Friday, October 21, 2011

Idiot Tweet of the Week!

@ Natalie Pasquarella:
Update: Chief Monroe says they are looking for a suspect vehicle -- CMPD officers fired 3 shots, unknown if they took effect

Took Effect? Really?

entrata in vigore?


Anonymous said...

Ha Cedar now thats funny. I follow @natalienews and annoyed at how every tweet included "Chief Monroe says". As if anything Monroe says is fact.

Anonymous said...

I saw the tweet and thought she was just amped up a little too much.

Unknown if they hit the car. Might have been better.

Anonymous said...

She is not a bad as Erica Bryant why they don't more Naty to the prime spot escapes me.

Anonymous said...

She isnt blonde is she?

Anonymous said...

Naty Pass is like Morgan, nice face and a way big butt.

But all the brotha's love them so they get to keep their jobs. said...

I had to stop following her after that nonsense! Ugh!

Anonymous said...

Every tweet was "the chief said" I thought I was going to puke.

This first time I was like ok they jumped Webster when he showed up.

But every GD tweet the chief said this and chief said that.

Let me tell you something Natty Rodney Monroe doesn't know SHIT!