Monday, September 26, 2011

Borden Dairy Changes the Coburg Chocolate Milk Formula - Epic Fail

National Dairy Holdings took over the Charleston icon Coburg Dairy a couple of years back, then in May of 2009 Mexican dairy processor Grupo Lala has purchased National Dairy Holdings. This past July they replaced the Coburg name with Borden.

The word is that the Coburg Cow on Savannah Highway will stay at least for now.

"We have no plans to move or change the Coburg Cow," said Ed Medors, general manager for Borden in South Carolina during a brief interview with the Charleston Post and Courier.

However what Ed Medors didn't say was that Borden aka Grupo Lala was about to change the formula of South Carolina's favorite Chocolate Milk.

Not since "New Coke" has there been a larger Epic Fail. Borden Chocolate Milk just doesn't measure up, hell it's not even close.

The Harris Teeter manager on Folly Road doesn't know her Chocolate Milk saying "It is the same, it just has a different label" and about 40 less calories. Clearly the "taste" calories have been removed and a good bit of sodium. But strangely the fat grams are up!

Borden has only 210 Calories per serving versus Coburg at 250 but Coburg has 70 Fat Calories vs Borden at 80. Sodium 200mg for Borden vs Coburg 270mg. Protein 8g vs Coburg 12g, Sugars are at 26 grams for each product, Carbs in Borden 27 vs Coburg 33, and Calcium 25% vs Coburg at 45%. Clearly its not the same product.

Yet Grupa LaLa is very proud of the Borden name they bought:

"Borden has it's own well-known icon in Elsie the Cow", Medors recently told the Charleston Post and Courier, as if the purchase and ownership of Coberg was really Borden and not a Mexican Company.

Tell the geniuses at Grupo Lala know we want our chocolate milk back and that they should send Elsie to the meat packing plant.

It is time to demand that Mr. Medors and Grupo Lala put our Coburg Chocolate Milk back on the shelves.

Contact Grupo Lala here.

Cedar Bonus: Just for laughs take a look at the bull shit press release some twit in Chicago worked up titled "About Borden Dairy" which makes no meantion of Gurpo Lala.

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Anonymous said...

Hershy's is the best and now that foreigners own Borden I will only buy Kraft cheese.

Anonymous said...

Dairy Fresh had the best chocolate milk but Borden bought them out and changed it too!!!!

Anonymous said...

They also changed the Egg Nog, Coburg Egg Nog was SOOOO delish, Borden's tastes terrible. The publix grocery store person told us the same thing. "It's the same thing just with a different name."

Anonymous said...

the new eggnog is horrible, thenfood lion generic brand is better

trey colley said...

This is honestly the dumbest thing I've ever seen happen. Coburg chocolate milk was the best milk ever created. And I'm sure I'm not the only south Carolinian that feels this way. Bordens recipe sucks!

Anonymous said...

Coburg Chocolate milk was the best. I traveled and tasted many over the nation. None satisfied like Coburg. I bought several bottles of Coburg just to give away. Most people told me it was the best chocolate milk they've ever tasted. Borden made a mistake discontinuing it . Believe it. It's very true.