Sunday, September 25, 2011

Why Charlotte City Council Shouldn't Approve Spending 1.8 Million of Your Tax Dollars

Cedar Posts thinks that the Charlotte City Council should ask some hard questions regarding the approval of Chief Monroe's more than 2.5 million dollar Taser deal.

CMPD Chief Rodney Monroe

First Chief Monroe should have budgeted the transition to the "new and improved" Taser X2 into the 2012 Budget. Chief Monroe's budget process has become an annual event of epic fail.

Second while a human life should be worth more than the 2.4 million dollar price tag the city is being asked to pay Taser International, asking the City to dip into its reserve for a product that has no guarantee that it will not cause accidental deaths seems reason enough to further weigh the purchase.

Third, while Cedar Posts understands the Chief's desire to be the envied kid on the block with the "new bike" how much CMPD research has gone into the new Taser X2?

Fourth, there is no doubt that the new and improved Taser X2 would provide CMPD Officers with a better tool to deal with suspects who are combative. However without a guarantee from Taser International that the new product will live up to the "new and improved" billing, a smaller "test" roll out would be more practical.

Finally why is the Chief not waiting for PERF to complete their review? Monroe announced on July 21, 2011 that he had hired PERF to review the CMPD Tasers. Monroe didn't ask Council to approve the $70,000.00 expense until the September 12, 2011 City Council Agenda which is on page 28 here.

Maybe this is just how Rodney Monroe rolls, spend now ask permission later.

As far as Cedar Posts knows not one CMPD Officer has taken the Taser 2X "test drive". Normally when new equipment is introduced a small number of CMPD officers are "given" the chance to use the equipment in the field.

I think most CMPD Officers would prefer to have the extra $1,550.00 per person added to their paycheck and stick with the old Tasers.

If City Council Approves this expense CMPD Rank and File need to ask themselves which side City Council is on, seems to Cedar Posts they are more interested in keeping the crooks safe than helping CMPD officers make ends meet.

By the way we are not talking chicken feed here, once you add in the CMPD Internal Taser Study and Report, the work that the Chief basically tossed in the circular file, the value of the old Tasers $700,000.00, the incomplete PERF study $70,000.00 and the costs of the "new" Tasers you are well over 2.5 million. Money that was not included in the 2012 budget!


Anonymous said...

He won't stand up for present, past, and future injured in the line of duty, he wants this to go thru for the under the table kick back for him and the city. When a tool in the use of force line is taken away, an alternative should have been offered instead of leaving that level blank. Front line officers need those tools to get home the same way they came to work. Thus far lucky, as far as the media reports, nothing out of the oridinary. Really lets think about it. Lets say a "report" comes out about the bullet proof vests the officers wear daily is negative, are they going to pull those as well, until an official report comes out or until a vest company comes to pad the stats (pay) off the city. Can someone stop jeopardizing those that are on the front line? Will anyone listen to anyone, except one in a protected environment? With all the political promotions, why is there not a place for a front line officer(s) to give feed back, before and "executive" decision is made? They are the ones that will pay the price. Where is the FOP, PBA, ANY claimed police advocate group, in any of this and past issues? Collecting dues, and those dues are paying what? An attorney to represent in a shooting, personal lawsuit in which the city has chose not to cover? What are the numbers in that? Don't answer with legislation, that is a State effort among the group, yet would still like to hear with what ANY group is doing to help the past, present, and future officers. OR any group advocating for ANY sworn or non sworn rights and treatment in the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County? Have been following this blog for a long time, waiting for an established group to pick Something up,but instead of the one voices so glad the one voices are here, because they are somewhat thinking the same thing

Anonymous said...

The FOP here is such a joke. I haven't noticed them to do one thing for those of us, who are out there 24/7 day and night. Getting a long deserves pay raise or protecting those that ROMO is trying to mess over. Because we are not team players to make him or his croonies look good.

Anonymous said...

If you expect anything other than back room dealings from Rodney and his band of merry men/ women, you are only going to be disappointed.

That is the only way he rolls.

The same with the CPI owner, Ken Gill...remember all the back room dealings with him?? And his OBVIOUS conflict of interests being on the board of the Charlotte Meck Police Foundation....but CMPD is not allowed to "endorse" a security company?

I think I have rodney's work ethic figured out...You scratch MY back Big Time, and I will surely scratch yours.'s working for him, with the approval and endorsement of City Council...they just give it the old rubber stamp!!

Anonymous said...

The city council will approve the money to be spent on the new Tasers. Why? This time they will say it is for their officers safety. Which of course is total crap, because if they cared you would not have lost your old tasers. Monroe is only one vote against one of them in the upcoming elections. You, as a group, are maybe 2000 voters to which some of them you will not be voting for. They fear they would lose their so prestigious position as council person. Monroe received everything else he asked for in earlier request because they felt like he is the chief of police and they should grant his request because they are sure he knows what he is doing and it is for the betterment of the dept.! Now especially with the DNC coming. Look for more spending you wont agree with.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure thats not Willie Lynn in that photo? LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, he is hoping DNC money will cover a multitude of financial sins.

And allow more money for the "Rodney special projects fund".

Let me ask you this, how is city council going to feel when it is revealed that they did indeed, as someone said, "rubber stamp" and turned a blind eye to the goings on at Cmpd? They will be the first ones to jump ship, leaving 'ole Rodney holding the bag.

I don't think claiming stupidity on a multitude of issues will absolve them of responsibility.

People have been Emailing them over and over on all the nefarious goings on at Cmpd.

And citynewswatch has been demanding answers with NO RESULTS.......hello, does that not send up blimp sized red flags?????????

Stonewalling refusing to answer questions, lying...again, hello?

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that politics mixes with all aspects of government and why people have such a bad taste in their mouths. Respect is earned not granted.

Anonymous said...

Well Cedar RoMo got his Taser money without any questions from the idiots on Charlotte City Council.

You can bet our little Webster is laughing his ass off right now.

Anonymous said...

papertrail Rob.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22


Some people have left them! ;)

Anonymous said...

I think y'all are talking about a SLUG trail and its a nasty one for sure.