Saturday, September 24, 2011

In Case You Missed It

Girl Scout Leaders Fired for Raising Money for a Dog Park - Two Maine Girl Scout leaders have been fired for raising money for a community service project that made improvements to a dog park in Augusta Maine.

The leaders of Augusta Troop 2901 solicited donations that totaled about $1,800 for the $2,300 project used to build a sign and make other improvements to the park.

The project turned out well and the money was spent for its intended purpose.

But Diane Lasher of the Girl Scouts of Maine said national and state policies prohibit scouts and their leaders from soliciting donations for projects.

The rest of the story from the Kennebec Journal is here. And Cedar Posts story from a few years back about a local Charlotte Girl Scout leader faced with a similar situation which is here.

Peace Moravian Church Barbecue - Is TODAY 4418 Rea Road. Truly some of the best barbecue around. The sale is from 10AM - 2AM dine in or take home.

Finally Someone Tells Vilma Leake to SHUT UP! - Leake the well known Mecklenburg County Commissioner, well known that is for her nonsensical wandering babble finally pushed the limit when after 11 p.m. on September 7th at the end of a five-hour county commission meeting, she started into one of her never ending "news from district 2" report.

Leake droned on for about four minutes, as she shared news from her district - topics that included information about two parks projects, the death of a resident, recognition of a friend who was featured in the newspaper, and a reminder for fellow commissioners to attend committee meetings.

On Tuesday, commissioners voted 6-3 to require board members to now get support of at least two others before adding a topic to the meeting agenda. Commissioners also set time limits for agenda items that won't need the board to take any action.

But Chair Jennifer Roberts, voted against the new rule, saying she wishes there had been more opportunity for input from the public. She said the proposal came up quickly and seemed to be in response to a specific commissioner.

The new rules went into effect immediately. But Roberts said members of the public can still weigh in if "they think it's not a helpful way of managing things."

The rest of the story from the Charlotte Observer is here.


Anonymous said...

Leake and Roberts what a pair of idiots.

Anonymous said...

Add george dunlap to that group of idiots.

Anonymous said...

It's Dr Leake,to you guys, and it's for "her" peoples.

Anonymous said...

OK, folks, starting at the top and working our way down:

Roberts, Leake, and Dunlap...time for ALL to go!

To 9:39am - Vilma is a legend in her own warped mind...however, i can see her as a full fledged doctor in Voodoo