there safeguards in place to insure their safety?

Did the new chain of command review all procedures when they came in?

Anonymous said...

I guess that phony CALEA certification they paid $10,000 to receive a few months ago didn't cover actually looking at these records... or if they did, maybe that would be a starting poing.

Anonymous said...

You mean "pattern and practice" of the current "Rodney regime"?

There is plenty of that!

check out citynewswatch today.....he/she is GOOD, and they have facts and figures to back up everything!
And they are NOT GIVING UP ON ANY ISSUES! They are continuing to ask Cmpd for PUBLIC INFORMATION.....even as Cmpd keeps denying them the information and making excuses AND passing the buck!

Anonymous said...

Listen up Cedar and Posters......something big is brewing at Cmpd!
I have heard, once again, that certain members of Brass are messin' with the wrong person!Their dealings and attempts to set this person up will backfire BIG TIME! Their ignorance and revenge mentality will cause them to underestimate what the outcome will be. They have truly bitten off more than they can handle.
I will be in a better position to tell all in a few days! But from what I hear, when the chief finds out the real story, heads will roll!
As that old saying goes, mess with the bull, and you will get the horns.
This could be what brings the chief down, unbeknownst to him!

Anonymous said...

If I had been involved in or informed of any alleged wrong doing and hadn't reported it yet, I'd get my self to the DA's office in the a.m. and beg for a meeting. That's what I know.

I would include every politician, lawyer, and employee in this City as well as police officers in this suggestion. I'd probably document this meeting request and then move on to the SBI office or FBI in case anyone in the DA's office would have a conflict. I wouldn't waste any time at all.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear it. Hope it is as good as you say.
Also hope it puts a stop to the latest major promotion.
The latest I heard was that the chief was told that wasn't a good idea, and he stomped, and stormed out of the meeting and went and sat on his couch. Leaving everyone else to figure out if the meeting was over or if he was coming back. Someone finally went to him and asked if they were done and he told them to figure it out.
Can't wait to see where they put him. That is going to be a "major" joke. After all the hideaway position at the academy is already filled. I'm sure something will be created.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:13,
If the person you are referring to is the same one I and many others have been hearing rumors about (NOTHING is a secret at Cmpd), then they are truly crazy to be "messin'" with him.

He is a well respected member of Cmpd and will not go down without a fight! I can just see him giving an interview to the local media!! If we are talking about the same person, he has a lot of support in unexpected places!

I think I would be very careful, he is no dummy and knows a lot!! And once again, it is rumored he has kept meticulous

Anonymous said...

what kind of support?

Anonymous said...

even this local media couldn't edit this story together to tell a good story

Anonymous said...

Well-respected?! Any well-respected member of the Police Department would have been in front of a microphone a long time ago--but not to save their own arse. what a joke

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:08
Why do you think his arse is on the line to begin with?

I wonder if you have spoken up?

You can only push someone so much......and these backstabbers on command Staff have pushed too much...and they are about to find out what the limelight feels like, from what I hear!

I hope it is true, the underbelly so needs to be exposed..and how much "fun" would it be to have these people under oath, Rob?

Anonymous said...

Cedar: I dont believe 7:13pm's comments about the their world is going to fall apart. I dont think anyone has the "spheres" big enuff to stand up and take on CMPD and City Hall. Command staff has been doing all they can to get what they could for themselves personally or on the other hand to survive his regime. Why step up to the plate now?..Romo has ruined the entire CMPD reputation with the citizens of this once fair city. One day it will consume itself.

Anonymous said...

12:15: what support do you think they will have left?

Anonymous said...

Believe what you will, if these conspirators go ahead with their "plan"...... the shit WILL hit the fan. And don't worry, the support for this person will be there.

And it WILL be very can count on this.

From what I hear, their need to "get" this person is overriding any kind of rational thought.

And the lies they have told will be exposed, as they will be.

And Rodney will get the whole story .......with witnesses.

And we will see how he feels about being lied to, and having things kept from him. And about these members of command staff exposing him and the department to this and the ensuing publicity, especially with the DNC coming!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:05
If we are talking about the same person, he will not go quietly.

He will get the WHOLE story out.....and most likely have his day in court.

If they try to take him down with their lies and conspiracies, they will end up going down......and they deserve it from what I hear!

Anonymous said...

did you say "we'll see how HE feels about being lied to" meaning you think that might upset Rodney Monroe?

And you think he would like to be in court under oath to expose lies in his department?

THANKS!!! I haven't laughed so hard in a while.

whoever wrote about watching out for the support in unexpected places never explained what they meant. bunch of talk and nothing else.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:33 or ROB....
Really, think what you want.....
time will tell.

And I am thinking while Rodney lies to beat the band, he doesn't like to be LIED TO!

And can you, I don't suppose he would like to be in court under oath, but many would like to see him there, and other members of CS, too.

And why would I give away where the support is coming from?

Guess you will just have to wait and see if it is "all talk"',huh?

Don't really care what you are thinking about it.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that all Sworn Officers are obligated to follow legal orders and obligated to report all orders that are not?????

Anonymous said...

5:42, you misunderstood completely. I was agreeing with you.

the big "he" will end up high and dry. it's just a shame that the oath and directives requiring officers to follow legal orders and report the ones that are not has not had much of an impact so far. under oath may be harder to pull off.

as for the all talk comment--where the hell have all the officers been for the past three years?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:01
Running for cover.

Honestly, the vindictiveness , the thirst for revenge, the manipulation of the system and using their rank to further their own agendas and to hell with Cmpd.

And yes, where are the good men who would stand up for an honest, ethical, good fellow officer who is being railroaded. They are idly standing by while this person is being hung out to dry, and they KNOW he is being hung out to dry! Yet they are so afraid of their own shadows , and so immeshed in what has become a mafia like famalia at Cmpd that they are rendered impotent!

And yes, some have even been recruited to lie in order to help bring this about.....and these are the LEADERS of the department.

These people are incapable of introspection, they know only obe way of thinking, and they constantly use their rank to destroy ANYONE who does not agree with them.

And that is why the don't speak up.

But all will become clear and someone WILL speak up, and out, loud and clear!!!

Anonymous said...

I am retired Cmpd.

Someone just told me about what is happening to a member of Cmpd, the person they told me about is a friend of mine.

If it is the same person being discussed here, this will reverberate far and wide.

I hate to think that certain DC's are so stupid....but from what I was told, they seem to be.

As someone said, their need for revenge is so great, it takes over and all reason goes out the window.

They really have underestimated their "enemy" in this case.

And they have f;$Ed up big time.

This "enemy" is one very smart, and VERY patient person.

I would love to be there when this person and his partners in crime realize they are responsible for taking this regime down...priceless. And realize he has TOTALLY ruined his own desperate need to be Chief...again, priceless.

I have heard Cedar and citynewswatch will have the whole story in the near future, if these lying DC's carry out their plan.

Oh, and add this to the ruination of a Major's "career"' too.

Anonymous said...

From what I have heard there are two D.C.'s and one Major involved in this trifecta of evil craziness.

Everything leaks at Cmpd, it's hilarious, really.

There are so many "factions" and people trying "to get" other people, you need a scorecard to keep up.

One thing is for sure, YOU CAN TRUST NO ONE, not even people you "think" are your friends...because at today's Cmpd, thanks to Rodney, everyone is literally out for themselves. And they will stoop to lower and lower depths to further their own careers.

Names will be named, interviews will be can count on it.

Lies will be subjected to the very bright light of day.

How do you think Rodney will feel knowing that these back room dealings and lies will be responsible for leaving his "legacy" in ruins?

I, for one, hope they follow through with their clandestine plan to "get" this Captain.

It will be fun to watch them be taken down.

Patience, Grasshopper, patience.

Anonymous said...

What a load of BS tell that reporter to ask for the emails sent out about the audit being conducted by the Justice Academy and the times to go and get your fingerprints redone. DC Graue even sent out emails asking for cooperation from officers to get it done. Lies, lies, lies.

Anonymous said...

You have got that right...lies, lies and more lies.

I think if you connect the dots on this you can figure out why DC G would be part of the trifecta protect her own butt about the academy scandal over missing records.

The plot is as thick as molasses.

Anonymous said...

Once again, if we are talking about the same Captain, it would be silly to underestimate the consequences of their vendetta against him.

Let's hope they follow their usual "pattern and practice" and chose to be ruled by their sick, "got 'cha" mentality and make an ego based, irrational decision.

As someone has said, it WILL be their egos that get them in the end!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Well, the word is out on the street, the grapevine is buzzing.
A certain Captain is being sent to the Watch Commander's office.Looks like DC Medlock and Major Zinkann and DC Katrina Grough finally got their way, from what I am told.

It's not over 'til the Fat Lady sings.

I hope Rodney knows the whole story......from what I am told he doesn't. The WHOLE story...minus the fabrications.

Seems the chief should really be a little more in touch with what is really going on in his police department... and maybe he shouldn't be taking his DC Chief's words for everything, huh?

But Medlock knows what he is doing, right? Right......

Opened Cmpd up to a whole new can of worms, I hope.

Fix some popcorn and sit back and enjoy the entertainment folks.


Cause this could get REAL entertaining!

Anonymous said...

and Cedar, guess who is taking the place of the Captain that is getting booted to the Watch Commanders Office as a DIVISION Captain, and he hasn't even been "officially" promoted yet??? The one and only Just promoted Captain that has a sexual harassment case pending.

It is my understanding that Medlock has had it in for the Captain he is sending to the W.C.'s Office...because this Captain is one of the ONLY members of Command Staff that has dared to disagree with him on occasion and has tried to interject new ideas. In other words, this Captain hasn't gulped the koolaid. Medlock has been trying to get this guy, and he does not care how it effects this guys life.
He is a pretty soul less person to use his rank to boot this person out, especially when this person is retiring in about 18 months.....and IS well respected so I am told.

Just another day in the neighborhood at Cmpd ..they just suck the life out of you with their petty,cruel behavior.

Karma is a bitch.

Anonymous said...

I can attest to the fact that Medlock The Madman has been gunning for this person for months, as anyone can attest to who has seen how he is treated in Compstat and other meetings...he's always singled out by Medlock and given intense scrutiny way over anyone is very obvious. Medlock has been trying to make him look bad, to no avail.
So days before Medlick is going to the DNC, he finds a way to get rid of him...chickenshit and so like Medlock.

I hope it's not over, and I would bet my left nut it's not over.

He can take away his job, but not his dignity and the high esteem his men hold him in....something Medlock has never known.

Anonymous said...

People keep asking why people don't speak out, and chastise them for not doing so.

This is a prime example and exactly why.

This is how they operate. If you do not agree with them on every issue and kiss their royal asses, you are GONE.

You are banished.

And everyone knows harold is politicking to be interim Chef when Rodney goes, it is common knowledge. With his blindly loyal sidekick, "Robin" by his side, doing his dirty work and reporting one and all,

It's not paranoia, you can trust No One at Cmpd.

It's like the old Soviet Union, waiting for the Black Mariah to show up on your doorstep ready to take you to the Gulag.

As someone said, I do not believe this Captain will take it lying down, and has been preparing for this inevitable day.

Let us all hope so.

Anonymous said...

is there a promotion cermony sch. this week?

Anonymous said...

Another excellent topic for Friday's ceremony.

get on the right side of the blue line.

Anonymous said...

this is not the first time important documents have "disappeared" under Monroe's watch