Friday, October 21, 2011

The Arab Spring Becomes The Winter of Our Discontent

The opening lines of Shakespeare's Richard III speak to history and the realization that despite our intentions we often find ourselves unhappy with the results of our transgressions.

The US effort in Libya at a cost of 1.1 Billion, came to a dramatic conclusion as photos of Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi's bloody corpse were circulated via cell phone and the internet. A stark reminder that when the US supports the downfall of dictators the end result is often less desirable than the prior disagreeable arrangement.

President Obama, has blindly continued the troubled path set down by the Bush Chaney era. In fact the Obama administration has managed to politically destabilize eight counties vs Bush's two, and Obama has done it in half the time.

Qadfafi's execution, and it was an execution. contrasts with the peaceful demonstrations that began on February 17 in Cairo. As the demonstrations in Cairo turned violent so do all demonstrations.

As Americans we are ignorant of Arab history and for some reason we expect a different result as each dictator falls.

Iron fisted rulers keep order by killing or imprisoning those who cause trouble. The press is censured, dissent is eliminated and the end result is crime is low, protests don't happen and life has order. The American experiment in democracy work because our country dealt with dissent with an "Iron Fist", just ask the Indians, the Southerns, the African Americans in the 1960's. Ask the Spanish, the Hawaiians, and the Filipinos.

Reality is harsh, but we need to understand that democracy in the Arab world is not and never will be the same as democracy in the west.

The Obama administration as with the Bush administration in 2002 has no answer for the "now what?" question.

And so as winter's chill winds gather we Americans turn our backs and walk off stage.

Cedar Bonus: The best coverage of Qaddafi's death is
from CBS News.


Anonymous said...

The BBC DBag is so annoying in that helmet and powder blue vest that I was hoping someone would shoot him.

Anonymous said...

Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi has been at the core of many horrid incidents in my memory. I recall when there were American aircraft carriers off the North African coast and we were all wondering if the situation would escalate into WW 3. Then there were other events and atrocities attributed to Col. Qaddafi. It was amazing that recently America and the West seemed to be playing cozy with him. This is a fitting ending to this chapter. The Arab peoples must write the next chapter of History and the rest of us in the world must just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

The end of Qaddafi is just another step down the road to WW3.

Obama is in so far over his head we will be lucky if we don't get nuked in the next couple of years.

The mess is out of control and someone is going to make a serious error. It will be an epic oops.

Anonymous said...

Cedar is correct we are stoopid when it comes to the Arab World. They are one of the world lowest life forms.

What have the Arabs contributed to the world?

Art? Medical Research? Technology? Exploration? Sports?

No nothing, even at war they are just a bunch of thugs with guns.

They come to the US and those who speak english run cheap hotels, and 7 Elevens and those who don't drive Taxicabs.

I'd rather have a family of Mexicans living 10 to a room living next door than have one "F"ing Arab in my country.