Monday, September 26, 2011

CMPD K-9 Officer Gina Cook Fired?

Gina Cook Screen Grab WCNC 36

It's not clear if this is the culmination of the July 7, 2011 incident or if its a new incident. But Gina Cook, the lesbian CMPD K-9 officer has reportedly been fired by CMPD.

Some loose facts indicate that the firing is over a new incident where Cook went nutty on her girlfriend/partner this time putting a gun to her girlfriend's head.

Cook had been with the CMPD for 22 years. But in July she was placed on paid administrative leave. But now apparently the powers that be at CMPD have had enough of Ms Cook.

Read Tara Servatius' blog entry "Lesbian Cop Brawl II" for some interesting back ground, including a review of the beat down she gave her girlfriend back in 2003, here.

Cedar Posts Update September 27 12:07: The CMPD PIO just told Fox News "Gina Cook is still employed by CMPD". So who knows.


Anonymous said...

Cedar I don't see anyone else at least MSM saying this is fact. Maybe you need to check your sources, I'm sure the LGBT blogger QNotes has all the dirty details.

Anonymous said...

This is not true. She was cited for termination but there was no "putting a gun to her girlfriends head". Not even close.

Anonymous said...

So would this be from the July attack or is this another attack?

Cedar Posts said...

This may be just a fomal termination as a result of the July attack.

But since CMPD won't respond to email requests for answers, we'll roll with the facts as they come in.