Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Tuesday Politico Post

US Representative Sue Myrick - says she canceled her appearance at several local events Sunday because her name was on a state-sanctioned hit list published recently in Iran.

Myrick says the list included the names of others, but she didn't want to identify them. She says she lives with threats every day and that she wore a bulletproof when she was mayor of Charlotte.

She had been scheduled to appear at 9/11 events in Gaston, Stanly and Mecklenburg counties.

Besides Sue Myrick, the list includes Rep. Peter King; the chair of a subcommittee on Intelligence, Rep. Paul Broun, Rep. Allen West, Rep. Renee Ellmers and presidential candidate Michele Bachmann.

The list also targets national media personality Sean Hannity and Fox News, accusing the network of fueling anti-Muslim sentiment. Also listed: the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), the Washington Times, National Review (including Andy McCarthy, the former Assistant U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the terrorists in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing).

Lesser known targets include former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Frank Gaffney, lawyer David Yerushalmi and Professor Walid Phares. Private foundations are even named: Donors Capital Fund, the Richard Mellon Scaife Foundation, Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Newton Becker foundation, and others.

Nothing new except that the list was published just days before the 9/11 weekend.

Tea Party Debate - If you watched football last night instead of the "Tea Party" debate you got the better end of the deal. Of course other than the "local spin" or 30 second sound bites from the national media you might be hard pressed to find out which Republican candidate had the better night.

The debate was billed as a show down between Romney and Perry but there wasn't much in the way of fire works. Although the CNN set was pretty high tech, eye catching and self promoting.

A complete minute by minute recap of last nights debate is here thanks to Swampland.

Cedar's Take: Ron Paul looks old, but Perry and Romney need to stop with the midnight black hair dye. Bachmann tried the bitch role and as we all know when a women goes that route she is done. Cain gets the one liner of the night award with "you don’t know how Washington works. Yes, I do. It doesn’t."

Charlotte City Council - City Council members spent nearly a million dollars last night on water and grass.

The repairs to fix the sink hole on Park Road set the city back $475,000. That cost doesn't include the extra time and effort by DOT and CMPD to deal with the detour and signage.

According to CMUD there are about ten miles of this same pipe installed below Charlotte streets. The forty year old pipe has been subject of breaks in the past and CMUD is considering the option to abandon the line altogether.

Note: Cedar Posts continues to use the acronym CMUD while the utility department prefers CMU and apparently considers MUD a slight against the department.

Council members also spent $412,500 to plant grass on 100 acres of bare ground out at Jerry Orr's fiefdom the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Props to Democrat Michael Barnes who said the "price of grass is too damn high". Barnes was one of the two council members to vote against the contract awarded to Central Carolina Seeding of Winston Salem.


According to the Charlotte Observer Assistant City Manager Jim Schumacher said the seeding wasn't expensive in part because the contractor must provide a guarantee that the grass will grow.

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Anonymous said...

Now cedar, wheres my name on that list? As far as im concerned we should have nuked their asses within a week of 9/11! To hell with their list. Chicken crap americans running for cover, need to move over and let the real boys get the job done. I dont care what the muslims think!!!!

$465,000 to grow grass. Crap! and the contract guarantees grass will grow. Someone must have an in with mother nature. Those bunch of idiots. I think we could have done it for a lot less and given them the same guarantee.I talked with God last nite and he confirmed the grass will grow at least once. Now that it is the right season to plant grass. Fools!!!! All of them..