Friday, September 2, 2011

Tim Newman Unfriends Mayor Foxx

Charlotte Regional Visitor Authority executive Tim Newman decided to slap around Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx Charlotte on his Facebook page early Friday morning.

WBT Radio's Stacey Simms first reported the posting which read: "Hey Mayor Foxx when you create a job call me....otherwise go to the place you deserve...that would be Hell."

Shortly after Simms reported the posting she added that Newman had called her to say he didn't make the post and that someone had stolen his cell phone.

According to the Charlotte Observer, CRVA spokesperson Molly Hedrick told the Observer that "Newman's cell phone was taken and "his Facebook page was accessed by someone who posted the negative comment."

Hedrick added that "Newman removed the post as soon as he was aware of it and now he has his phone back.

The full Charlotte Observer report is here.

Stacey Simms tweeted the following regarding Tim Newnam:

@StaceySimms: CRVA's former chief hacked on FB? Seems to tell Charlotte's mayor: go to hell:!/profile.php.

@StaceySimms: On previous tweet: we're efforting contact w/Newman on his FB status. (my opinion - would be shocked if he actually wrote that)

@StaceySimms: Just heard from Tim Newman. Phone stolen, FB status blasting Mayor Foxx not written by him (as I said, would have been shocked).

Cedar's Take:

Tim Newman is either a liar or he is just plain stupid. People in senior management positions don't leave their cell phones laying around to be stolen and used in an unfortunate manner by others.

While Stacey Simms might be shocked to learn that Tim Newman tweeted such a direct insult, Cedar Posts is amazed that Stacey Simms would buy into Newman's BS excuse that his phone was stolen and then later found.

While I don't suspect that Newman is texting photos of his "Little Timmy" his excuse is no better then former US Representative Anthony Weiner's excuse which he later admitted was pretty lame.

At this point either Newman steps down or CMPD Computer Crimes Unit takes over to determine who stole the CRVA executive's phone. I'd guess a simple check of location and times will show Newman had his phone all along.

Then again maybe someone did steal his phone and then return it.

Either way its time for Newman to pack up his personal effects and clear out his office.

Cedar Posts' Update: Tommy Tomlinson discourses on Tim Newman:
A theft? C'mon, Newman, tell us what really happened. It's worth your time and it is a quick and easy read.


Anonymous said...

let's have the phone records, as you suggest, and the theft report. what a load of junk!

what time was the FB post included? not that there's a time or place to be angry, or to possibly further impair your judgment... but come on

Can anyone in this town tell the whole truth EVER?

CRVA still won't answer what jobs they say they've created or how much money they have brought in (except for the consultants they paid)

Anonymous said...

Looks like he has a bad case of posters remorse and Simms being the early bird she is saw the post and made it public.

100 years ago in Japan a man of honor would fall on his own sword. Newman has no such honor.

Anonymous said...

Why should Newman resign? A gutless city council won't hold him accountable. He will continue milking this cash cow until nothing is left.

How does the city repond? They throw more money at the problem. At least Foxx is standing up to Newmans BS. Too bad CC is too gutless to fire that weasel.

Anonymous said...

Foxx and Council won't stand up or speak up about CRVA or Walton Monroe or anything they are responsible for. Nothing to see here.