Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Charlotte City Council Technology Fail

According to the City of Charlotte web site the "City Council minutes are semi-verbatim and are available on the web and for general distribution approximately 2-3 weeks after a Council meeting date."

So why haven't the Charlotte City Council minutes been updated since July 18, 2011?

I would expect that minutes would be posted within 24 hours. What is the hold up?

Charlotte City Council Minutes or lack of are here.


Anonymous said...

hey Cedar, are we rating your story, or the story that they are doing a good job, or the job they are doing?? help!

Anonymous said...

The "new and improved" blog format added the "rate" option, as in rate the writer.

If I can figure out how to edit it, I may keep it. On the other hand it took me two days to figure out how to resize the hed picture.

Anonymous said...

yeah, should have read down and I would have noticed all the stories had the rating now. thought it was was one of your polls in a new place.
I think it's ridiculous how long it takes for the minutes to come up, for the record. maybe it's going through some sign-off process or something? But the video is there right away. (and back up on the site--I thought they took that down permanently, too). They should have a free-use, segmented, easy-to-download video program so it wouldn't take over an hour to download and so you could use the few minutes you need to show someone.
Isn't the clerk writing the minutes live? Why does it take months to post?

Anonymous said...

What is up with Charlotte and the on line access? What are they trying to cover up. CMPD and now City Council.

Why isn't the mains stream media all over this story?