Friday, September 2, 2011

Holmes and Fitzgerald Sentenced to 20 - 27 Years In Prison

Press release from Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray:

Danielle Alexandra Holmes, 18, and Jonathan Tyler Fitzgerald, 19, each pled guilty to 1) second-degree murder, 2) robbery with a dangerous weapon, and 3) conspiracy to commit robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Each defendant was sentenced to 246-323 months in prison. (Approximately 20-27 years)

On August 22, 2010, at approximately 12:00 p.m., CMPD officers were called to an apartment complex on Central Avenue in reference to a stabbing. Officers arrived to find the victim, Oscar Alvarado Chavez, 22, inside a green vehicle.

He had been stabbed once in the chest and twice in the neck, and had numerous defensive wounds on his hands. Witnesses had called 911 to report suspicious activity in the parking lot and had provided a description of a white vehicle leaving the scene.

They were also able to give police the tag number from the suspect vehicle. Officers spoke to the owner of the white vehicle, who advised that he took the defendants to meet the victim for the purpose of purchasing heroin.

When they reached the designated place for the drug transaction, Defendant Holmes exited the vehicle and entered Mr. Chavez’s vehicle to make the purchase. Defendant Fitzgerald then approached Mr. Chavez’s vehicle on the driver’s side, and attacked him. Officers later located the defendants at a hotel.

A search of their room revealed 2 knives in the toilet tank along with bloody clothing that contained Mr. Chavez’s DNA. Both defendants admitted their participation in the robbery and murder of Mr. Chavez for heroin.

You can read the entire press release here.

Cedar Posts' Expose' on Holmes and Fitzgerald is here.


Anonymous said...

Fresh Meat is Raleigh tonight!

Anonymous said...

i thought she was going to turn on him and that is why she got out on bond in dec. and he didn't. Is the fact she pled guilty tied to what happened in concord two months back with her?

Anonymous said...

Good Riddance!!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Holmes couldn't get out of the long prison term she might have been a good call girl for the DNC crowd.

Its kinda sad to lose a fine ass like that to a bunch of rug munching butch bulls at Central in RDU.

Anonymous said...

just goes to show you women are trouble. Fitzpatrick fell for the whore and she took him down with her.

She gave up the money maker and had him by the balls whatever she wanted he got for her.

She's the one who started stabbin the dealer Fitz had to come finish him off.

No pussy is worth going to jail for never no way no how.

Hope all you crack heads are paying your attention bill.

MassHole SS said...

I'll be the one laughing when any one of you COWARDS mocking these two has a son in jail or a daughter turned out because of addiction. "Anonymous"... REALLY bold post...NOT! But that'll never happen, because none of you Southern-fried, redneck yokels will EVER have any kids (that live anyway. "oh, some poor young Salvadoran chasing the American Dream (food stamps & drug dealing) got killed by the white teenagers he whose disease he was profiting off of; BOO F'ing HOO" Grow a pair, THEN post something!