Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No Shocker Here Charlotte City Council Rubber Stamps Chief Monroe's Taser Request

Without any comprehension or even the most basic of understanding of the facts, Charlotte's City Leaders bought tickets to Chief Monroe's side show act at a cost of 1.8 million dollars, so they could see the latest and greatest Taser show on Earth!

GOOD NEWS: CMPD Officers will get their Tasers back and they will be state of the art, Taser International X2s.

BAD NEWS: They won't have the new or the old Tasers until at least December and some officers won't have them until next year.

MORE BAD NEWS: With council's vote and the cost of DNC 2012 don't expect a pay increase or medical insurance offset for the 2013 budget.

Cedar's Take: Chief Monroe is at his best when he's doing his side show carnival hawker act. Of course the whole process was a joke. Recalling the Tasers, having an internal study conducted, then ignoring the study only to hire PERF at a cost of $70,000.00 then going ahead with the internal study recommendation to upgrade to the new Taser X2 before the PERF report is completed. And still Charlotte City Council is in awe, happily plunking down tax payers hard earned money on the promise of being AMAZED!


Anonymous said...

Yep, I heard that the "show" yesterday was one looong infomercial for Taser.

Is anyone really surprised at the outcome?

And they only have themselves to blame, because this is how Rodney rolls....always, always quid pro quo.

He always has an agenda, and surrounds himself with yes men/women. In fact, "his" whole organization, i.e. COMMAND STAFF, have all been carefully selected, with a few exceptions, for their compliance and complete
submission to him and his screwed up corrupt way of doing "business". They OWE him, he planned it exactly that way.
And I think we all know what happens if you DARE to
voice a differing opinion, or even HAVE AN OPINION at all.
And he seems to have City Council in his hip pocket, too....for whatever reasons one could only guess.
We shall see, we shall see.......
Open your eyes, folks and City Council.....corruption has a way of tainting everyone that goes along to get along.

The Taser Show is just the latest, and not the last, in a long line of sleazy, corrupt decisions being made at Cmpd.

Anonymous said...

Don't you find it odd how the MSM keeps saying the price of the "new" Tasers is 1.8 Million?

It is $2,610,000.00!

Not including the cost of the internal review.

That is $1,631.25 per unit and that is INSANE!

What is wrong with you people!

Anonymous said...

I think the 1.8 million comes from the amount City Council is paying towards it. CMPD is getting a credit from turning in the old TASERs and is then using $400,000 from asset forfeiture funds to complete the purchase.

Anonymous said...

and the cost of ethics in government, accuracy in journalism, respect in a Police Department, hope in a City,

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, yes, that ever nebulous "asset forfeiture" money tree.

With no accounts of what comes in and exactly how it is spent....Yippee, free money!!!!

So I hear, that money is laundered so much, put here and there, switched around, it would be impossible to tell just what it is used for.

NO OVERSIGHT.....no accountability.......no books......no line item accounts.

But what the heck, it's all good, right?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:39
So true, and it is truly heartbreaking.

Anonymous said...


"Police Chief Rodney Monroe said these new Tasers are the top of the line models. "We don't believe that there is a better model out there," he told council"

What utter bull shit!

What a bunch of dumbasses if they listened to this bull crap!

Taser is the only maker of the weapon and it is the newest model.


Anonymous said...

To anon 12:00, Charlotte isn't alone in this fact. All depts are crooked when it comes to confiscating money, etc from easy targets.
Stories of La and Tex cops taking money from immigrants are not hard to find or verify.
The gov't owns you, and there's nothing you can do about it. Welcome to the USA 2011-style.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:20
Just talking about Charlotte here.

Doesn't make it right or excuse it because others are doing it.

And if the leadership sets an example of HONESTY AND INTEGRITY and zero tolerance for lying......and some regulations and clear directives on how this money is managed and spent and oversight and accountability !!
Just absolute common sense accounting 101.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that CLTCC felt they had no choice but to buy the "latest and greatest" but I don't think Webster told them that the old model the X26 that everyone is used to now has the 5 second limit as well and it is 1/2 the cost.

Just saying

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:24
Is that true????

That is HUGE!!!

Anonymous said...

I read the same thing about the X26 that is has a limit and count down clock.

I think they had to do that.

Anonymous said...

I don’t know why the accessories would specify 5 second firings if that were not the case?
There are also references to software upgrades, which makes me wonder if they couldn’t just adjust the voltage on the ones we already had.

TASER X26 ECD Accessories
Product Description
XDPM - Extended Digital Power Magazine -- A DPM™ battery pack providing 195 5-second firings at room temp. The XDPM for the TASER X26™ ECD provides an extended grip on the handle and a place to store an extra cartridge.

Product Description - Battery
DPM - Digital Power Magazine -- 195 5-second firings at room temp

Call 1.800.978.2737 to speak with a TASER Law Enforcement Specialist.

check www.taser.com

Anonymous said...


main checklist comparison doesn't show current metering for x26, but does not indicate if it is an available upgrade.

does 'rotational pulse' mean 5-second max?

Dale Johnson said...

This trade-in allowance tickles me. My father used to laugh at my uncle because every time my uncle bought a new Pontiac, he would brag about what a great deal he got because the dealership always gave him more for his trade-in than it was worth. My dad would always get my uncle to admit to paying full sticker for the new car, and we never could convince my uncle he'd been suckered.

I also don't understand why we couldn't just teach our cops to count to five and release the trigger on the units they already have.... surely we can trust each of our men to do that...can't we?

We give these folks guns with bullets and expect them to know when and not when to pull the trigger, and kill, certainly we could expect them to stop tasering on a five count....


Anonymous said...

Excellent point well taken!

But that would be too logical, no?

Really, and at SOME point shouldn't part of that training be to disable and then step in and, oh I don't know, HANDCUFF?

Anonymous said...

MY TAKE: The Chief will be at his best when you see his fat azz leaving the city of Charlotte FOR GOOD!

Anonymous said...

sadly, when they are finally forced to deal with all the issues going on, he will probably get a promotion or equivalent cushy job offer outside to try to keep everything quiet or distance him from all the people that know, at least until after the convention. but eventually, all of the papers and all of the people will culminate to the truth.

anyone with any integrity will speak the truth now and not let that delay happen.